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2015 - Issue 2 - Late Spring

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photography by anjali pinto "[coming to xoco bistro] is about being someplace that represents the soul of the city and reflects our diversity." —terry mazany The sopes de barbacoa features ancho-braised short ribs in a three-chile salsa. above: The bar serves up handcrafted margaritas and a selection of local craft beers. roof that's probably restored, which to me is what neighbor- hoods are all about—trying to retrofit the new and the old. After 100 years, how does the Chicago Community Trust stay relevant? TM: For our 100th, we won't be celebrating the institu- tion—we will be celebrating our impact, and we will celebrate the philanthropists that Chicago is blessed with. Last year the Trust hosted On the Table, with dinners and conversation around the city. What was the response? TM: We've come to recognize that our role is far more than distributing grant dollars—and that's where I became very inspired by Chicago Ideas Week. At the core it's about bringing together people and ideas and trusting that good things will happen. And so I thought, for the 99th anniversary, what if we had thousands of people come together and have a conversation about the future of Chicago? We then linked it with Chicago Ideas Week. I don't know how you feel about it, but I thought that it was a brilliant common denominator. BK: It's been unbelievable. TM: People expressed a real hunger to have their voices heard, and they knew they were part of a larger conversa- tion—in this case, the future of Chicago—so we built it in again as the launch of our 100th anniversary. Brad, you have your own foundation as well. Why is the concept of giving back for the good of the city important to you? BK: I grew up in Michigan, and when I moved to Chicago, I thought that was just the natural thing to do: to say, how do I help sustain the culture of where I live? There's a lot of responsibilities that we all have, right? And they don't require money—they just require action and effort and engagement. So to me it's about giving energy. If we all give our energy, a lot can happen. [guacamole with pomegranate seeds and sopes de barbacoa with three-chile salsa and añejo cheese are served] What are your thoughts on the food? TM: The sopes are complexly delicious—the corncakes have great texture and f lavor. What about the guacamole? BK: Great—the pomegranate seeds add a little punch of sweetness. TM: I wouldn't have thought of putting those together, but the tastes really blend well. Chicago seems to be having a moment in various indus- tries—from tech to dining. Why do you think that is? BK: Every big city has a personality, and I would say that the personality here is collaborative more than competitive— there's a sense that when somebody does well, it helps everyone. What's your verdict on Xoco Bistro? BK: I would come back here. I love Rick Bayless' restau- rants. I know you do too, Terry. TM: Rick is very committed to giving back, and I think it shows in the ambiance. We haven't even gotten to the craft beers—if we had done this on a Friday night, it would have been a very different conversation. [Laughs] MA 90 taste On the town

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