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December 19, 2013

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106314.2 | Las Vegas Weekly | ??/??/?? MAIL DECEMBER 26 - 27 > PUTTIN' ON THE GLITZ The future of Liberace's former home is up in the air. HOME IS WHERE THE MIRRORS ARE What should become of Liberace's privately owned former home? It will become a juvenile detention center and scare the crap out of the kids sent there. :) –Fred Conquest residency and fellowship positions is as important as expanding medical school class sizes, and in fact, more important in terms of retaining physicians for Nevada once they have completed training. –Susan Hill WHEREFORE ART THOU, WI-FI? Lady Gaga's summer home? –Joe Richard Joe Downtown tried out the neighborhood's new free network and found it lacking. The museum now at Cosmo is a must see! I love Elvis dearly, but these clothes, car and piano make even the King look like a pauper! –Debbie Costa It's "free" and it's the government—what did you expect, good service? See: Obamacare. –LovingLife THE GRADUATES Wheels are in motion for a medical school at UNLV, but can it impact Nevada's health care as much as adding more residency spots for med school graduates? Erin Ryan explored the issue last week. Erin Ryan's commentary on medical education expansion in Nevada, focusing on the case for expanding graduate medical education, was among the best coverage thus far on this issue, which is so critical to the future of Nevada. Congratulations on this wellreasoned editorial that explains logically and with interesting interviews exactly why increasing The "Internet service provider" that the city contracted is garbage. LasVegas.Net is just a reseller of bandwidth, not a true ISP. They're similar to Boost Mobile and other pre-paid cellphone services, but with Internet. Of course the service is going to suck when you go with the lowest bidder. –much_doge I appreciate the feedback from you and your readers. We are going over everything you have brought up. Yesterday LV.Net had a meeting, we all went over your feedback, and went over what the readers at Las Vegas Weekly said. We are going to constantly find new ways to improve our free Wi-Fi service for you. Thanks for the opportunity for us to hear comments about the transmission from the towers, especially those light poles Downtown. We are going to make sure we give Las Vegas the best we can. Our techs are drawing out plans to improve the speed of the broadcast as I write these words. –Marty Mizrahi, President, LV.Net LVWEEKLY@GMGVEGAS.COM Letters may be edited for length and/or clarity. All submissions become the property of Las Vegas Weekly. V1_106314.2_4.67x12.5_4C_Ad.indd 1 09_Mail_20131219.indd 9 11/27/13 12:48 PM 12/18/13 11:30 AM

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