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September 22, 2013

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MY WEEK 2F Sunday, September 22, 2013 0002022675 The Daytona Beach News-Journal Save the Dates for 2 Great Events THE NEWS-JOURNAL'S 53rd Annual Fall Home Show OCTOBER 11-13 • OCEAN CENTER THE NEWS-JOURNAL'S Food, Wine & Brew Festival NOVEMBER 9 • News-Journal Center For more information visit: w w w . n e w s - j o u r n a l e v e n t s . c o m SUNDAY MORNING - SEPTEMBER 22 BH DC 4 6 9 15 8 7 10 3 14 19 16 5 48 44 42 67 57 71 25 24 66 99 35 41 65 29 30 59 32 70 28 58 51 61 43 40 55 26 34 64 158 68 31 69 12 46 45 11 36 56 60 38 18 39 37 20 6 AM 6:30 7 AM Movies 7:30 8 AM Sports 8:30 Kids 9 AM BH - Bright House Networks, DC - DeBary Comcast Best Bets 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM Today (N) (HDTV) (CC) Meet the Press (N) (HDTV) 'G' On Money (Sea LazyTown 'Y' Noodle/Doodle Kids News (N) Open House (N) NBC ^ WESH 2 News Sunrise Weekend Flashpoint Joel Osteen CBS News Sunday Morning (N) (HDTV) (CC) Face the Nation (N) (HDTV) Larry King NFL (N) CBS & Local 6: Morning News (N) (HDTV) Passionate Living, David Uth Recipe Rehab Food-Thought This Week With George... (N) News (N) ABC ) Eyewitness News Daybreak Sunday (N) (HDTV) (CC) Peep, Big Wide Zula Patrol 'Y' Enviropals! 'G' Travel-Kids Enviropals! 'G' Twice as Good Stud. Improv Taste This! 'G' Lance Heft Crafts for Kids Taste of History Travelscope 'G' WDSC / Functional Fit Paid Program Paid Program Relieve pain Derm Paid Program Paid Program Faces Paid Program Paid Program Diets 2.0 No Defrosting The Collector 8 CW 2 Paid Program Curious George Cat in the Hat Super Why! 'Y' Dinosaur Train Metro Center Global Perspect Capitol Update Face to Face Moyers & Company 'G' (CC) McLaughlin (N) 21 PBS 8 Sesame Street (EI) 'Y' Paid Program Paid Program Faces HOPE Fit Cook Safe News (N) New Teeth Now Gus Bradley Joe Philbin Dolphins Week Real Life (N) 14 WRDQ; Paid Program Wild Animals Live Life (Sea Good Day Orlando (N) (CC) Fox News Sunday (N) Into the Wild Sports Stars NFL Sunday (N) 10 FOX C In Touch W/Charles Stanley (N) Corner Stone Supernatural Jesse Duplantis Jack Van Impe Paid Program Christian Worship Hour Paid Program Morris Cerullo 'G' 5 WACXW Pastor Present Paid Program Word of Hope Jewish Voice Winning Walk Winning Edge Joyce Meyer Real Life TV 'Y' First Word Prophecy/News First Baptist Winning Edge The Well 17 WTGL M The Good Life World to Come David Jeremiah Youssef In Touch W/Charles Stanley Paid Program Cook Safe Paid Program Paid Program Free Money Paid Program Paid Program 15 ION X International Drop lbs Quit Your Job! Smoothies-In Mins! Cindy Crawford Joel Osteen Larry & Tiz In Touch W/Charles Stanley (N) Paid Program No to Botox HOPE Fit 7 MY65 ± Paid Program } "Above the Law" (1988) (Ends 1:00) (CC) Mad Men (ESP HDTV) '14' (CC) Mad Men (ESP HDTV) '14' (CC) Low Winter Sun (HDTV) '14' Hell on Wheels (HDTV) (CC) 37 AMC Mad Men (ESP HDTV) 'PG' (CC) Most Extreme Weird, True Weird, True Untamed and Uncut (HDTV) '14' To Be Announced 70 ANPL Most Extreme } "Groundhog Day" (1993) (HDTV) Bill Murray. (CC) } "Titanic" (1997) (HDTV) Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet. (Ends 2:30) (CC) WEN Hair Care Criminal Minds (HDTV) '14' (CC) 33 A&E Paid Program Peter Popoff Pastor Chris Bobby Jones Gospel (HDTV) 'G' David E. Talbert's What Goes Around Comes Around (HDTV) '14' The Best Man 44 BET BET's Morning Inspiration 'G' Million Dollar LA Inside the Actors