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The Sentinel-Echo I WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 7, 2013 I 17A 30! It's a milestone that brings both anxiety and clarity. Turns out, our priorities are different than what we thought... Baptist Health Corbin and the Sentinel-Echo are proud to bring you a new series, "So This Is 30," on Wednesdays and Fridays from now until Aug. 30. Plenty of reasons to smile BY ROB MCDANIEL Staff writer Dr. Jeremy Allen didn't always want to be a dentist. As a child, he wanted to be a famous baseball player, like Jose Canseco and play for the A's. Being a successful baseball player wasn't in the cards for Allen, but according to him, his achievements have greatly surpassed anything he could have hoped for. Allen, 34, from London, said as he got older and his interests changed, he developed a desire to work in the health care field, in part due to his mother, Lynn White, a biology and anatomy teacher and his father, Don White, a math teacher. Allen said his parents encouraged him to attend a Professional Education Preparation Program (PEPP) the summer before his freshman year. PEPP was an introductory program for students that were interested in health care. The program offered Allen the opportunity to observe as well as gain a little hands-on experience in various types of health care. It was at this point Allen discovered his interest in dentistry. "PEPP was where I discovered that dentistry would provide a life of learning," Allen said. "It would al- low me the opportunity to provide for my future family, while helping the people of the community that raised me." Allen attended the University of Kentucky where he began studying to fulfill his dream of becoming a dentist. "When I was 21, I remember writing down goals for myself on the back of a 'Farside' calendar page; mom got me a new one every Christmas," Allen recalled. "I remember it saying, married by 26, first child at 29, second child at 31, own a dental practice by 30 and retired by 40." Allen worked hard and stuck to his plan. He graduated from UK College of Dentistry in 2006 and began practicing dentistry at London Dental Center. During this time, Allen married his wife, Hailee, and began a family. "In the hours before our wedding, Hailee and I met in the sanctuary to have a quiet moment together," Allen recalled. "It was a very emotional and exciting time that has led to all the success in the world for me." Two years into their marriage, the Allens celebrated the birth of their first child, Drew. In 2011 Allen started Dr. Jeremy W. Allen Family Dentistry. Around PHOTO SUBMITTED Dr. Jeremy Allen, 34, may have achieved his goal of starting his own dental practice, but he's realized that his family has given him plenty more reasons to smile. He is shown above with wife, Hailee, and children Drew and Grier. this time, Hailee gave birth to their second child, Grier. "I feel very blessed to have a beautiful wife, Hailee, and two great children, Drew and Grier," Allen said. "I've been fortunate enough to start a dental practice in my hometown. But my goal of retiring by 40 just isn't going to happen. The dot-com bubble contributed to that overzealous goal." Entering his mid-30s, Allen achieved almost all of the goals he had written on the back of the "Farside" calendar when he was a 21-year-old college student, but as Allen says, your goals change. "My goals now are similar to back then but are more focused on my family, friends and church," Allen said. "I want to enjoy time with my family and try to raise my children the way I was raised." Allen has devoted his life to serving others and said he and his family feel blessed to attend First Baptist Church. "This Sunday our church is hosting a 'Free for All' that will provide many different services to folks in our community and I'm excited to be a part of this service," Allen said. "I also look forward to the growth and experiences to come." Despite all that Allen has achieved at such a young age, he said it's the little things that make him feel like he succeed in meeting the goals he had set for his 30's. "Personally I feel successful when Grier gives me a hug or Drew puts on his Spiderman costume or Hailee tells me she loves me," Allen said. "I feel successful when I help patients be able to comfortably smile again." RMCDANIEL@SENTINEL-ECHO.COM To Subscribe, Call 878-7400. Treating you like family Baptist Health Surgical Specialists is happy to announce the addition of Dr. Donald Brown to the team. Dr. Brown is a oard certi ed General Surgeon with over twenty seven years experience. Dr. Brown will see patients at the London location. Dr. Donald Brown General Surgery 606.330.4175 S U R G I CA L S P EC I A L I ST S Accepting Patients of All Ages! London 100 London Mountain View Drive London, KY

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