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2014 - Issue 7 - November

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Colleen Doyle: The Lioness This queen of Chicago's comedy jungle mesmerizes with pinpoint timing. In the iO sketch show Trap, there's a scene in which Colleen Doyle plays a middle-aged mother who's ambivalent toward her son's perky new girlfriend. Each time Doyle's character so much as removes her reading glasses, it gets a huge laugh. That's the thing about Doyle: She understands how to get big laughs by going small, lying in wait—then pouncing. Speaking of pounc- ing, Doyle and boyfriend Jason Shotts, who played together in the hypnotic two-person improv show Dummy, have just made the move to LA. Looks like we'll have to share her with the world now. On Dummy reaching cult status: "It is surprising that we could draw a house on a Tuesday night, but I think that speaks to iO's reputation as the best long-form improv anywhere. Also, I have cult leader on my vision board." On her bOyfriend as cOwOrker: "We have a great time playing together; he's an amazing impro- viser. We're freed up a bit to try things onstage because we know each other so well and trust each other. But just like any couple, we can drive each other nuts, and that can occasionally show up onstage." chicagO cOmedy herO: "I gotta go with Amy Poehler. There is a fearless- ness and intelligence to her that is like looking into the sun. She speaks her mind and puts into practice an eagerness to be of service to girls and young women." dream jOb: "The allure of TV and flm is real. I'd really like to be part of a writer's room for a great show and/or do more on-camera work. Like most actors, I'm desperate for attention and would love more people to see what I do." inspiring city places: "Public transportation is a good place to see people get weird. I wouldn't say I go there to seek inspiration, but I've certainly seen people and situations on the CTA that have stuck with me." what's funny abOut chicagOans? "It's a town full of hon- est people who still pull for the Cubs and vote in mayoral elections. What hope!"  119

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