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November 17, 2013

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MY WEEK 2F Sunday, November 17, 2013 The Daytona Beach News-Journal 0002040345 Take the lead with NASCAR This Week . When it comes to positioning, NASCAR This Week is perfectly placed in The News-Journal's Tuesday SPORTS section. In print or online, your inside source to the fast moving world of motorsports. Stay on top of the latest racing news -- on and off the track! THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY WAY THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY SUNDAY MORNING - NOVEMBER 17 BH DC 4 6 9 15 8 7 10 3 14 19 16 5 48 44 42 67 57 71 25 24 66 99 35 41 65 29 30 59 32 70 28 58 51 61 43 40 55 26 34 64 158 68 31 69 12 46 45 11 36 56 60 38 18 39 37 20 6 AM 6:30 7 AM Movies 7:30 8 AM Sports 8:30 Kids 9 AM BH - Bright House Networks, DC - DeBary Comcast Best Bets 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM Today (N) (HDTV) (CC) Meet the Press (N) (HDTV) 'G' On Money (N) LazyTown 'Y' Make-Noddy Kids News (N) Open House (N) NBC ^ WESH 2 News Sunrise Weekend Flashpoint Joel Osteen CBS News Sunday Morning (N) (HDTV) (CC) Face the Nation (N) (HDTV) Paid Program NFL (N) CBS & Local 6: Morning News (N) (HDTV) Passionate Living, David Uth Wildlife (N) Expedition Wild This Week With George... (N) News (N) ABC ) Eyewitness News Daybreak Sunday (N) (HDTV) (CC) Peep, Big Wide Zula Patrol 'Y' Enviropals! 'G' Curiosity Quest Enviropals! 'G' Twice as Good Call It Improv! Taste This! 'G' Lance Heft Crafts for Kids Taste of History Expeditions WDSC / Functional Fit Cook Safe Paid Program Paid Program Getting More New TV Offer! Paid Program Humana Humana Getting More Real Green 'G' On the Spot (N) Aqua Kids (N) 8 CW 2 Paid Program Curious George Cat in the Hat Peg Plus Cat Dinosaur Train Metro Center Global Perspect Capitol Update Face to Face Moyers & Company 'G' (CC) McLaughlin (N) 21 PBS 8 Sesame Street (EI HDTV) 'Y' Paid Program Paid Program Montel Williams 6 Min Mani Paid Program News (N) New Teeth Now Coach Sh Dolphins Coach Dolphins Week Real Life (N) 14 WRDQ; Airbrush Wild Animals Live Life (N) Good Day Orlando (N) (CC) Fox News Sunday (N) Into Wild (N) Sports Stars NFL Sunday (N) 10 FOX C In Touch W/Charles Stanley (N) Corner Stone Supernatural Jesse Duplantis Jack Van Impe Paid Program Christian Worship Hour Time of Grace Morris Cerullo 'G' 5 WACXW Pastor Present Music Word of Hope Jewish Voice Winning Walk Winning Edge Always Good Real Life TV 'Y' First Word Prophecy/News First Baptist Winning Edge The Well 17 WTGL M The Good Life Paid Program David Jeremiah Youssef In Touch W/Charles Stanley Getting More Paid Program Humana Paid Program Flashpoint (HDTV) 'PG' Flashpoint 'PG' 15 ION X Paid Program Paid Program I Hate My Hair! Paid Program Paid Program PUP Medicare Joel Osteen Larry & Tiz In Touch W/Charles Stanley (N) Getting More Paid Program America 7 MY65 ± Paid Program } "Space Cowboys" (2000, Adventure) (HDTV) Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones. (CC) }Aliens Mad Men (HDTV) '14' (CC) Mad Men (HDTV) '14' (CC) 37 AMC Mad Men (HDTV) '14' (CC) Weird, True Weird, True Untamed and Uncut (HDTV) '14' To Be Announced 70 ANPL The Most Extreme (HDTV) 'G' } "Midnight Run" (1988, Comedy) (HDTV) Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin. Premiere. (CC) } "The Recruit" (2003, Suspense) (HDTV) Al Pacino, Colin Farrell. (CC) Humana 33 A&E Paid Program Peter Popoff Pastor Chris Bobby Jones Gospel (N) 'G' Lift Voice (N) Bobby Jones Gospel (HDTV) 