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CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACK 25 June 30, 2013 • Honoring Freedom • Supplement to Sunday Gazette-Mail Air Force Col. Roscoe Buffington, of Racine, was with the Flying P47 Thunderbolt 74th Fighter Squadron in Guam, serving during World War II and in Korea. Sgt. Elijah Buffington, of Racine, served in the Army in France during World War II. Cpl. John Buffington, of Racine, served with Army Co. E., 324 Infantry, during World War II in France. Sgt. Matt Leavitt (center) with the Army 51st Rangers in Iraq. Navy Seaman 1st Class Harley Hunter, of Racine, served in Korea. Karl Priest, Navy, Norfolk, Va., 1968 Army Sgt. Wallace Hunter, of Racine, served in Korea. Stanley Legg, of Charleston, Navy Army Sgt. Ray Hunter, May 1951, Aschaffenburg, Germany. He was with the Heavy Motor Co. in Korea. He died in Korea on June 22, 1955. Ray Hunter's wife, Margaret, was left a widow, and he never saw his daughter, Patricia Ann, who was born three months later. Today, she is Patricia Ann Jarboe (Hunter). South Claude Greear, Air Force Army Sgt. David Hartwell serving in Afghanistan with A1FA Battery-Field Artillery. Hartwell is standing to the left of the barrel of the 105 Howitzer. Jake Vassel (at left) was a Yeoman 3rd Class with the Navy in Guam in 1945. His ship was the SEBEC A037. Brothers Army Sgt. Jeremy Jones (8th Infantry, Fort Drum, N.Y.) and Army Sgt. James Jones. Army Sgt. William R. Kimberling served with the Combat Engineers during World War II, stationed in Paris. Steven Williams served in Germany with the Army. Mark Pomeroy, whose hometown is St. Albans, has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is pictured at an induction ceremony with his sister, Jesse Pomeroy. Jeremiah R. Williams, U.S. Air Force David C. Lucas was stationed in Germany in the 1960s with the Army. Dallas Johnson, of Hurricane, served in the Army during World War II. He died in 1944 at age 19. This photograph of Bryan Willard, Army, was taken when he was 18 in 2004. CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACK Laurence Sayre III served in Baghdad, Iraq, with the Army. He is pictured with his son, Brooklyn. Army Sgt. Doug served in Vietnam. Graley

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