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April 2012

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Diversity Rules Magazine WikiQueer Launches Based on a Press Release Issued by Renna Communications The Aequalitas Project has announced the public launch of WikiQueer, the nonprofit's LGBT wiki program. WikiQueer is a web- based, not for profit, free-content encyclopedia and resource project, based on an openly edit- able model, specifically for and by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and ally communities. In a manner similar to Wikipedia, WikiQueer is written collaboratively by volunteers. Any- one with Internet access can write and make changes to WikiQueer articles - except in cer- tain cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism. However, unlike Wikipedia, they can also include dynamic con- tent from existing online LGBT and wiki proj- ects, content geared towards activism around issues, and in-depth information on the LGBT communities which may not presently meet Wikipedia's notability standards. While development of the website dates back to 2010, WikiQueer has been in a soft launch since July 25th, 2011 preparing for the Inau- guration. "I felt drawn to the concept of pre- senting LGBT information via wikis for years," said WikiQueer founder and lead administra- tor, Gregory Varnum. He continued, "Helping with dozens of pages and projects on Wikipe- dia and assisting with the development of spe- cialized LGBT wiki projects fulfilled some of that. However, I consistently came back to the need for a truly comprehensive wiki by and for the LGBT communities, free of any commu- nity politics." Content partnerships with organizations like OutHistory and the Movement Advancement Project allows WikiQueer to display live con- tent from other online projects; providing an abundance of dynamic content beyond the traditional encyclopedia entry. This allows WikiQueer to collect, combine and enhance - rather than duplicate - existing work. Includ- ing being able to display information continu- ously updated by Wikipedia. Users can then enhance it with empowering knowledge per- mitted on WikiQueer, but perhaps not other online resources. WikiQueer is a program of The Aequalitas Project, a nonprofit organization serving as an incubator for new progressive programs. In addition to The Aequalitas Project, a global advisory board and participating content partners oversee the administrative and strate- gic aspects of WikiQueer. The global advisory board is a diverse group of individuals from across the globe recognizable within the LGBT and wiki communities. The group of over 25 inaugural members includes Ron Buckmire, Michael Colby, Daniel MacKay, Dan Massey, Cathy McElrath Renna, Guillaume Paumier, H. Alexander Satorie-Robinson, John Shields, James Toy and Shane L. Windmeyer. In ad- dition to this dynamic group, all members of the WikiQueer community are encouraged to provide input on the future direction of WikiQueer and take the initiative to create new content or projects. Sean Strub, inaugural member of WikiQueer's global advisory board and founder of POZ Magazine commented, "WikiQueer enables a wealth of information about the LGBT com- munity to be shared. It's a far cry from the time- -not so many years ago--when looking up "ho- mosexual" in the card catalog at a high school library was so often the first step to finding our- selves and each other. I'm looking forward to the creative ways the growing WikiQueer com- munity will develop and utilize the information we share and collectively own." WikiQueer's Inauguration includes the an- nouncement of a number of new initiatives with Campus Pride, Family Equality Coun- cil, the Harvey Milk Foundation, LGBTsup- ports, the Movement Advancement Project, The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, and other LGBT organizations. More infor- mation on these initiatives will be announced over the coming weeks on WikiQueer: www. WikiQueer.org Seventeen

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