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DISCOVERIES Chef Paul Bartolotta spotlights three of his favorite Wynn moments. Steve Wynn and Roger Thomas. Over the years I've developed this sort of mini-tour, which gives a really great sense that it's special to be at Wynn, and following are three standout moments: W 1. THE PATIO AT SW STEAKHOUSE hen friends or family visit me at Wynn, they immediately remark on how amazing it is—and yet I know their time here is limited, so I off er my version of an informal tour. Two or three days is the aver- age length of a Las Vegas stay, but you can't possibly see everything Wynn has to off er in two days; most people end up doing a famil- iar route of fi ve or six places. I've been here since before Wynn opened [in 2005], so I'm attuned to just how spectacular and well thought out its details are and to the incredible vision realized by I usually start by taking people down the curved escalators near Parasol Up, so they understand the wonderful sense of fantasy that Roger created with the parasols he designed. And I walk every- one into SW Steakhouse, which, hands down, is the best steak restaurant in Las Vegas. Just walking in the door, you feel an amazing energy from the dining room, and you know you're in for an exceptional experience. And then when you couple that with David Walzog's food, you under- stand immediately why SW is always so busy. I tell people that if it's a beautiful night in Las Vegas and they're in the mood for a steak, they should defi nitely book a table on the patio at SW. The combination of David's menu and the ambience of the Lake of Dreams is just incredible. 2. PENSKE-WYNN FERRARI/MASERATI After SW, I take people over to Okada to see the Floating Pagoda Table, and I point out that one of the best nightclubs in town, Tryst, is downstairs, and make sure they see the water- fall there. From there we walk past the hustle and bustle of Zoozacrackers and Sports Book to Stratta, and I point out that this walk only took about a minute, but in that time we have traversed the length of the casino. One of Steve Wynn's goals was to create a casino in which you never feel lost or overwhelmed, but which feels intimate and luxurious and gives you a sense of space. Between Stratta and the Le Rêve Theater, I point out one of my Wynn favorites: Penske-Wynn Ferrari/Maserati, the number-one Ferrari dealership in the world. I always think this is another one of Steve Wynn's genius ideas, that people who play at a certain level should have access to every ultimate experience, and in cars that means a Ferrari or Maserati. I think they're the most beautiful cars in the world. Of course, I have a few more ravioli to make before I can aff ord my own Ferrari; maybe a few hundred thousand ravioli. Paul Bartolotta is chef of Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare. For reservations, call 702-770-DINE. 48 WYNN 3. A PRIVATE DINING ROOM AT WING LEI Our tour has taken us to The Buff et—again, easily the best in Las Vegas and perhaps anyplace else as well—and into The Country Club, where there's a custom plaid carpeting designed by Todd Avery-Lenahan that I want in my study at home. After venturing through the banquet rooms, I take people into Wing Lei, by far one of the most dramatic restau- rants at Wynn, and I show them the private dining rooms with their heavy pocket doors with polished-brass handles, the concave vases built into the mother-of-pearl walls and a table with the most amazing oversize lazy Susan. And I always ask the same question: How would you like to sit here with eight or 10 friends and have one of the best Chinese meals of your life? The awestruck looks on their faces is the only response I need. PHOTOGRAPHS BY BARBARA KRAFT (SW, WING LEI); ALEX KARVOUNIS (BARTOLOTTA)

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