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October 3, 2013

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> TEN YEARS LATER These days, Siegfried and Roy spend most of their time at their Little Bavaria compound in Las Vegas. the church through a heavy side door, which closes with a thick "thump." Then, he spins around and tries to re-enter the room. "Locked! It is locked now!" he says, smiling but exasperated. "I am now locked out! I have no way to get back in! I need to find Roy! This is the life of my story!" The words hang in the air: the life of my story. The great Siegfried Fischbacher has just performed some verbal magic. It's a funny turn of phrase, but one that makes perfect sense. "IF A TIGER ATTACKS YOU, YOU ARE FINISHED," – Roy Horn A s a member of the Little Bavaria maintenance staff hustles off to find a key, Roy appears, as if emerging through a haze of stage fog. He's in the passenger seat of a red golf cart, which pulls to a stop beside a golden gong familiar to anyone who saw Siegfried & Roy's show at the Mirage. "When he wants me to know he is here and is coming inside, he lets me know," Siegfried says, nodding toward the gong. Roy slams his closed, gloved hand into the gong, causing a heck of a racket. His hands are strong, and when he grasps for a handshake he squeezes with enough force to send a quick thread of pain through your wrist. "He will also ring the bell," Siegfried says, pointing to a bell tower that shadows the residences. Roy pulls a rope to make the bell sound. "The neighbors, they love us," Siegfried says. Siegfried and Roy take seats at their dining-room table, along with the woman who was their onstage partner for decades and still watches over the duo, Lynette Chappell. Onstage she was dubbed the Evil Queen, a description she once said "is true on and off the stage," but while Chappell can be stern in keeping "the guys" on schedule, she is an angel in Siegfried and Roy's universe who has served as friend, assistant, confidant and—over the past 10 years—constant caregiver for Roy. As they talk of the week ahead, the date looms: October 3. The 10th anniversary of "the thing," and also Roy's 69th birthday. He constantly jokes about his birthday celebration, claiming that the formal reunification of Germany on October 3, 1990 was "a birthday present to me." He also jokes that the car Siegfried and Roy presented at the Barrett-Jackson automobile auction last weekend at Mandalay Bay, a 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom once owned by the Maharaja of Kotah, was being hauled to Las Vegas "as a present to me." "No, no, no, no, no! Not true!" Siegfried says. "That is just what you think!" "It's a million-dollar car," Roy says, ignoring Siegfried's excited clarification, "and it is for me." This sort of back-and-forth is characteristic of Siegfried and Roy. Asked if the duo is like a couple married for decades, Siegfried swiftly agrees. "Ya," he says. "It is 55 years for us. It was not always like this for us. We have had our ups and downs, but when I am home, it's Roy's home, too." "We are still a team," Roy says, as if completing the thought. OCTOBER 3–9, 2013 LASVEGASWEEKLY.COM 16-22_Feature_20131003.indd 17 17 10/2/13 5:11 PM

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