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March 6, 2014

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PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRISTOPHER DEVARGAS MARCH 612, 2014 LASVEGASWEEKLY.COM 51 A& E | FOOD T H E W E E K LY T A S T E T E S T Eight jars of store-bought Salsa Our blind sampling reveals what to put on your chips Everybody loves chips and salsa, but we can't agree so easily on which brand of salsa rules. For our Mexican food-focused issue, it seemed only it- ting to hit the salsa aisles of Albertsons and Whole Foods and collect a wide-ranging assortment of spicy and mild goodness and ind out, once and for all, which sauce is boss. A dozen expert tasters blindly sampled these eight varieties and ranked them on a scale of 1 (gross) to 5 (more please). White Girl Smokey Chipotle (20 points) We were pulling for this white girl, but she didn't have the chops: "O -putting lavor is so morbid- ly mysterious that I had to try it again. Ugh." "This tastes old." "I feel betrayed." Silver Star Tex-Mex Serrano Ranchero (28 points) We thought a Tex-Mex-style salsa would be bold, but we were wrong: "Mmm, pasta sauce from the grocery store." "Did the tomatoes in this go bad?" "I think I just dipped my chip in Ragu. Never again." Herdez Casera (30 points) A grocery store standard, Herdez did not impress our judges: "Not as fresh as I'd prefer." "Chunkage makes me happy, but lavor is making me picture a jar sitting on a shelf for way too long." "The chip had more lavor." (tie) 505 Southwestern All Natural Chunky (31 points) This smooth salsa was a bit confusing: "Super tomato-y with a surprise kick at the end." "Silky texture, but forgettable." "Too much like marinara—put it on a pizza." (tie) Salpica Cilantro Green Olive (31 points) Olives in salsa? The unusual lavor polarized our taste buds, forcing a fourth-place tie: "Pickle vomit." "Super briny with a serious kick." "Too potent for naked chips … Might need a burrito to mellow the taste." Mrs. Renfro's Mango Habanero (33 points) The hottest salsa was also the sweetest, according to our panel: "Starts sweet, ends hot, like a great date." "Ouch ouch ouch hot hot hot." "The spici- ness is painful, but it hurts so good!" Drew's Organic Double Fire Roasted (38 points) This growing brand divided our crew and still took second: "Roasted and smoky." "Sweet, chipotle, no spice, tasty!" "Meh, I want- ed more kick." "A little too much going on here." Frontera Double Roasted Tomato (44 points) Chef Rick Bayless' brand easily won the top spot, eliciting comments like: "Bam! Garlic, followed by a Wham! Chipotle!" "It's sort of a lot salty." "Smoked chilies FTW." "Soupy but downright delicious!" Silver Star Tex-Mex Serrano Ranchero (28 51_Food_2_20140306_CB.indd 51 3/5/14 3:06 PM

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