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May 20, 2020

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B-8 Church Wednesday, May 20, 2020 The Press-Dispatch MINUTES Continued from page 1 PAWS WEEK PAWS WEEK Pet of the ZIPPY RAMBLINGS Continued from page 1 Presbyterian Wesleyan VIEWPOINT Continued from page 1 and the affirmation of Bib- lical truth. Many are won- dering, "What ever became of sin? " They need to hear words like repent, forgive- ness, changed lives and ho- ly living. The culture should not dominate the church, but the church should in- fluence a pagan culture. The pastor should have the moral courage to tell the truth and help people out of their spiritual wilderness of doubt and confusion. I wonder what the re- sults would be, for the Covid-19 chaos we are in, if every pastor would call their people to prayer and repentance. Our political and moral problems are so great that only a spirit- ual rebirth can save our na- tion from secularism. Sec- ularism has always been an enemy of the church and Christian living. The cor- rupt politicians have led us into moral decline but God- ly leaders in the church can lead us back to joy, faith, peace and security in both time and eternity. for them, not merely be- cause these bodies of hu- miliation will then be glori- fied, but because from that moment on they shall nev- er again be tempted or de- filed by sin. What a change that will be! In II Cor. 1:10 the Apostle includes all three tenses of the believer's deliverance. Here he tells how God has "delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver, in whom we trust that He will yet deliver us." This is why he could write to the Philip- pians about his confidence that "He who hath begun a good work in you will per- form [complete] it until the day of Jesus Christ" (Phil. 1:6). Some may not feel the need of deliverance now, but we all need deliver- ance from sin and its re- sults. If you have not yet ex- perienced this deliverance, why not place your trust in Christ who died to "deliver us from the wrath to come." year should be a bumper crop. We didn't do much because it was really cool as the wind felt like it off of ice. It was a good day for a big nap and I accommo- dated the couch with some snoring. We finally made a trip to wally world and picked up a few things. You can now notice many folks are beginning to leave off the masks and some are not distancing like we were. Don't give up yet because we have done a decent job of protecting one another. We have not had a de- cent garden here for sev- eral years. This year with all the trees which have been taken down we have some sunlight peeking through, so we have some pepper and tomato plants set out. We have been for- tunate enough to only lose one tomato plant so far and it has been replaced. It's a chore keeping Wy- att from getting into the plant bed. We have flower boxes and pots placed on the tree stumps and they look pretty out there. My broth- er-in-law told me one time for us to have a pretty yard was to keep it clean and green and we try. Duke Energy had Hal- ter tree service here to cut and trim up trees which could possibly fall and take out their lines. They ended up bringing one tree to the ground and trimming up the dan- gerous limbs off the oth- er one. I don't quite under- stand this logic, but it will work out okay. They will take the brush generat- ed by their cutting but all the bigger wood is left for the customer to deal with. Can you imagine the wood I have from a tree close to 100 foot tall with a base and three huge branches which were at least 70 foot long. Good thing I have a friend who burns wood and will use the wood. I'm not really complaining but if the power company marks the trees to be cut and takes down the trees they probably should offer to get rid of the mess. Oh well, at least I can help my friend with his supply of wood. I did forget to mention the tree peo- ple were very good peo- ple and they did chunk up the wood. Wyatt and I finished straightening up one side of the garage. It is amaz- ing how messed up things can get. If we could dis- cipline ourselves to put things back in its place it wouldn't get so messy. Of course Wyatt was playing with a ball and examin- ing things as we cleaned up the clutter. We went Saturday to a committee meeting at Camp Arthur with a long range planning group. We noticed several things could be done to make our camp more desirable for others to use. Of course everything costs mon- ey and their money is as hard to come by as it is for us. I can see why the board of directors would be cautious about spend- ing much. Once again you can see we need more peo- ple in our churches so our churches would be more able to give to the associ- ation. We had 12 people in our church service Sun- day morning and we were happy to see each of them. We kept our social distanc- ing and used masks if we were talking to one anoth- er. We did try our best to use all the guidelines set for churches. We don't want to go without wor- shipping together any lon- ger than we have to. Our Sunday school teacher used Proverbs 3 as a lesson and she was telling us how precious wisdom is. I have always thought of knowledge as what you know and wis - dom as the ability to use what you know. My scripture for the morning sermon was Mat- thew 24 and it has lots of information about end times and some of the signs to look for. As I men- tioned to the congregation I don't pretend to under- stand all the signs Jesus gave to the disciples who were asking Him. The big- gest concern I have is ARE YOU READY. What good does it do you to be smart about the