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Visalia is one of the larger cities with some of the most vibrant business in the area. erefore, it is all the more important to harness the hometown feel that it provides. e floats and bands along with over 30,000 people requires more than just those who en- joy putting on the show, there is plenty that goes on behind the scenes. "e City of Visalia has been extremely generous in support of the parade. ey clean up and provide security. It's a massive cleanup job but by four or five o'clock in the morning it is as if nothing happened," said Martell. Iconic of course are the sets of tinsel that run throughout Main. Metallic sparkling candy canes line each side and it reassures that the Christmas season is upon us. But the City makes sure all of that is well placed, as Martell notes. "ey take down and put the decorations and then store them when we aren't using them. ere would be no Christmas parade if it was not for their help." One of the most memorable moments for Elaine since being with the Downtown Visalians and help- ing run the parade is when they were approached by Diane Sawyer's staff. Due to Visalia's Candy Cane Lane Parade notoriety, they were due to be highlight- ed by the celebrity. While it was certainly an honor they were not aware of how far the reach might go. "ere was someone from Visalia who was in London and they saw it on their TV and they sent us a screen shot of it," said Martell. "We knew it was going to be on TV but we didn't know it was going to be seen in London." With the midst of the holiday season firmly upon us all, there is something to see each and every year. Albeit an annual parade that has been going on for more than 70 years it is renewed each and every time as you see thousands of others lining the streets with you, engaging with the very same time honored tradition.

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