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November 2011

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Diversity Rules Magazine The Best You Awaits By Aaron Savvy Aaron Savvy is a Celebrity Trainer and Fitness Mo- tivator based in Los Angeles that specializes helping people achieve health and fitness goals. personal training Aaron is actively involved in the "It Gets Better Project" and the NOH8 Campaign. His goal it to help eliminate nega- tive stereotypes and help promote the well-being of individuals regardless of sexual orientation, race or creed. For more information about Aar- on Savvy please visit www.aaronsavvy.com or follow Aaron on Twiitter, twitter.com/savvyfit Growing up in a family with four other siblings and of course my mother and father, was cer- tainly an adventure for me. Adventure you ask? Considering I was raised Mormon and was the only gay child in my household, oh yeah, I had my work cut out for me. I knew I was gay since the 1st grade. Perhaps I did not know the word "gay", but I knew I liked boys. As I was getting older, I kept being gay a secret. I did not want anyone to think I was a sissy or a girl. I knew I wasn't a sissy nor girly, but the teasing at school was directed towards anyone looking or acting gay. I would often hear com- ments such as "your gay", or don't be a fag", and "stop acting like a girl'. This was enough to hide my sexuality that much more. All I wanted to do was fit in and even my so called friends were among the name callers too. The name calling eventually was targeted towards me and I went into hyper drive proving I was no sissy fag or some weakling. I hated it, and I was determined to be "THE BEST I CAN BE." I participated in sports: baseball, football, soc- cer, wrestling and eventually went on to be a fighter on the televised series FX Original Toughman. I had to be the best at what I was doing; I had to be better than everyone else. In my mind the name calling would echo through- out and it was just enough to trigger a reaction of "I gotta do better!" Eleven In addition to their in What I realize now, is that I was way too hard on myself. All those bullies who picked on me had the real issues. I wonder what their up- bringing was. I wonder if they too had been bullied or perhaps are gay and it was their way of acting out. I will never know, but I know this; that I would not change who I am. I love myself and am proud of who I have become: An elite fitness trainer to the stars, awarded fit- ness trainer of the month by an International fitness magazine, free-lance writer to dozens of fitness and life-style magazines, created my own fitness show "Zero to Savvy", was a top contender/fighter on "Toughman" and mod- eled for some of the top designers in the fash- ion industry. To all of you who are reading this, I say this to you; "THE BEST YOU AWAITS". Do not let others try to dictate or alter your course of you becoming a better you. It's okay to per- severe, be competitive and reach for the stars. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone, but yourself. I… like you, know my potential and know that I can accomplish anything I set to my mind. I invite you to do the same. You are special, original and have something to offer that no other individual can duplicate. Never be afraid to be true to yourself. www.aaronsavvy.com Your Ad Can Be Here! 1/8 page

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