Studio (CC) I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding The New Atlanta (HDTV) '14' Housewives/NJ Housewives/NJ 61 BRAVO Million Dollar LA Hot 20 Countdown (HDTV) 'PG' 55 CMT CMT Music 'PG' Paid Program Paid Program English Premier League Soccer: Arsenal FC vs Stoke City FC. (N) Paid Program FREE $$$ DeepClean Cook Safe 36 CNBC Options Action Paid Program State of the Union (N) Fareed Zakaria GPS (N) (HDTV) Reliable Sources (N) (HDTV) State/Union 26 CNN New Day Sunday: The latest news, weather and stories. (N) (HDTV) Paid Program WEN Hair Care South Park '14' (CC) South Park '14' South Park '14' South Park '14' South Park '14' South Park '14' South Park '14' South Park 59 COM Montel Williams Paid Program Washington Journal: Live call-in program with officials. Newsmakers Washington This Week 98 CSPAN Washington This Week Henry Doc McStuffins Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 'Y' Never Land Sofia the First Wander-Yonder Jessie 'G' Shake It Up! 'G' A.N.T. Farm 'G' Jessie (HDTV) 'G' (CC) Liv & Maddie 136 DIS David (N) Paid Program Perfect Yard Joel Osteen In Touch 'G' Alaska: The Last Frontier '14' Alaska: The Last Frontier '14' Alaska: The Last Frontier '14' Mountain Mon 32 DSC Celebrity Hair Paid Program Paid Program True Hollywood Story: The series "Sex and the City." 'PG' (CC) True Hollywood Story: The television series "Friends." 'PG' (CC) The E! True Hollywood Story True Hollywood 57 E! NFL Matchup SportsCenter (HDTV) (CC) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (HDTV) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (HDTV) Sunday NFL Countdown (N) (Live) (HDTV) (CC) 28 ESPN Football College Football Final (HDTV) Outside (N) Reporters (N) Colin's New Football Show (N) SportsCenter (N) (Live) (HDTV) Fantasy Football Now (N) 29 ESPN2 SportsCenter (N) (HDTV) (CC) Sheer Cover Rachael Ray's Week in a Day Giada at Home B'foot Contessa Pioneer Wo. Heartland Table Dinner Guy's Big Bite Dean & Tori's Backyard Bash 'G' Anne Burrell 51 FOOD Paid Program FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) FOX Sports Live (HDTV) (CC) NASCAR RaceDay (N) (Live) (HDTV) (CC) FOX NFL Kickoff (N) (CC) NASCAR 63 FS1 Paid Program Paid Program Buffy the Vampire Slayer 'PG' Buffy the Vampire Slayer 'PG' Ellen 'PG' (CC) Ellen 'PG' (CC) } "Shrek Forever After" (2010) (HDTV) Voices of Mike Myers. Kung Fu Panda 47 FX News HQ (N) Housecall (N) MediaBuzz (N) (HDTV) News HQ (N) 46 FXNWS FOX and Friends Sunday (N) (HDTV) Golf Central Morning Drive (N) (Live) (HDTV) European PGA Tour Golf: Lindt Italian Open, Final Round. From Turin, Italy. (N) (Live) (HDTV) Golf Central (N) PGA Golf (N) 49 GOLF Golf Central Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Golden Girls Hope Floats 53 HALL I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' I Love Lucy 'G' Golden Girls Cindy Crawford Income Prop. Income Prop. Income Prop. Income Prop. Income Property (HDTV) 'G' Income Property (HDTV) 'G' Property Brothers (HDTV) 'G' Love It-List It 58 HGTV Paid Program Supersmile Modern Marvels 'G' (CC) The Fugawis The Fugawis The Fugawis The Fugawis The Fugawis The Fugawis Great Santinis Great Santinis Top Gear 'PG' 48 HIST Knife In Touch W/Charles Stanley Get Sub D Jeremiah (N) Joel Osteen Cindy Crawford Devious Maids (HDTV) 'PG' Devious Maids (HDTV) '14' (CC) Devious Maids 42 LIFE I Hate My Hair! Paid Program } "The Advocate's Devil" (1997) (HDTV) Ken Olin. '14' (CC) } "Amish Grace" (2010) Kimberly Williams-Paisley. 