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September 26, 2020

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2 STAY TUNED ##DATE;MMMM D, YYYY## 2 STAY TUNED September 27 - OctOber 3, 2020 By Adam Thomlison TV Media Q: Has Brad Pitt ever voiced a cartoon character? A: Quite a few times, actually, but mostly just small parts, maybe just for kicks. Case in point: his most recent cartoon foray, as Will the Krill in "Happy Feet Two" (2011). There were a lot of big people doing parts in that one, including Pitt's buddy Matt Damon ("The Martian," 2015), who voiced Bill the Krill. And if you're a big fan of Pitt's pipes, you get the bonus pleasure here of hearing him sing Queen's "We Are the Champions." In terms of role size, his biggest cartoon- voice gig was playing the title character in the 2003 DreamWorks feature "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas." Even a too-cool-for-school superstar won't turn down a role that meaty for an animation studio at the top of its game, like DreamWorks was at the time (that is, just after 2001's "Shrek" was released). He also voiced Metro Man in 2010's "Megamind," another DreamWorks project. He didn't have a load of lines in that, but his part was key: Metro Man was the ultimate good guy, whose defeat sent the villainous Megamind into a tailspin that drove the film's plot. Pitt's only other cartoon gig seems like an- other that he did for the fun of it. In 2003, he did a single episode of the Fox comedy "King of the Hill," playing series regular Boomhauer's brother, Patch. Have a question? Email us at Please include your name and town. Alamance ENT 3 x 3 A/King Electric B/Rich & Thompson Funeral 3 x 6 All content copyright of TV Media Inc. All TV listings are considered accurate at time of printing. Networks may make changes after we have gone to press. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Comments? Email us at HOLLYWOOD Q&A Adam Thomlison answers your burning questions about your favorite shows and stars

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