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August 2020

Diversity Rules Magazine - _lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning_

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3 My Two Cents: A Message From the Editor 4 Flex Your Vote 5 Drag Out the Vote 7 Putting On - Season 2 8 Michael and Phillip 9 Three Ways to Reach Consumers During Covid-19 11 The Amazon Trail 12 Drag Out the Vote Pix 13 Happy Mind Free Tele-Series 14 Fraternity Interview 15 LIfe Is Easy 16 Sex Positivity Tips for Men 17 Ariztical Film Feature 20 Empowering Inspiration: Billie Jean King 22 Resources and Diversions 2 | Diversity Rules Magazine | Aug 2020 Diversity Rules Magazine PO Box 72 Oneonta, NY 13820 James R. Koury Editor/Publisher 607.435.1587 Website www.diversityrulesmagazine.com Blog diversityrulesmagazine.com/blog E-Mail diversityrulesmagazine@gmail.com Copyright 2020 Diversity Rules Magazine All Rights Reserved Disclaimers If you have a ques on or comment regard- ing this issue or future issues of Diversity Rules Magazine, the publisher would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact Diversity Rules using the e-mail above or mailing ad- dress listed above. Content submission are always welcome too! All submissions become the property of Diversity Rules Magazine. However, origi- na ng authors reserve all rights to their cre- a ve works. Diversity Rules Magazine's physical offices are located at 189 River Street, Oneonta, NY 13820. Diversity Rules Magazine will not knowingly publish or adver se text which is fraudulent or misleading. The publisher reserves the right to edit, limit, revise, or reject any text without cause. Diversity Rules Magazine does not assume any fnancial responsibility for typographical errors. If any errors are found, please no fy Diversity Rules Magazine immediately. Ma- terials in this publica on may not be repro- duced in any form without wri en permis- sion from the publisher. On The Cover' Flex Your Vote Drag Out the Vote This year's Presiden- al Elec on is one of the most consequen- al elec ons of our me. Two innova ve campaigns seek to get peope to register and vote. Volume 14 | Issue 8 | August 2020 Inside This Issue

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