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11 If Phantom series drones aren't your speed, Exeter Hobbies also carries the 180 QX HD by Blade. The 180 QX HD is a dynamic quad that is easy to fly eye in the sky. It is engineered with SAFE TM (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, a revolu onary flight envelope protec on system. It also offers smoother flight capability withstand windy condi ons and mul ple flight modes so you can fly with the level of protec on and assistance that suits any given flight scenarios. The 180 QX HD also comes equipped with a Stability Mode. By selec ng high or low angle se ngs, the quadcopter can be flown smoothly or more aggressively depending on your video needs. It also has an Agility Mode that has no flight envelope protec on. All band and pitch angle limits are removed, and the pilot can experi- ence aggressive aeroba c flight with AS3X R providing a crisp locked feeling at all mes. Yes the 180 QX HD comes with a Flight Camera. The lightweight camera is capable of 720p resolu on high defini on video record- ing as well as 1.3megapixel s ll image capture and features an adjustable camera lens for capturing footage from the perfect perspec ve. The great thing about the 180 QX HD it's powerful enough to fly in outdoor condi ons and maneuverable enough to fly indoors in an appropriate se ng. And at just $200, the 180 QX HD won't leave your bank account lighter than the drone's fiberglass frame! Worried about star ng an expensive hobby and watching it come crashing down into pieces? Try star ng out with the DROMIDA series of drones. The Ominus by DROMIDA is fun and easy to fly and is nearly impossible to break. You can crash it, bash it, smash it, trash it, and watch it come back for more. According to DROMIDA's web site, "the Ominus is the unstoppable robo c menace of other quad's worst nightmares, but it will fly like a dream for you." It has Gyro stabiliza on, four flight modes, high powered motors, and intense LED lights. From the beginners to the experts, it's the perfect gi for amatuer avia on hobbyists. The Ominus comes with a fully as- sembled quadcopter, a 2.4 GHz SLT TM radio system, a rechargeable LiPo ba ery and USB charger, AAA ba eries and an extra set of blades. All for under $80. The one thing that the Ominus does not have is a camera. If that is something you want, then you will need to check out the KODO. The KODO is ready to film and fly, any me, anywhere. The KODO is a great gi for under $60 that is as complete as any ready to fly quad out on the market today. The KODO shoots crystal clear pho- tos and videos, does flips at the touch of a bu on and measures just 3.5 inches diagonally. All these wonderful gi s can be found at Exeter Hobbies located at 130 East Maple St. in Exeter. For more ques ons about any of these drones, feel free to contact Exeter Hobbies at 559-592-4880.

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