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November 7, 2013

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L I N D E L L R D. 5. Spring Mountain Road The 4-mile stretch of Spring Mountain Road from Rainbow Boulevard to the Strip is the epicenter of the local Vegas food scene, where hungry explorers and industry movers and shakers go to meet, eat, drink and find inspiration. Our Chinatown district— really more of a diverse Asiatown—has far too much shockingly affordable deliciousness to list, but here are 50 restaurants, markets, sweets shops and cafés you should not miss. Let us know once you've hit them all. –Brock Radke D E S E RT I N N R D. Cathay House 5300 Spring Mountain, 8763838. Chinese. 3400 S. JONES Asian BBQ & Noodles 202-3636. Chinese. Chada Thai & Wine 641-1345. Thai. HK Star 220-3388, Chinese. Shaanxi Gourmet 586-3311. Chinese. Cafe de Japon 5300 Spring Mountain, 839-8688. Japanese. Wendy's Noodle Cafe 3401 S. Jones, 889-3288. Chinese. Greenland Supermarket 6850 Spring Mountain, 459-7878. Market. 168 Market Pho Saigon 8 3459 S. Jones, 363-5168. Market. S P R I N G M O U N TA I N R D. Roma Deli 5755 Spring Mountain, 871-5577. Italian. 6. 3420 S. Jones, 8731977. Chinese. Still the Valley's favorite spot for hot and juicy soup dumplings. KJ Kitchen R E D RO C K ST. W. V I K I N G R D. D U N E V I L L E ST. 5960 Spring Mountain, 221-0456. Chinese. S . J O N E S B LV D. S . TO R R E Y P I N E S D R . China Mama 5650 Spring Mountain, 248-6663. Vietnamese. Rincon de Buenos Aires 5300 Spring Mountain, 2573331. Argentinean. Not all great eats on Spring Mountain are Asian. Check out the massive, meaty sandwiches at this Latin deli. Clockwise from top left: Raku, China Mama, Hot N Juicy Crawfish, Pho Bosa Kabuto lives in Las Vegas What does it say that on half of my four visits to Kabuto, I've found esteemed Vegas restaurateur Elizabeth Blau seated at the same sushi bar? That she's eaten there more than four times, probably, but also that Kabuto offers what neighborhood sushi spots and high-end Strip sushi splurges do not: singularity of experience. More than maybe any other restaurant in our Valley, the unassuming (and unmarked) space at 5040 W. Spring Mountain Road #4 stands apart from its peers, to the point where it simply has none. Hyperbole? Ask the Yelpers streaming in from sushi-rich SoCal for a taste, or those comparing it favorably to joints in Japan. From the super-minimal space—intensely formal yet made comfortable by engaging head chef Gen Mizoguchi—to the parade of obscure, flavor-rich fish (Ever had, or even heard of, wakaremi? Umazurahagi? Kamashita toro?), everything about Kabuto screams "once in a lifetime." Except that, because it's ours and not New York's or San Francisco's, we can revisit whenever we like. Or maybe, as often as our wallets allow. It's spendy for certain—$48 for a 10-piece nigiri course, $80 and $120 for more expansive omakase flights—though it still seems like a steal whenever I go. Each portion of warm rice draped with complex, fleshy fish feels like a gift, like the best bite I've had in my life. Until the next piece arrives. –Spencer Patterson 18 LASVEGASWEEKLY.COM NOVEMBER 7–13, 2013 18-19_Feature_Dining_20131107.indd 18 11/6/13 4:26 PM

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