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November 7, 2013

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Curry Zen 5020 Spring Mountain, 985-1192. Japanese. J&J Szechuan Cuisine 5700 Spring Mountain, 876-5983. Chinese. Spicy specialists of regional cuisine, from incendiary red braised beef with noodles to fiery delicacies like chicken gizzard and heart with hot peppers. Ramen Sora 4490 Spring Mountain, 685-1011. Japanese. Chinatown is ground zero for the ramen explosion that has enveloped the entire Valley, and this Sapporo-style soup is one of the best. 5030 SPRING MOUNTAIN H AC K ST. Monta 367-4600. Japanese. Raku 367-3511. Japanese. The game changer. Chef Mitsuo Endo ignited a Japanese food revolution with this muchrevered jewel. Booming Spot Mini Pot 3466 S. Decatur, 294-0008. Chinese. 99 Ranch Market 4155 Spring Mountain, 364-8899. Market. The famed LA Asian market was the foundation for Las Vegas' original Chinatown Plaza and is still a go-to spot for restaurateurs looking for special ingredients. Pho Kim Long 4029 Spring Mountain, 220-3613. Vietnamese. Tofu Hut 3920 Spring Mountain, 257-0072. Korean. Hot N Juicy Crawfish 4810 Spring Mountain, 891-8889. Seafood. This simple, sometimes spicy seafood house has expanded all over after getting its start in Las Vegas. Ronald's Donuts 4600 Spring Mountain, 8731032. Sweets. 215 Lee's Sandwiches 3989 Spring Mountain, 331-9999. Vietnamese. Pho So 1 4745 Spring Mountain, 252-3934. Vietnamese. 5115 SPRING MOUNTAIN Hue Thai 943-8872. Vietnamese. Kaba Curry 589-0370. Japanese. After building a following on Charleston Boulevard, this stylish curry house has found its proper home in the foodiest of neighborhoods. 1900 Asian Cuisine 998-8989. Chinese. Veggie House 431-5802. Chinese. Just because you're a vegetarian doesn't mean you don't deserve excellent Chinese food. Here's your spot, meatless ones. Shuseki 222-2321. Japanese. From sushi to fried chicken to ramen to whatever, Shuseki, one of our favorite local izakayas, has something for everyone. SF Supermarket 876-0088. Market. 5040 SPRING MOUNTAIN Kabuto 676-1044. Japanese. Sweets Raku 290-7181. Sweets. Pristine masterpieces of dessert in a space-age setting? No problem. Trattoria Nakamura-Ya 251-0022. Japanese/Italian. #1 Boba Tea 4255 Spring Mountain, 364-4724. Sweets. Yunnan Garden 3934 Schiff, 869-8885. Chinese. Yu Yu 4115 Spring Mountain, 220-4223. Japanese. 4215 SPRING MOUNTAIN Mother's Korean Grill 579-4745. Korean. Sam Woo BBQ 368-7628. Chinese. Mr. Sandwich 838-2888. Vietnamese. 4355 SPRING MOUNTAIN Ichiza 367-3151. Japanese. Crown Bakery 873-9805. Sweets. Tea Station 889-9989. Sweets. W. F L A M I N G O R D. S . VA L L E Y V I E W B LV D. Honey Pig 4725 Spring Mountain, 8760711. Korean. S . A RV I L L E ST. S . D EC AT U R B LV D. SPRING MOU N TA I N R D . Kuma Snow Cream 3735 Spring Mountain, 8165862. Sweets. Jet Tila became the first celebrity chef to land in Las Vegas Chinatown when he opened this unique frozen dessert concept this summer. Pho Little Saigon 3775 Spring Mountain, 221-2111. Vietnamese. Kung Fu 3505 S. Valley View, 2474120. Thai. Pho Bosa 3355 Spring Mountain, 418-1931. Vietnamese. Great pho, sure, but everyone has that. Bosa also offers killer broken rice combo plates stocked with various meats and goodies. 215 KABUTO PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEVE MARCUS 18-19_Feature_Dining_20131107.indd 19 11/6/13 4:26 PM

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