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photography by gustav hoiland hot off the press As the old Boston Herald block is turned into A glAm urbAn residentiAl complex, the south end And south boston Are bringing bAck A piece of locAl history. by alexandra hall Hunched up against one side of the Southeast Expressway, surrounded by parking lots and the thrum of traffic, 26 West Broadway and vicinity has been, for as long as many of us can remember, a no-man's-land. The building was the headquar- ters of one of the city's biggest newspapers, but beyond that, no one ever had much reason to want to go there. In fact, the area's stagnancy actually created a wedge—a divider between the indepen- dently dynamic neighborhoods of the South End and South Boston. As of this spring, however, that's going to end with the opening of Ink Block, a highly stylish combina- tion of living, eating, fitness, recreation, and shopping spaces. It serves as the connector between those two aforementioned key sections of the city, as well as being a boldly designed neighborhood in its The living room of an apartment at Ink Block, which blends the neighborhood's grittiness with urban sophistication. continued on page 120  119 HAUTE PROPERTY News, Stars, and Trends in Real Estate

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