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October 3, 2013

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AsWeSeeIt OPINION + POLITICS + HUMOR + STYLE PAINT THE FUTURE ∑ A thin white mist rains down on my hands and forearms, dotting the SHUT DOWN: NOW WHAT? A look at what to expect in Nevada ∑ With Congress in stalemate mode, Sen. Maj. climb up any scaffolding. Local entrepreneurs Michael Cornthwaite and Joey Vanas launched their campaign in an effort to do what the public has demanded for nearly a decade: save the Huntridge. Their initial crowdfunding campaign raised more than $200,000; now it's up to investors to raise the additional millions required to reopen the building's doors. Events like this painting party demonstrate community interest in the preservation effort and, importantly, make the southeast corner of Maryland and Charleston look a whole lot better. Before we get to work, Assemblywoman Heidi Swank Leader Harry Reid referencing George Orwell and the shutdown officially in effect, here's a look at what's being affected in Nevada—and what's not. campgrounds statewide. Scholarships and financial aid for university students could also be delayed, and many federal employees are being furloughed. Affected: National parks, visitor centers and campgrounds operated by the National Parks Service, the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service. This includes the closure of Red Rock Canyon facilities, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and 16 BLM Not affected: Social Security, Veterans Services, the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. Attorney's Office, the FBI and the National Weather Service. So don't worry, you'll still get severe thunderstorm warnings should the weather gods revolt against the government shutdown. notes the turnout: "There's already a vibrant community here, and a lot of us hope, whatever happens, that that's here to stay." It's easy to believe in that idea, considering not only the diversity of the volunteers but the many reasons they've turned out. One of my painting neighbors longs for the days when Godsmack took the stage. Relative newcomers like me are dreaming of everything from a community arts center to a neighborhood cinema drafthouse. Whatever the Huntridge becomes, a transformation has already taken place. And as I scrub white dots from my watch back at home, I realize the investment phase has already begun. –Molly O'Donnell HUNTRIDGE PHOTO BY YASMINA CHAVEZ, RED ROCK PHOTO BY SAM MORRIS orange band of my watch with a festive splotch here, a confetti spot there. I enviously eye the guy next to me, who is somehow speck-free. He looks like a good dad, even though I don't see any kids nearby. You know the look, patient and helpful with just a curl of a smile at the edge of his mouth. He senses my jealousy and says, "I think I have the one you need. It's for outdoor surfaces." More dad evidence: the right tool for the job. The two of us are part of a motley crowd here on a Saturday morning painting the Huntridge Theatre, part of an effort to revive the historic Downtown landmark. In this case, it's taken the form of a two-day "bring your own brush" party, and what began as a human trickle soon becomes a crush. Volunteers spanning the perimeter from Maryland all the way along Charleston are filling in where the pros left off. At 6:30 this morning, a team of experts from the Painters' Union got started on the run-down edifice's upper portions, turning the iconic art-deco tower a dazzling white. By the time the rest of us show up between 10 and noon, the old girl is already looking a lot better, and we're relieved we won't be asked to 10 LASVEGASWEEKLY.COM OCTOBER 3–9, 2013 10_AWSI_Open_20131003.indd 10 10/2/13 1:32 PM

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