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January 06, 2017

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January 7 - 13, 2017 10 JOHNSON CITY (TN) PRESS On "The Mick," are you enjoying playing a broadcast-network character who can get away with questionable behavior? For so long, characters needed to be likable, and I actually don't think that's necessarily true in a comedy. The circumstances are always positive here. You're not rooting for ("The Mick's" Mickey) to fail, because if she fails, these kids won't have someone watching them. The other thing about Mickey is that while she's not necessarily likable on the surface, once she gets into it, she really does end up taking this job on. She didn't want to, but she falls in love with the littlest boy and really cares about him. She wants to keep these kids safe, and she ultimately ends up being a much better parent to them than their own parents were. What do you think Mickey's modus operandi is, beyond the money she was promised for minding the youngsters? Her values are completely backward, but she is giving this every effort and doing her best. She just might not have the same values she wants to teach them, but her ultimate desire is to protect them and keep them safe and help them take care of themselves in the world. There are some redeeming things there; we just don't hit you over the head with sappiness. With the 12th season of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" also running now, how is it to be in two series at once? It's very flattering, the idea of doing two shows at the same time ...but honestly, it's a lot of work, and I have two little boys. I said, "If (The Mick') is not the show I want it to be, I really would rather not do it. I'd rather spend my time at home, or doing something else." It had to be fun, and it had to be exactly what I wanted it to be in order to sign on. And everyone's really been so wonderful. It's another little family that we've created. Kaitlin Olson OF "THE MICK" ON FOX BY JAY BOBBIN BY GEORGE DICKIE Why do you think there is such a dearth of young people coming into the construction trades? I don't know. I think it's not so much the young people's issue, it's the exposure issue. I think the concentration of – as Mike Rowe would say when I met him – you can't underestimate the value of an education. But does everyone need a four-year college degree? And I think that's where you have to change the mind- set. There's a lot of other opportunity out there and people are not being exposed. So without the exposure, it's really not their fault that they're not interested in it. They're just not getting exposed. So I think the main thing we have to do is we have to expose it in every possible way we can and I think then if they start to see it maybe they'll change their attitude. And parents have to change their attitude. Have you seen this problem at all on "This Old House"? Well, I think we're very fortunate in that we've always been connected – "This Old House" has been around for 38 years now (laughs) and from the very beginning that problem wasn't as serious as it is now. And with Tom Silva and his crew and all the people connected with him, he has the ability to pull together the contractors that he needs. But on the other hand, I will say that it's still difficult to find the people that you need. ... I hear even homeowners saying, "I can't even find an electrician or a plumber to come and work on my house." So we're on the lucky side of the situation, I would say, and actually that puts us in a better position to be the ones to bring more attention to the rewards of being in the skilled trades and our job will be to inspire people to take a look and to find ways that we can bring exposure to young people back again because it was lost a long time ago when vocational arts were taken out of the high-school curriculum. ... But my perspective is that young people or anyone for that matter will not know if they love to do this work unless they're exposed to it and we've lost the ability to expose young people to these great trades. And so we have the opportunity to try to present more awareness and empower young people to actually get into these trades. OF "THIS OLD HOUSE" ON PBS Norm Abram THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Steffy refused to believe Eric had an ulterior motive with his request. Ridge told Brooke about an unexpected twist in his plan against Quinn. Quinn felt guilt about flirting with Ridge, especially after learning about Eric's attempt to reunite Steffy and Wyatt. Liam confronted Wyatt about Quinn's maneuvers. Katie was curious about Ridge and Quinn's sudden friendliness. Wyatt offered Steffy a place to live – with him. Katie and Quinn had a frank discussion about their relationship with Eric. Ivy confronted Quinn about her interaction with Ridge in the steam room. Eric leveled with Steffy as to why he wants her with Wyatt and not Liam. Ridge tried to get Eric to reconsider his decision to make Steffy the CEO. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Chad and Abigail's New Year's Eve kiss turned passionate. Gabi and JJ dealt with fallout from a stunning development. Joey received devastating news. Rafe made a late-night visit to prison to tell Hope that Stefano was still alive. Shane asked Rafe to go to Europe. Nicole was disappointed when Nancy kept the baby away from her. Kayla and Steve comforted Joey. Brady sought proof that Nicole is the biological mother of Chloe's baby. Nicole was heartbroken to say goodbye to the baby. Kate agonized over whether to betray Eduardo. Theo and Claire spied on Valerie and overheard a suspicious conversation. Chad and Abigail enjoyed a family outing and ran into Gabi. GENERAL HOSPITAL Alexis confronted Julian. Sam wondered if she was getting the whole story. Liz expressed concern to Franco. Sonny and Carly reunited. Lulu felt threatened by Nina's commitment to Valentin. Valentin reassured Nina about Claudette. Franco was determined to clear his name. Finn's recovery had a cost. Hypnotherapy uncovered details from Anna's past. Diane helped prepare Alexis for her hearing. Alexis tried to reconcile her memory of what really happened. Sam questioned Julian about Rudge. Franco was suspicious of Alexis' behavior. Nelle's friendship with Michael deepened. Jason and Curtis made a startling discovery at the pawn shop. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Faith was excited to celebrate New Year's Eve but quickly fell asleep. Chelsea and Nick were grateful to not be alone that night. Dylan assured Christine he's ready for his undercover assignment. Sharon was upset when Dylan told her he needed to leave town right away. Paul confessed to Nikki that Dylan was working under cover. Lauren received bad news regarding Fenmore's and asked Phyllis how soon their online platform could be up and running. 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