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garden days. New breeding for sweeter, better-textured vari- eties and more disease resistance make it easier for everyone to garden. This can all produce superior fruits and vegetables for our tables and more food per garden area. The victory garden was traditionally in the backyard. Apart- ment or condominium dwellers don't necessarily have back- yards. Perhaps you just don't want the commitment of a large vegetable garden? The most recent breeding and revitalized interest in gardening has delivered new varieties that you can now grow in containers. Vegetables such as sweet and hot peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, many herbs and greens are some of the latest choices for container gardening. Con- tainers rarely require weeding like those backyard vegetable beds. That's a victory in itself! One interesting new twist to the old victory garden is stand- ing it up on end. Vertical gardening allows apartment and condo dwellers—or those of us that just want a smaller, eas- ier-to-maintain garden—to grow vegetables upright instead of in the ground. The garden "wall" is made of pot sections that allow three garden plants to be planted and grown in each section. The sections are stackable and can be linked together horizontally as well, creating a mini garden "wall." The units can be attached to an interior or exterior wall or fastened back-to-back for stability on porches, patios, and countertops. These great space savers will allow you to add a pinch of fresh herbs from your kitchen counter or select your evening salad right outside your patio door. Vegetables and fruits begin to deteriorate immediately upon harvest. Many times, fruits and vegetables must be harvested before they reach their peak to allow for this deterioration. Loss of freshness can translate into loss of nutrients and fla- vor. The tastiest, healthiest fruits and vegetables at the pin- nacle of ripeness come from the most local grower a person can find. What could be closer than a container or garden of your own? Give some thought to starting your own victory garden. It's a win-win! Dean Carstensen co-owns Chippewa Valley Growers of Eau Claire with his son, Ben Carstensen. Dean of- fers over 50 years of gardening experience to answer your questions at cvgrowers@ hotmail.com. To learn more about Chippewa Valley Growers, see their website (Chippewa ValleyGrowers.com), like them on Facebook, or call 715.839.8448. The greenhouse, 3.5 miles east of the Highway 53 Bypass on Highway 12, is open mid-April through October 10th for the 2015 season. Turning up the flavor of your meals is easy with a Minigarden ® always within reach. Photos courtesy of Minigarden ®

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