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CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACK 22 Honoring Freedom • Supplement to Sunday Gazette-Mail • June 30, 2013 Forbidden music World War II POW Gerhard Boeneke plays the Mendelssohn "Violin Concerto" in Cherbourg, France, during World War II. Music by Mendelssohn, who was Jewish, was forbidden by Nazi Germany in 1945, said John Lambros, of Charleston, who submitted the photo. "During the Battle of the Bulge in World War II," wrote Lambros, an Army Medical Corps corporal with the 168th and 166th General Hospitals, "my unit, 168th General Hospital, was turned into a Prisoner of War hospital attending wounded German soldiers." Boeneke, a pro- fessional musician and organist at St. Thomas Church in Liepsig, pianist and conductor, was assigned to Lambros' chapel. "Boeneke was pleased to perform the concerto," Lambros wrote. Lambros is also Concertmaster Emeritus with the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra. Marine Sgt. Sally Chandler, daughter of Jeff and Jami Chandler, served in Ramadi, Iraq. Ray Edward Richard was an Army air frame mechanic in Vietnam. Madelaine Korsley served with the Air Force 130th Air Guard. Lloyd Burgess served in Korea with the Army. This photo was taken in 1966 in Fort Carson, Colo. Rudolph Irving served for 32 years with the Navy and as an ROTC instructor. Army Sgt. Richard Thomason Dustin R. Hamrick served as a Navy chaplain. Army Sgt. Joe Samples is a veteran of Iraq and is still serving his country. Dennis A. Taylor (1931-2008) served in the Army during World War II. His brother, Dallas Taylor, was a Marine in World War II. Navy 3rd Class Petty Officer Paul Fox served on the USS Bennington. William Mason Lucas served in the Marines in World War II. Charlie Miller served with the 87th Infantry in Rhineland, Germany. He received the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. Kenneth H. Samples, of South Charleston, served in the Army with the Nike-Hercules Missiles 55th Artillery Group from 1963 to 1969. David Bond is a first lieutenant with the South Charleston High School Junior ROTC. Robert C. Knightstep, of Dunbar, served in the Navy during World War II. Bryan L. Willard served with the Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. CYANMAGENTAYELLOWBLACK

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