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January 13, 2021

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, Januar y 13, 2021 B-9 HISTORY Continued from page 8 east to a Maryland suburb of Washington DC where Navy clinical pathologists with no background in forensic pa- thology conducted the best autopsy they knew how. They did not even shave the ar- eas around the bullet holes. There's no reason to suspect them of a cover-up, but there's abundant suspicion that the Deep State orchestrated a crude and inconclusive autop- sy by neophytes. The CIA's official in-house historian has conceded that the Agency managed the flow of evidence to guide the War- ren Commission to its sin- gle-shooter conclusion. Not only did Oswald act alone and unconnected to any conspira- tors, then, but so did Jack Ru- by, who killed Oswald in po- lice custody, two days after the Kennedy assassination. Nobody hectored us to "trust the science," but it was implicit as the Warren Com- mission marshalled authorita- tive scientific opinion to con- vince us we didn't see what we thought we saw. Any country boy who's shot a tin can off a fence post, of course, is doubt- ful that a shooter on the sixth floor of a building behind and slightly uphill from the presi- dent could shoot him on a tra- jectory that snaps his head backward. The Deep State gaslighting machine went into overdrive, ridiculing skeptics as "con- spiracy theorists," and produc- ing experts to tell us Kenne- dy's head snapped backward due to a nerve response or, in the alternative, that it actually snapped forward before it ric- ocheted backward. The Navy pathologists re- ported a hole in the side of the president's head about four times as large as the Dallas emergency room surgeons re- ported. The large hole would indicate a shot from behind, from the Texas Book Depos- itory. The smaller hole would be consistent with an entry wound from a shot fired from the grassy knoll. Evidence of entry wounds, the condition of a recovered bullet and the- orized exit paths with no dis- cernable physical traces didn't add up. It was necessary to the Commission's lone-gunman theory that there be only three shots. Oswald's rifle could not fire four shots quickly enough to fit the elapsed time. And so three shots it was. Here were solemn men of high reputation looking us in the eye, speak- ing outlandish ballistic the- ories and fudged pathology with straight faces. The Cult of the Expert is so powerful in America, wheth- er it's Dr. Spock, Dr. Kinsey or Dr. Fauci, that otherwise intel- ligent people can be persuad- ed to doubt their own clear observations. Aristotle de- scribed the persuasive tech- nique as "ethos," an appeal to prestige and affiliation rather than logic. But the Zapruder film was powerful, too. We weren't al- lowed to see it in its entirety until 1975, but it convinced most of us that the kill shot to JFK's head came from the front and right, not from be- hind. The JFK assassination was the first time it occurred to me, at age nine, that we might not be allowed to have a pres- ident we voted for. Democra- cy was on a winning streak at mid-century. I had never thought about the ways that domestic enemies, people who look and sound like us, might deprive us of self-gov- ernment, overturning election results even among the Great- est Generation. Kennedy made a lot of ene- mies, and there was no short- age of people in and out of the government who wished him ill. Whatever the merits of their grievances against him, their contempt for the Great- est Generation's right to gov- ern itself was unwarranted. This was a generation that had rescued democracy from fascists and murderous ethnic fanatics, at great sacrifice. It had confronted militant Com- munism. It had empowered and facilitated decoloniza- tion and self-rule in A frica, Asia and the Caribbean. The Greatest Generation did not deserve to have its own dem- ocratic choices overruled. A large fraction of Demo- crats were inconsolable. The next generation of presidential politics could be described as an ongoing tantrum against every man not named Kenne- dy who had the nerve to oc- cupy the White House: Lyn- don Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter felt the wrath and the treach- ery of Kennedy Democrats, including some who became Neocon Republicans. But they died off, and the Deep State has absorbed their spawn in- to the system. It's disputable whether our own generation deserves self-government. We have a mixed record. But I think most of us Baby Boomers agree that our children and grandchil- dren deserve to receive what the Greatest Generation in- tended for them. And so our country and our sovereignty are worth fighting for. Once again, permanent