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June / July 2016

Chippewa Falls 5ive for Women

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Meet Jackie Boos: busy wife, mother, business professional, and Tourism Director for the Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce. Jackie and her husband, Matt, have built a home in the beautiful rural area of Tilden; they plan to stay residents for life. While she enjoys her ambitious schedule, Jackie also realizes that it takes a balance of the five Fs—faith, family, friends, fitness, and finance—to build a successful life. FAITH FAITH Jackie grew up Catholic and celebrated the sacraments, although she some- times feels as if she just went through the motions. Now that I have children, the sense of a higher being is more present than ever. We need to live our lives with purpose that there is something bigger than our- selves. She is excited to teach her children and grow with her husband in a more spiri- tual setting while still being open and conversing with friends from all differ- ent spiritual and religious backgrounds. For Jackie, self-reflection and awareness is the end goal; finding the best loca- tion, religion, and routine will be differ- ent for everyone. Listen to your individual needs and make faith an everyday thing; we can always do more and do better. I am a work in progress. FAMILY FAMILY Jackie is Mom to son, Parker—almost 3—and daughter, Emerson—a year and a half. My husband of seven years, Matt, makes me laugh and works hard to al- ways do things for others. Since having children, Jackie realizes more than ever that life goes by quickly and in a blink of an eye you can be re- flecting on the past. My children are a daily reminder to be present in the day-to-day activities of life. Family is not only our blood or marriage, but it's also the tribe that we surround ourselves with. I have amaz- ing friends and I am more than lucky to have that type of support surrounding me and my family. FRIENDS FRIENDS While Jackie may not be able to see her friends on a daily basis, she does have a group of women that she considers family. We all live in separate cities throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, but we plan two annual trips throughout the year. It's important for me to continue this because when everything is quiet, I am still me. My labels fall away, and "Jackie" is still important. Her friends bring out the best in her; they rejuvenate each other and make everyone laugh. Life is busy and stressful and can be un- fair at times. My friends know how to get a belly laugh out of me, and I will forever be grateful for that. FITNESS FITNESS Jackie knows the importance of finding time for fitness, but she also knows that she tends to put family and work sched- ules ahead of herself. However, she has committed to making 2016 a different year for her personal fitness. Mentally getting in a place to make sure your needs are taken care of is the first step, then making sure your expecta- tions are realistic is a key to success. My goal is to start the morning with a walk with our family dog, Sadie, before the day starts. FINANCE FINANCE Being paid for what you do and know- ing your worth is very important; how- ever, sometimes the pay is not worth the daily stress. I have learned to make the most of my financials and budget, save, and then save some more. Jackie and Matt have both separate fi- nances and also combined checking and savings accounts. This set-up allows us to still be indepen- dent as well as a team and has worked really well for us. Jackie emphasizes the importance of being involved with every financial de- cision: Everyone has a different way of budget- ing, spending, and saving. You need to be mindful of your short and long game. Live the life you want now and save for the future. For Jackie, family and friends are the most important of the five Fs. At the end, the people that surround you, lift you up, and support you are what life is all about. I just hope that I give each and every one of them as much as they give me. FAITH FAITH Page 10 5iveforwomen.com t a k e 5 i v e Taking 5ive with Jackie Boos WRITTEN BY HEATHER ROTHBAUER-WANISH

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