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September 12, 2013

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MAIL TOMMY TUNE: TAPS, TUNES AND TALL TALES Broadway's tallest tapper takes to the world's smallest stage dancing, singing and tale-telling through 50 years of big time showmanship — all on only 4 square feet! "You have to see it to believe it." — P. T. Barnum Saturday, September 21 — 3:00pm & 7:00pm Sunday, September 22 — 3:00pm STEVE MARCH-TORMÉ: SNAP, SIZZLE, POP THE SCRUFF LIFE In last week's Q&A, gay social-app founder Johnny Skandros told us how his life really did get better. Truly an inspiring interview to read. Although I'm from Singapore, many of Johnny's incidents bring back memories of my youth. The gay movement over here is largely underground. But gay apps have opened many doors for many people. And I'm just thrilled that people like Johnny are helping people like me get along with life. Thank you for a refreshing read. –Ming6162 HOME IS WHERE THE 10 BATHROOMS ARE Now that Liberace's former home has sold, Ken Miller wondered if the public would ever be allowed inside. Do we care? Not me. I never understood the obsession with where celebrities, both real and fictional, live. Celebrate their accomplishments, but really, driving by the fictional home where Mary Richards (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) lived is just ludicrous. And people still do that 30 years after the show went off the air. What is the point? End of rant. –Jim Watkins Hopefully not. This piece of history can die quietly now. –Sean Gatus COPS AND CREATIVES Last week, Joe Downtown wrote about the increased police presence on Fremont East and a growing resentment among locals who've crossed paths with the cops. Metro is too heavy-handed, not community oriented and not used to managing urban growth and development. They only know car patrols in the suburbs. The last two sheriffs have been poor leaders and too forceful in their direction of the Metro team, who are overall young and inexperienced. The City Council must demand better from Metro for Downtown redevelopment to succeed. –777s One-hundred-eighty ID checks. Roughly 5 percent were underage, 10 percent had warrants, so that's 15 percent that are legit. Another 20 percent otherwise arrested, I'll ignore those since we don't know what they were for. I'm not rah-rah for the police by any means, but 15 percent (1 out of 6) seems like a lot. Are they heavy-handed, or just doing their job? I have a hard time buying the notion that it's scary to see a few extra cops walking around a crowded area that always has a lot of tourists. –TheCoolah I really do not understand what the Downtown community wants from Metro Police who are there to enforce the laws as patrol officers. They are not your Downtown Rangers, who would politely approach you or be confronted by people who expect a high expectation of customer service attitude. I would like to know whose idea it was to place eight to 10 police officers within a block (Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont and Sixth Street and Fremont)? Are the police there as routine patrol, which is part of their shift duties, or are they being paid overtime by an organization like the Downtown Project to be there? I'm not bashing Joe at all. I love his coverage in the Downtown area. And I live in Downtown, too. Downtown is changing for the better. I am for police, who would always be part of the community. Unfortunately, I stopped going to the bars on the east side of Fremont after the police showed up several months ago. The presence of the police is overpowering, making me and my friends feel the area is prone to violence and disorder. –Downtown Express LVWEEKLY@GMGVEGAS.COM Letters may be edited for length and/or clarity. All submissions become the property of Las Vegas Weekly. 09_Mail_20130912.indd 9 Friday, September 27 & Saturday, September 28 — 7:00pm JIM CARUSO'S CAST PARTY WITH BILLY STRITCH Wednesday, October 9 — 9:30pm SOUL MEN STARRING SPECTRUM A TRIBUTE TO SOUL, R&B AND MOTOWN Friday, October 18 & Saturday, October 19 — 7:00pm TICKETS STARTING AT $20 361 Symphony Park Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89106 I 702.749.2000 | TTY: 800.326.6868 or dial 711 Fresh Pasta – Steak – Seafood 50% OFF FOOD & 25% OFF BAR NIGHTLY FROM 11PM - 2AM FERRAROSLASVEGAS.COM | 702.364.5300 4480 PARADISE ROAD, LAS VEGAS NEVADA 89169 ACROSS FROM THE HARD ROCK HOTEL & CASINO 9/11/13 1:10 PM

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