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November 7, 2013

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A&E | NOISE CONCERT FIVE THOUGHTS Crocodiles (November 5, Beauty Bar) Local indie-rock trio Party Talk seems far more comfortable onstage these days. The group's dance-driven postpunk opens the show to a solid reception, before the psychedelic garage-pop headliners take the stage. Crocodiles lead singer Brandon Welchez kicks off the set by greeting Las Vegas: "It's been a long time." Indeed. The duo (which travels as a five-piece) last played here for Neon Reverb in 2010, when the Aruba Hotel still served as a rock venue. The band's style is more restrained this time, from its tempered drumming to its controlled guitars. > UNPLUGGED & UNCENSORED Ronnie Radke, back in town. CONCERT NAKED AND ALONE Falling in Reverse previews its Fateful team-up with a stripped-down set BY MAX PLENKE The bass player lights up a joint between songs and passes it to his bandmates. Okay, so maybe Crocodiles haven't changed so much since last time. Keyboardist Robin Eisenberg has the perfect voice to match Welchez's reverb-y vocals. When she isn't singing backup, her keys drive the band's poppier progressions—especially on tracks from this year's album, Crimes of Passion. Approaching 1 a.m., the group saves its most recognizable single, "Mirrors," for the end of the short but sweet set. –Leslie Ventura CONCERT FIVE THOUGHTS Atlas Genius (October 31, House of Blues) The Australian foursome is big enough to play a venue the size of HOB, but would it have Atlas Genius builds the progression of its songs been better to pack the Beauty Bar instead? as well as any current indie band. Keith Jeffery's guitar riffs enhance whatever else is going on, and it's a delight to witness how a song journeys from beginning to end. "If So," "Symptoms" and Halloween costumes we don't need to see anymore: "Electric" all keep going up the ladder. I often find instrumental Mario and Luigi, Waldo, women in wife-beaters and fake mustaches. intros not found on recorded versions ostentatious and without purpose. Not so with AG. These are the perfect appetizers before the meat—well thought-out and complimentary in context with Hit song "Trojans" takes on extra energy with that catchy guitar hook the bigger picture. expanded on by the entire band, making it a less predictable way to close the show. –Jason Harris FALLING IN REVERSE BY BILL HUGHES; ATLAS GENIUS BY AP, CROCODILES BY SPENCER BURTON Familiarity with Radke removed any surprise when I've never witnessed a meet-and-greet line crawl he'd announce a song title, then explain it was either from the street, around a corner, up two flights of stairs, about doing drugs, feuds with enemies or prison, or an and then snake around an entire venue. I didn't think amalgam of the three. Acoustically speaking, it was a I'd see it at the Hard Rock Cafe before dinnertime, little off-putting; these songs, and the musicians who nor did I think it would be for Falling in Reverse, the play them, aren't necessarily built for nylon comeback ensemble of former Escape the strings and amps smaller than flatbed trucks. Fate frontman and perpetual prodigal son, But in that it was endearing. It was naked Ronnie Radke. aaacc in the sense that a botched note couldn't just The show landed on the Strip two months FALLING IN dissolve into its accompanying gazillion-watt before Falling in Reverse kicks off the Bury REVERSE light show, turning these rock stars into just the Hatchet Tour, on which Radke and crew November 2, Hard Rock Live. five guys and a few guitars. It is, of course, will embark on 24 dates with Escape the Fate a vehicle for the coming Hatchet tour and beginning in January. And while this should a completely transparent PR move. But that be acknowledged as one of the more impresdidn't mean Radke couldn't make a couple noble moves sively engineered make-up tours in the current hard rock beyond standard hype. The first was playing one of his universe—the bands' years of media catfighting and the Escape the Fate hits, "Not Good Enough for Truth in warring sides of both are well documented—it's actually Cliché." And the other, opting out of the impossibly terrivaled by the reason I'm here tonight: a $36 meet-andrible single "Alone"—the absence of which no fan was greet/acoustic set, wrapped and ribboned as "An Evening mourning on the walk out the door. with Falling in Reverse—Unplugged & Uncensored." Welchez ditches his guitar about halfway in, and the energy level rises a bit as he dances and sways suggestively into his mic stand, hands clenched and snapping with Jagger-esque persuasion. 42 LASVEGASWEEKLY.COM NOVEMBER 7–13, 2013 42_Noise_1_20131107.indd 42 11/6/13 4:20 PM

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