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September 4, 2014

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September 4–10, 2014 23 and sultry, beautiful to watch. And her face isn't blank. There's some- thing electrifying about how much she appears to be enjoying herself. She doesn't just slink past the men in the front row with her boobs out. She flirts and makes conversa- tion. Dollars follow. In the next room, she dances alone on a platform, and men and women openly stare. I finally get the nerve to tip her and tell her what I'm up to, hoping she might share her story. She shares her real name: Chanel. In a corridor, I see three gor- geous women leading a group of guys toward a private room. One asks about cost, and the dancer holding his hand just says how nice it'll be for everyone to share the room and the bubbly. He asks again. Whatever she whispers makes him swallow hard, but he keeps walking. "The top girls know how to be really pushy and assertive and just get guys to spend money. It doesn't necessarily have that much to do with how attractive they are or how turned on they're getting the guy or how good of a conversation they're having," says Sarah*, a 36-year-old who's danced at Glitter Gulch for six years and been in the business since she was 19. Her husband Michael*, who was a DJ at that very first club in California, chimes in: "They're not taking no for an answer. They're aggressive. They're assertive. They're attrac- tive. And there's a work ethic. ... There's definitely a Vegas hustle here that's different than any- where else." The downside, Sarah says, is that strippers can get treated like used-car salesmen. She plays that up, finding something about a cli- ent she likes, complimenting it and joking that he'll never believe her. With big brown eyes and a dazzling smile, Sarah is strikingly pretty. She's also smart and has a sense of humor, qualities that have helped her make her way in this business without compromising herself. Like many of her fellow dancers, she fell into the job and then found it hard to give up. She says she works an average of 150 days a year. She laughs about her first time onstage—on a summer trip dur- ing college—dancing like she was at a nightclub in a silly outfit she thought looked stripper-ish. Sarah is established at Glitter Gulch now and prefers the club's stage-focused setup and smaller scale, with only 30 or 40 perform- ers as opposed to the hundreds you'll find at big clubs during high season. Having worked in other locales, she says Vegas' party vibe makes a talented stripper even more successful, because tourists are primed to spend liberally on a good time. If the Queen is out there, Sarah hasn't seen her. Just top earners who know how to get what they want and understand their clientele. "Most guys are pretty easy. They like boobs. They like ass. They like attention from a girl."

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