elites have substituted their judgment for ours. For our own good, they reason, we can't be allowed to elect the president we voted for. News interns all across the social and mainstream media, in- cluding no-name "fact check- ers," assure us that Trump's claims of election fraud are "baseless." But we know what we saw. Republican poll-watchers were prevented from observing the ballots up close in Michigan and Pennsylvania. In Mich- igan, some were shut out of the state's main vote-count building altogether. Postal supervisors directed employ- ees to backdate mailed-in bal- lots in Wisconsin. Judges in- terfered without Constitu- tional authority to loosen the rules and deadlines regarding mail-in votes. Pennsylvania's ballot rejection rates for those mailed-in ballots dropped by 97% after election officials ad- justed signature verification software below factory set- tings. Anomalous 97% and 100 % Biden batches showed up after ballot counting was interrupted in multiple states overnight. The pattern in the critical swing states was that Trump built leads in each of them until voting was interrupted, poll-watchers were dismissed or obstructed, and new ballots arrived to vault Biden into in- surmountable leads. There's nothing inherently corrupt about a comeback win, of course, and everybody ex- pected Democrats to do bet- ter than Republicans in mail- in votes. But despite the high- est total vote in presidential election history, oddly, Biden had no down-ticket coat tails. Republicans held the Senate until last week, and almost flipped the House. That would suggest that Biden's good for- tune after the resumption of counting was not the result of a surge of Democrat mail- in votes. These overnight votes were uniquely devoted to Biden, not to other Demo- crats. Do the vote-counting software vendors charge ex- tra for coat tails? The problem for most Amer- icans is not a lack of evidence, but a monotonous overabun- dance of it. There is so much evidence of election fraud in the six decisive "swing" states, involving so many state and local officials we used to respect, we despair of ever di- gesting it. To confront such pervasive corruption and neg- ligence will require stamina, courage and thick skin, and we're not sure we're up to it. The straight-faced denials in the mainstream media are in- tended to grant us permission to pretend the election was not stolen. Like a skillful novelist, they invite the willing suspen- sion of disbelief. Jesus said the truth will set us free. What, then, will a lie do? It must necessarily make us unfree. It must enslave us. This is the unspoken proposi- tion that underlies the elites' call to acquiesce in this stolen election, this lie: come along, and bring your children. Free- dom is overrated. At least the conflict will be over, the head- lines will be light and cheery. Smiles will return to televi- sion's talking heads as they chat about presidential pets and celebrity weddings. Don't worry your pretty little heads about the mountains of ugly evidence; just let us experts handle it. But you can handle the truth, all of it. It is well sum- marized in the 36 -page Na- varro Report, which is the Zapruder film of the stolen 2020 presidential election. Navarro addressed six di- mensions of fraud in six bat- tleground states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizo- na, Michigan and Nevada. Its unfortunate title is "The Im- maculate Deception." He lat- er posted a video version on Vimeo to avoid Youtube cen- sorship and to bypass Google algorithm warfare. Just this past week, Navar- ro published a 32-page second volume about the stolen elec- tion in the past tense, as a fait accompli, entitled "The Art of the Steal." If the original vol- ume was a call to action, this one is an autopsy. Farewell, democracy, at least on the na- tional level. See you later, one can only hope. I feel inconsolable again. Will I ever get over this assas- sination of our democracy? I hope not, because that will be a sure sign that I have pierced my ear with an awl, that I was born free but have made peace with slavery. May it never be so. law," says Faisal. "But then they live under it and see a beheaded woman and gays being thrown from rooftops. Most people there are just like anyone else. They want to live in peace and prosper- ity." Faisal's journey to peace and prosperity began when he was a teen. His neighbor- hood "became infested with al-Qaida members." He re- ceived death threats. That's when he came to America. "Is America what you ex- pected? " I ask. "Definitely," he replies. "In fact, much better than I thought." Americans welcomed him into their homes and gave him books. Now, Ideas Beyond Bor- ders translates those books into Arabic. "We have 120 translators working for us full time." It's good that Ideas Beyond Borders spreads the word about freedom. John Stossel is author of "Give Me a Break: How I Ex- posed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media." GOOD Continued from page 8 unique and that what people look like tells you nothing about who they are. Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renew- al and Education and host of the new weekly news talk show "Cure America with Star Parker." RACISTS Continued from page 8 children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Boy, was her memory ex- ceptional. She could remem- ber and relate the names of everyone and would know the dynamics of our lives. I can go on and on but it will take a book to create the story of her life. All I can say is, we will greatly miss her and her outstanding charac- ter. She is a saint, that I can attest to. She passed away peacefully on January 9 due to natural causes with no COVID issues. • • • The second issue that has added to my sadness is the current state of turmoil our Country is undergoing. Ev- erybody in this Country is aware of what I am referring to, and yes, even the entire world saw what happened this past week. I don't need to elaborate on this matter. It has come to a point I try as best as I can to limit my viewing the news media. I feel there have been just too many challenges we are undergoing. The best we can do is turn to God for a peaceful resolution to these very difficult challenges and hope for a return to normal- cy, if there is such a thing. We need to follow 2 Chroni- cles 7:14–"If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from heaven, and I will forgive their sins and will heal their land." MOM Continued from page 8 Points to Ponder By Rev. Ford Bond What I learned from 2020 More than one media personality as- serts he/she is looking our after you. I suspect many people are unsure of this statement from the events of 2020 that played out in Washington. From what I consider to be true, the events of the last year have ominous re- percussions for everyone. I learned the left has out- right dismissed that there has been an organized ef- fort to marginalize and/or remove Donald Trump as president since his election. I learned there is a "Deep State" and it is accountable to no one. Senator Chuk Schumer gave that away when he said, "You take on the intelligence communi- ty? They have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you." I learned from the media that the Coro- na Virus is as deadly as the Black Death and/or the Influenza Epidemic of 1918. However, I also learned that the Black Death had a death rate between 30 to 50 percent, the Spanish Flu had a death rate around 10 percent, while COVID-19 hov- ers near 0.002 percent. I learned it is futile to try and talk ra- tionally with most people about COVID. A large segment of the population have succumbed to the mass hysteria of the "experts" who are allowed on the media platforms. I learned that I was to forget what the expert virologist said in early 2020, "Whoever is going to get it will get it. A virus is a virus and you cannot stop it spreading. Protect the vulnerable as much as possible." I learned everyone is to accept econom- ic adversity because it is the social thing to do - it is unself- ish – and you must "take it for the team." I learned the corporate state, government leaders, and civil servants have yet to feel the pain of the populous. I learned the government does not control the flow of information to the unkempt masses; private media does. Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Insta- gram controls the flow of information along with the established mainstream media. I learned if private media entities do not like your brand of politics or infor- mation, you will be deplatformed and banned. I learned that the nation is deeply and probably irreversibly divided along polit- ical, cultural, and religious lines. I learned that when a segment of the population needs money, the government is not looking out for them; they are not worth two-thousand dollars, the nation cannot afford it. I learned the stimulus package ap- proved by Congress in late December will provide some additional unemploy- ment benefits, a $ 600 check to most Americans, but billions to the corporate world and aid to countries outside of the US. I learned Christians can be disenfran- chised from their local church by the or- der of government or a subservient min- ion, and there are few Church leaders demanding Constitutional protections. Those who have are ridiculed and threat- ened with fines and arrest. I learned the Church has been margin- alized in the name of public safety. The Church