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2 0 1 5 T r a d i T i o n s M a g a z i n e 13 he table is the epicenter of Christmas. e entire day is dedicated to who and what ends up at the holiday feast. each side dish represents a mem- ber of the extended family: aunt Mary brings the mashed potatoes, cousin Josh delivers the rolls and grandma supplies the pie. However, the jewel of the evening is always the perfectly prepared meat course. Whether it be prime rib, turkey or ham, local butch- er richard anderson has a number of locations in which families can purchase fresh, hand-cut meat for their Christmas dinner. anderson is the owner of three butcheries span- ning both Kings and Tulare coun- ties. e original Westside Lockers is located in Tulare on H st. and was started by his grandfather. an- derson went on to purchase a shop in Hanford and more recently, ex- eter Meats. anderson has carried on the family tradition of shopping for the best quality meats and typical- ly finds choice beef in the Midwest or, more locally, at Harris ranch. according to anderson, one of the most popular cuts for the holidays continues to be prime rib. e fatty portion of meat is referred to as "eye" of the rib, and is known to be one of the most tender cuts. e traditional preparation for a stand- ing rib roast is to rub the outside with salt and sea- sonings and slow-roast with dry heat. another rea- son for prime rib's popularity is the size of the beef. Prime rib typically has over seven ribs which is ideal for entertaining. each rib can easily be sectioned off and serves a number of people. anderson also suggests his oven deep pit pork as an alternative for the traditional prime rib or ham. is favorite entrée is great for large Christmas par- ties and is easy to prepare. Westside Locker offers clients beef, chicken, pork and lamb in a number of cuts. all the meats are seasoned with a special blend made in-house and comes in both dry and wet rubs. Top selling mari- nades include: Burgundy pepper, sweet pepper, santa Maria and teriyaki. ere are hand-cured meats and 25 varieties of specialty sausages made from decade- old recipes. Warren anderson opened Westside Lockers in Tulare in 1956. e business was then passed down to richard's father, richard, sr. and eventually to richard in 2006. Two years later, richard purchased a location in Hanford to keep up with the grow- ing demand. richard said his daughter ashley and mother donna are helping out at exeter Meats. all of the locations are about the same size as the 4,000-square foot exeter Meats lo- cation. "is is the only job i've ever had. and we've been doing this forever, just a man and a knife," smiled anderson. anderson officially took over exeter Meats from former owner Joe Luiz, on april 1 of this year. He said that when the store came up for sale it was an easy decision to move into town because his busi- ness, Westside Lockers in Tulare, had been outsourc- ing its specialty items to exeter Meats for the last 20 years. anderson said he is also excited to learn from one of the Valley's best when it comes to specialty meats and sausage. "Prior to coming to exeter, Joe worked for my grandfather Warren anderson in Tulare," said anderson. "He taught me the recipe for casing and smoking sausage and creating those specialty sausages that his customers love." "i love this industry, and while this is in the same wheelhouse, it is a very different challenge for me," anderson said. "it's exciting to learn another part of the industry." exeter Meats is also offering dairy products in the form of rosa Bros. ice cream. richard said exeter Meats is carrying every variety of the Tulare-based creamery's concoc- tions, including the seasonal flavors of pumpkin pie and egg nog. exeter Meats is located at 140 east Palm st. in exeter. Westside Lockers is located at 10945 9th ave. in Hanford and 307 south H st. in Tulare. "This is the only job I've ever had. And we've been doing this forever, just a man and a knife." R i c h a R d a n d e R s o n W e s t s i d e l o c k e r s / e x e t e r M e at s

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