'G' "Johnson Family Vacation" (CC) 44 BET BET's Morning Inspiration 'G' Shahs of Sunset (HDTV) '14' Shahs of Sunset (HDTV) '14' The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Real Housewives of Atlanta Thicker Than Water (HDTV) '14' Housewives 61 BRAVO Styled to Rock (HDTV) 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' CMT Music 'PG' Hot 20 Countdown (HDTV) 'PG' (CC) 55 CMT CMT Music 'PG' Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Humana Paid Program DeepClean Never-Rake Cook Safe 36 CNBC Options Action Good Turkey Sanjay Gupta New Day Sunday (N) (HDTV) State of the Union (N) Fareed Zakaria GPS (N) (HDTV) Reliable Sources (N) (HDTV) State/Union 26 CNN New Day Sunday (N) (HDTV) } "Trading Places" (1983, Comedy) (HDTV) Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy, Ralph Bellamy. } "Bill Cosby: Himself" (1982) Bill Cosby. Paid Program Good Turkey Paid Program 59 COM Rocket Washington Journal: Live call-in program with officials. (N) (Live) Newsmakers Washington This Week Kennedy 98 CSPAN Washington This Week Octonauts 'Y' Henry Mickey Mouse Doc McStuffins Never Land Sofia the First Friends (N) Austin & Ally Shake It Up! 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' Jessie 'G' Jessie 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' 136 DIS David (N) Paid Program Paid Program Joel Osteen In Touch 'G' Gold Rush (HDTV) 'PG' (CC) Bering Sea Gold (HDTV) '14' Buying Alaska Buying Alaska Buying Alaska 32 DSC Paid Program } "He's Just Not That Into You" (2009) (HDTV) Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston. Proactiv-Acne MLopez E! News Weekend (HDTV) Fashion Police (HDTV) '14' Life After Anna Nicole: The 57 E! NFL Matchup SportsCenter (HDTV) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (HDTV) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (HDTV) Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (Live) (HDTV) (CC) 28 ESPN Football College Football Final (HDTV) Outside (N) Reporters (N) Colin's New Football Show (N) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (HDTV) Fantasy Football Now (N) 29 ESPN2 SportsCenter (N) (HDTV) (CC) Paid Program B'foot Contessa Giada at Home Pioneer Wo. Trisha's Sou. Rachael Ray's Week in a Day Guy's, Bite (N) Southern (N) Pioneer Wo. Farmhouse (Se Guy's Games 51 FOOD Humana FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX NFL Kickoff (N) (CC) RaceDay (N) 63 FS1 } "Takers" (2010, Action) (HDTV) Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba. } "Salt" (2010) (Ends 2:00) Paid Program Paid Program Buffy the Vampire Slayer '14' Buffy the Vampire Slayer '14' 47 FX News HQ (N) Housecall (N) MediaBuzz (N) (HDTV) News HQ (N) 46 FXNWS FOX and Friends Sunday (N) (HDTV) Morning Drive (N) (Live) (HDTV) European PGA Tour Golf: DP World Tour Championship, Final Round. 49 GOLF European PGA Tour Golf (N) } "A Christmas Visitor" (2002) (HDTV) William Devane. 'PG' } "A Town Without Christmas" (2001) Patricia Heaton. 'PG' Night Before 53 HALL } "The Christmas Card" (2006) (HDTV) Ed Asner. 'G' (CC) Paid Program Cousins Undercover (HDTV) 'G' Cousins Undercover (HDTV) 'G' Cousins Undercover (HDTV) 'G' Cousins Undercover (HDTV) 'G' Property Brothers (HDTV) 'G' Love It-List It 58 HGTV MLopez Paid Program Modern Marvels (HDTV) 'PG' Alaska: Big America: Distances, weather, landscapes. 