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TIME HONORED THE SOOTHING SEA World-renowned watch brand Panerai helps cancer patients find tranquility with the help of a hometown humanitarian. continued from page 82 Alpina's Extreme Sailing Countdown inspiring pastime many Bostonians enjoy. They watch helps sailors appreciate luxury timepieces that are created with track the minutes before a race. Its world-class performance in mind, such as our caseback reveals Citizen Eco-Drive Endeavor, which is a favorite with the complicated movement. our customers who sail and those that love a sporty, stylish watch." Easily the most important factors when it comes to wearing a watch out on the high seas are durability and wearability. That means having a waterresistant timepiece made from a case material such as steel or titanium that can easily weather the elements of wind and salt water. A true sailing watch may be a COSC-certified chronometer—a watch that has been tested for durability and precision for 15 days under rigid circumstances. Our leading watch and jewelry stores are fulfilling the desire for these timepieces. "New England has a lot of sailors and lovers of the sea who enjoy the fun of the sport and favor water-resis— tant, nautical-looking timepieces," says John Green, president and CEO of Lux Bond & Green. "Our customers, who are true sailing enthusiasts, have chosen rugged yet striking watches like the Corum Admiral's Cup Seafender." Another critical factor is the material of the bracelet or strap. Many brands equip their sailing and diving watches with rubber straps that dry quickly and easily, while others turn to bracelets because they are incredibly waterresistant. This is the one area that is a matter of the wearer's individual style. One of the top functions that sailors—especially those engaged in regatta racing—may find particularly useful is the regatta countdown capability that some fine timepieces offer. In this instance, the watch is set to count down the final 10 minutes (or less) before the start of the race—the critical time needed to get the boats into position and be ready to sail. For more watch features and expanded coverage go to BC "True sailing enthusiasts choose rugged watches." 79-foot yacht, Mariella. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JEFF GALE AND JEFF CRAWFORD/ BIGTOP STUDIOS; STYLING BY TERRY LEWIS T risha Gallagher Boisvert juggles many commitments including a career in the financial services industry and her life as both a wife and a mother. She is also a daughter whose parents have suffered from cancer-related issues, so when her sister proposed a sailing-based charity to serve local cancer patients and their caregivers with the backing of her company, Panerai, Gallagher Boisvert took the challenge. "My mother has had cancer for nine years and my father is in remission, so it was hard to say no, even though I have a whole other business—but it is incredibly rewarding." Panerai and Gallagher Boisvert created Bradford-based Sailing Heals at the end of the 2011 season. They work with Massachusetts General Hospital and several other institutions in Boston and Greater New England to connect cancer patients and their caregivers with host captains who volunteer their boats and their time. Onboard, guests can either relax and enjoy the ride, or pitch in and learn the work of a mate. "It was 2011 when Sailing Heals had its first official sails. It was late in the season, and we were only able to get about five sails going, but last year we were able to take 230 patient-guests and their caregivers, all with [the help of] host captains," Gallagher Boisvert says. Panerai, a brand that has been involved with sailing since its early days as the official watchmaker of the Royal Italian Navy, has thrown its full weight behind its partnership with the charity, offering sponsorship dollars and hosting events. This support has allowed Sailing Heals to further its assistance, and the company is now doing sails in New York City and Miami. "In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer," says Mylissa Tsai, a Sailing Heals Board of Directors member and participant. "Clinically, I endured a year of the standard course of surgery, chemo, radiation treatments, and oral drugs. Emotionally, I experienced a year of extreme peaks and nadirs. So when I was Trisha Gallagher diagnosed again in 2012, I actually felt Boisvert takes the stronger—because of personal experience helm of host captain Carlo Falcone's and because of Sailing Heals." 84 BOSTONCOMMON-MAGAZINE.COM 082-084_BC_SS_Timehonored_SUM13.indd 84 6/7/13 1:05 PM

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