'PG' (CC) Winter's Bone 119 LMN } "Scared Silent" (2002) (HDTV) Penelope Ann Miller. '14' (CC) Hardball Week. Business (N) Up W/Steve Kornacki (N) (HDTV) Melissa Harris-Perry (N) (HDTV) Weekends (N) 56 MSNBC Inside a Crack House (HDTV) Full House 'G' The Penguins Odd Parents Power Rangers SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob SpongeBob Sanjay, Craig Teenage Mut. Rabbids Invas. SpongeBob 43 NICK Full House 'G' } "Head Over Heels" (2001) Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Jr. Paid Program Hour of Power Snapped 'PG' (CC) Snapped 'PG' (CC) Snapped 'PG' OXY Paid Program Beverly Hills, 90210 'PG' (CC) Beverly Hills, 90210 'PG' (CC) Beverly Hills, 90210 '14' (CC) Veronica Mars 'PG' (CC) Veronica Mars 'PG' (CC) Veronica Mars 120 SOAP Brothers & Sisters 'PG' (CC) No Defrosting Shark Sonic Paid Program Paid Program Montel Williams Xtreme 4x4 Horsepower TV Trucks! (CC) MuscleCar Bar Rescue (HDTV) 'PG' Bar Rescue 40 SPIKE Relieve pain Reel Dream Paid Program I Hate My Hair! College Football: Tennessee at Florida. (HDTV) Muschamp (N) 41 SUN Smoothies-In Mins! } "Witchville" (2010) (HDTV) Luke Goss, Ed Speleers. } "The Dunwich Horror" (2009) (Ends 1:00) FREE $$$ WEN Hair Care Paid Program No Defrosting Shark Sonic 60 SYFY Keurig Brewer } "Father of the Bride" (1991) (HDTV) Steve Martin. (CC) } "Father of the Bride Part II" (Ends 1:00) Friends '14' Friends '14' Friends '14' 35 TBS Married... With Married... With Friends '14' } "I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang" (1932) Paul Muni. } "The Skin Game" (1931) Edmund Gwenn. } "Lifeboat" (Ends 1:15) 62 TCM } "The Life of Emile Zola" (1937) Paul Muni. (CC) (DVS) Paid Program Diets 2.0 Faith-Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Paid Program Paid Program Say Yes: Bliss Say Yes: Bliss Say Yes: Bliss Say Yes: Bliss Say Yes: Bliss Say Yes: Bliss Sister Wives 23 TLC Law & Order (HDTV) '14' Law & Order: Hit-and-run. '14' Law & Order (HDTV) '14' Law & Order (HDTV) '14' Law & Order (HDTV) '14' Law & Order 27 TNT Law & Order (HDTV) '14' Looney Tunes Dragons-Berk Tenkai Knights Beyblade--Steel Pokémon: BW Leg.-Chima Ben 10 Batman Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Planet (HDTV) 'Y7' Tom & Jerry 124 TOON Looney Tunes Paid Program When Vacations Attack 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum 'PG' Off Limits (HDTV) 'PG' (CC) Mysteries at the Museum 'PG' Mysteries at the Museum 'PG' Bizarre Foods 54 TRAV Paid Program Paid Program Keurig Rivo Paid Program Proactiv-Acne No Defrosting Paid Program Paid Program Most Shocking (HDTV) '14' Most Shocking (HDTV) '14' Most Shocking 78 TRU Paid Program Cosby Show The Cosby Show 'G' (CC) Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Cosby Show Hot, Cleveland The Exes 'PG' Roseanne 'PG' 67 TVLD Cosby Show Programa Pagd Desayuno Crema de Programa Pagd Programa Pagd Programa Pagd Para Volver a Amar (N) '14' Al Punto (N) (HDTV) (SS) República Deportiva (HDTV) (SS) 16 UNI } "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" (2005) (HDTV) Steve Carell, Catherine Keener. (CC) Paid Program Cook Safe Jeremiah (N) Pastor Chris Joel Osteen Covert Affairs (HDTV) 30 USA Cook Safe Vivica Fox Paid Program Cancer Paid Program Hour of Power WEN Hair Care More Sex Wedding- Dav.: Unveiled Wedding- Dav.: Unveiled Wedding- Unv. 117 WE Paid Program Paid Program Amazing Facts Key of David Beyond Today Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" (Ends 1:00) 19 WGN-A Tomorrow's 11 6 9

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