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2015 - Issue 2 - Late Spring

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SB: No, and you know what that feeling is like: When you read a script and from the first moment it gets its hooks in you? I just went, "Uh-oh." [Laughs] I knew I was in trouble. MH: You've said that Law & Order: SVU, which you starred in obviously in the crossovers, is your favor- ite show. What was that experience like? I want you to be honest. [Laughs] SB: I have to take our dear readers back, because for so long, I talked about how all I would do on a day off in North Carolina was binge-watch SVU marathons, and how Mariska Hargitay was just the coolest woman on TV. I was this shameless gusher. I was doing this as an actor on a show, so these words were being printed—it wasn't, like, on my private Tumblr page—and they were out there for all to see. Then, six or seven years ago, I was walking down the street in Soho, and I looked up, and it was like all the lights on Broadway started shining in my face—it became a weird sort of Wes Anderson film—and there you were, greeting all the beautiful fans in Soho, and I just blacked out. I know that I went up to you and that I prob- ably babbled. I think you knew my brain was short-circuiting, and you touched my arm and said, "It's so nice to meet you. I think your show is just great. Want to take a walk with me?" And I was like, "Sure." What? And we just talked for 20 minutes, and it's weird because now we text, we e-mail, we chat, we send each other stupid pic- tures and things that real humans do, but I remember that day not understanding how to compute just how genu- inely lovely you were. MH: That's so gracious, but it's been such a pleasure getting to know you, working with you, and having you teach me how to Tweet and Instagram. And your photos are amazing—this is a fun fact about Sophia Bush: She is such a great photographer. You wouldn't even know she's an actor, and she's like, "OK, stand over here." Way to take photos and take charge of the set to get a good photo. You have quite the eye. SB: Taking photos together now, it's like, "Wow, I basi- cally accosted this woman on the street in Soho, and now we're working together—" MH: And now you're telling me where to stand for photos. [Laughs] SB: It's such a trip. It's almost like I manifested it in all those embarrassing fangirl interviews over the years. It happened. MH: Be careful what you wish for—we can mani- fest those things, so if that's what you want, you did good, girl. [Laughs] So how is Chicago? You had some trepidation about moving there. What's it like for you now? SB: It's been so lovely. There are elements in Chicago of so many of my favorite cities: There's this big lake cul- ture in the summer that reminds me of Austin; there's amazing neighborhoods full of street art, little craft stores, and artisanal coffee, and it reminds me of all my favorite funky neighborhoods in LA; and there's this incredible music scene and art scene that is really remi- niscent of New York. If I can't be home, it's one of the best places that I've ever been. 96

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