has been told to step aside and the medical profession will deal with the spiritual aspects of COVID-19, which means your loved ones will die with no family or familiar clergy by their sides. I learned the Church as a whole [no denomination is exempt] has offered no leadership in this crisis other than to close the church door and advise pas- tors to minister via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube. I learned COVID-19 will redefine min- istry. The physical church will not be the same once government declares the cri- sis over. People will not flock back in droves. Already the numbers of Church members viewing services that are Lives- treamed are slowly falling. I learned that the God of Abraham has asked me to accept a promise that may be afar off; that a city whose foundations were laid by Him await me and the faith- ful. I learned God has asked me to live as a stranger and a pilgrim in this world and to trust Him, and not the corporate/po- litical structure for my wellbeing. I learned by declaring publically that I seek a homeland in a heavenly country and I am not ashamed to be called a son of God, He has prepared for me and count- less others an everlasting city. What have you learned in 2020? Who is looking out for you? Think about it. Court Report FELONY Pike County Circuit Court George A. Milford charged with op- erating a vehicle after being an habitual traffic offender, a level 6 felony. James K. Leonard, Jr. charged with count I maintaining a common nui- sance-controlled substances, a level 6 felony, and count II possession of a con- trolled substance. Riese Lawhorn charged with count I unlawful possession of a syringe, a level 6 felony, count II possession of metham- phetamine, a level 6 felony, count III pos- session of a narcotic drug, a level 6 felo- ny, and count IV possession of marijuana. Brandon N. Reed charged with count I possession of methamphetamine, a level 6 felony, and count II possession of par- aphernalia. Selena Castillo charged with unlawful possession or use of a legend drug, a lev- el 6 felony. TRAFFIC AND MISDEMEANORS Pike County Circuit Court Donald W. Cline charged with posses- sion of a device or substance used to in- terfere with a drug or alcohol screening. Trevor Kreke charged with count I op- erating a vehicle while intoxicated, count II possession of marijuana and count III possession of paraphernalia. CIVIL Pike County Circuit Court Discover Bank c/o Discover Products, Inc. sues Melissa Vest on complaint. INFRACTIONS Pike County Circuit Court Richardson Compere charged with speeding, exceeding 70 mph. Joseph E. Cobb, Jr. charged with dis- regarding a stop sign. Amanda D. Wisiorek charged with speeding, exceeding 55 mph. Jaxun R. Lamb charged with speeding, exceeding 70 mph. Maverick J. Pancake charged with speeding, exceeding 55 mph. Jacob R. Marchino charged with speeding. Aaron M. Richardson charged with no valid driver's license. Jeremy A. Ward charged with speed- ing, exceeding 70 mph. Matthew T. Crew charged with count I driving too fast for conditions, count II driving left of center and count III learn- er's permit violation. Darrin Huntsman charged with speeding. Eli Hopf charged with speeding. Harry L. Crow charged with speeding, exceeding 70 mph. Shanece M. McKnight charged with speeding, exceeding 70 mph. Jacob Hill charged with registration and display of registration. Wesley Gardfrey charged with speed- ing, exceeding 70 mph. William L. Hinkle charged with count I driving left of center, count II unsafe lane movement without signal and count III passing in a no passing zone. Michael J. Bell charged with speeding. Jennie R. Robertson charged with speeding. Ismona Emerable charged with speed- ing, exceeding 70 mph. Ignace K. Mayombe charged with speeding, exceeding 70 mph. Tashika N. McGhee charged with speeding, exceeding 70 mph. Ashlynn N. Carter charged with speed- ing. Robert D. Burke charged with speed- ing. Brittany L. Query charged with speed- ing, exceeding 70 mph. Adam J. Krempp charged with failure to procure, possess and/or sign water- fowl stamp. Jace M. Durcholz charged with failure to procure, possess and/or sign water- fowl stamp. DUMMIES Continued from page 8 a health crisis into an eco- nomic crisis. My New Year's wish is that Democratic governors stop the misery of soup lines and unemployment lines and small-business bankruptcies and open up their stores, restaurants, shopping cen- ters and schools — now. Stephen Moore is a senior fellow at the Heritage Foun- dation and an economic con- sultant with FreedomWorks. He is the co-author of "Trum- ponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive the Amer- ican Economy."

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