signs and miss out on heaven because you were not ready to go. We will take up where we left off next week. Hope to see you there. In the mean time don't think I'm not go- ing to tell you to be a bless- ing to someone next week. "A lie is like a cat: you need to stop it before it gets out the door or it's really hard to catch"—Charles Blow. This week, PAWS is featuring an extravagant young feline named Zippy, who can often be seen lounging around the office at PAWS or sitting on her favorite perch near the window. She is a classic tabby, with bold, black swirling patterns along her sides, much like a marble cake. The pattern of circular smudges on the classic tabby's body closely resembles a bullseye. She has large green eyes that convey warmth, mystery, and an inquisitive personality, and she would be a welcome addition to your household. To adopt this fun-loving gal, call 812-354-9894. Pentecostal Nazarene Petersburg First UM youth helps Somebody's Place The Petersburg First United Methodist Church youth group are pictured taking a break after filling up individual hand sanitizer bottles for the clients at Somebody's Place. The Grain Processing Corpora- tion in Washington donated the hand sanitizer and Petersburg Hardware donated the equipment to help with the project. Pictured (l to r): Nolan Nelson, Sam Nelson, Colby McKinney, Drew Dawson, Alex Clark, Gabby Col- lins, Tyler Collins, Kenadie Houchins, Emma Russell, Emily McGillem, Livi Dawson, Ella Adams, Pais- ley Collins and Emelia Adams. Methodist GOOD SHEPHERD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 210 W. Harrison Street, Oakland City Church 812-749-3525 Sunday school 9:30 a.m.; worship service 10 :30 a.m.; community luncheons the third Tuesday of each month 10 a.m.-noon CDT. The community of Good Shepherd United Method- ist Church exists to glorify God through Jesus Christ our Lord. As a body of be- lievers, we pledge ourselves to allow the Holy Spirit to develop within us maturi- ty of spirit, unity of faith and knowledge of the Son of God, so that we may be prepared to share His love, mercy and grace through our words and actions to a needy world. We extend an invitation to the public to come and wor- ship with us. The Good Shepherd takes care of His sheep. Neal Scifres, Pastor PETERSBURG CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 118 West Pike Ave. Church 812- 354-8851 We are excited to an- nounce that we will have our installation service for our new pastor and wife, Steven and Joye Hamilton on Sunday, May 31 at 10 :30 a.m. All are invited to at- tend. We are excited to get back together for worship. "God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and con- tinue to help them" (He- brews 6:10). Need a church home? Stop in and visit. We would love to have you to be a part of our church family. Jeannine Smith, Report- er HOUSE OF MERCY CHURCH Corner of East and Porter Winslow Pastor 812-789-5229 A Church with open arms and a loving heart. We will be using Face- book live format until time comes open for us to reas- semble. The broadcast will be at 10 :30 a.m. Sun- day mornings. Praying and believing that soon we will open up the church. I long for that personal fellowship. Keep your heart and mind in tune to the Holy Spirit, something is about to happen. Only those that have an ear to hear what the Spirit has to say will understand. I will add to this statement that eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those that love him. I am believing that great expectations will be in the heart of the Church (those hungry and thirsty for a move of God which has not been for a number of years) for a harvest of souls, a great awakening or better yet a revival of the saints in and of them- selves where the Holy Spir- it will have free reign in and through them. Remember your fami- ly, neighbors, friends that are under the weather, and nursing homes and hospi- tals. Pray for the lost that they may find Jesus as their Saviour. Be blessed and have joy and peace in your life. In God's Service, George Bruce Jr., Pastor MAIN STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 10th and Main Streets, Petersburg 812-354-6844 Sunday worship 10 :30 a.m. Come visit us, our doors are always open to you. What makes a community great In Acts 4:32-35, Luke de- scribes the first Christians (not even yet called that) as having "everything in common," with no "needy person among them." Theologian Fred Crad- dock says the early church embodied both the Old Testament ideal and the Greek ideal, "which held that 'for friends all things are common.' Clearly, Luke is presenting the early church as the em- bodiment of both the Jew- ish and Greek ideal com- munity in which unity and charity thrive." Office hours: 9 a.m.- noon, Monday-Friday. Amy Melhiser, Secre- tary OTWELL WESLEYAN CHURCH 2277 N. Mechanics Street Otwell Pastor 812-354-3028 Sunday school and eve- ning worship has been can- celed through the end of May. There will be morn- ing worship at 10 :30 a.m. "Dear Heavenly Father, on this Memorial Day, we pray for those who coura- geously laid down their lives for the cause of free- dom. May the example of their sacrifice inspire in us the selfless love of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Bless the families of our fallen troops, and fill their home and their lives with your strength and peace"—Amen. Also this week, remem- ber all the area graduates as they embark on a new journey. Keep all of them in your prayers. If anyone has a need, you can call the pastor at 812-354-3028. Roy Stilwell, Pastor Pam Lemond, Reporter

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