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sp tlight Grand Haven Area Public Schools Vol. 26 No. 2 This edition of Spotlight focuses on our implementa- tion of one-to-one technology throughout Grand Haven Area Public Schools. First and foremost, it is important that we continue to share our gratitude and thanks for a generous and caring commu- nity that has made this pos- sible. Through the approval of our recent bond issues this year's initial steps were made possible and will provide appropriate replacement through a ten-year cycle. This is a significant investment in our district. We are extremely proud of the efforts of our staff, both up front and behind the scenes. Their diligence over the past two years have allowed for successful and meaningful implementa- tion this school year. It is important to acknowledge that, while this addition to our educational "tool box" provides a wonderful step forward with increased student engagement, individ- ualization and differentiation, it also puts our teachers into a deep learning cycle as they transition to a much richer digital environment full of opportunity. As you read through the following pages, consider the varying levels of use of this 21st century tool. These levels include: Substitution is the simple and appropriate replacement of a traditional paper pencil task with digital resources. Augmentation goes a step further by enhancing the task with new and different tools. Modification is where we see activities and tasks start to be redesigned based on the available tools. "Flipped Classrooms" are an example of modification that many have likely read or heard of. Redefinition is the creation of previously unknown or unavailable teaching and learning opportunities. In a fast-changing world, redefinition is likely long- term and the ultimate result. However, the other three levels all have their appropri- ate time and place within our current system. Our entire staff fully embraces our new opportunities, and is growing daily, making us an improved organization even better ready to serve the children and community of Grand Haven. Finally, the cyber world can be daunting and dan- gerous. Our staff is working hard to provide a safe digital environment for our children. Further, we are working with our students to help them be good "digital citizens" both now and in the future. We need the support and engage- ment of parents and families to help with this through active dialogue and regular monitoring of student devices. Once again, thank you to our entire community for providing a critical tool for a learning environment that is both current and leading edge. Your support helps to further ensure Success for All. by Andrew Ingall 1 :1 T E C H N O L O G Y E N H A N C E T E A C H I N G , L E A R N I N G

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