'PG' (CC) American Jungle (HDTV) '14' Nazi America: A Secret History 'PG' (CC) 48 HIST Knife Paid Program In Touch W/Charles Stanley Paid Program Jeremiah (N) Joel Osteen Cindy Crawford Off-Rockers Off-Rockers "Holiday High School Reunion" (Ends 1:00) 'PG' 42 LIFE Humana } "Ties That Bind" (2006) (HDTV) Nicole de Boer. '14' (CC) } "The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story" (2004) '14' Stranger in Bed 119 LMN } "Do No Harm" (2012) (HDTV) Lauren Holly. '14' (CC) Hardball Week. Business (N) Up W/Steve Kornacki (N) (HDTV) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) (HDTV) Weekends (N) 56 MSNBC Mind Over Mania (HDTV) See Dad Run Kung Fu Panda Fanboy-Chum Power Rangers Rabbids Invas. SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sanjay, Craig Teenage Mut. SpongeBob Sam & Cat 'G' 43 NICK See Dad Run Paid Program Hour of Power Preachers of L.A. 'PG' Snapped 'PG' (CC) Snapped 'PG' (CC) Snapped 'PG' (CC) Snapped 'PG' OXY Humana Beverly Hills, 90210 'PG' (CC) Beverly Hills, 90210 'PG' (CC) Beverly Hills, 90210 'PG' (CC) Veronica Mars 'PG' (CC) Veronica Mars 'PG' (CC) Veronica Mars 120 SOAP Brothers & Sisters 'PG' (CC) Paid Program Henry Rifles Paid Program WEN Hair Care Paid Program Bar Rescue (HDTV) 'PG' Bar Rescue (HDTV) 'PG' Bar Rescue (HDTV) 'PG' Bar Rescue 40 SPIKE Humana Reel Dream Paid Program Focus T25 'G' College Football: Florida Atlantic at Southern Mississippi. (HDTV) Muschamp (N) 41 SUN Battle Hair Loss Pain Free }Sin City More Sex Paid Program Paid Program Humana Paid Program Naked Vegas (HDTV) Naked Vegas (HDTV) Naked Vegas (HDTV) 60 SYFY Paid Program } "You, Me and Dupree" (2006) (HDTV) Owen Wilson. (CC) } "Killers" Ashton Kutcher. (Ends 1:00) Friends 'PG' Friends 'PG' Friends 'PG' 35 TBS Married... With Married... With Friends 'PG' } "Till the Clouds Roll By" (1946) Robert Walker, Van Heflin. } "The Big Heat" (1953) Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame. (CC) East Side, West 62 TCM } "This Land Is Mine" (1943, Drama) Charles Laughton. (CC) Bra Reinvented Humana Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Paid Program Paid Program Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress Say Yes, Dress 23 TLC Law & Order (HDTV) 'PG' Law & Order (HDTV) 'PG' Law & Order (HDTV) 'PG' Law & Order (HDTV) '14' Law & Order (HDTV) 'PG' Law & Order 27 TNT Law & Order (HDTV) 'PG' } "Scooby-Doo! Abracadabra-Doo" (2010) Looney Tunes Dragons-Berk Tenkai Knights Beyblade--Steel Pokémon: BW Ben 10 Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! Steven Univ. 124 TOON Looney Tunes Paid Program When Vacations Attack 'PG' Hidden City (N) Hidden City (N) Mysteries at the Museum 'PG' America Declassified 'PG' (CC) Gem Hunt (HDTV) 'PG' (CC) Bizarre Foods 54 TRAV Henry Rifles Good Turkey Humana Paid Program Powerful Humana Paid Program Paid Program Bait Car '14' Bait Car 'PG' Bait Car 'PG' Bait Car 'PG' Imp. Jokers 78 TRU Paid Program Golden Girls The Golden Girls 'PG' (CC) Golden Girls Golden Girls Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch Brady Bunch 67 TVLD Golden Girls Programa Pagd Programa Pagd Programa Pagd Programa Pagd Programa Pagado La Hora Pico (N) (HDTV) (SS) Al Punto (N) (HDTV) (SS) República Deportiva (HDTV) (SS) 16 UNI Cook Safe Jeremiah (N) Pastor Chris Joel Osteen Covert Affairs (HDTV) '14' Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order 30 USA House (HDTV) '14' (CC) Paid Program Paid Program Battle Hair Loss Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program KitchenAid Mix Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' 117 WE Discover Truth Paid Program Amazing Facts Key of David Beyond Today Matlock 'PG' (CC) Matlock 'PG' (CC) In the Heat of the Night 'PG' Heat of Night 19 WGN-A Tomorrow's 11 6 9

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