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March 25, 2020

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C-8 Wednesday, March 25, 2020 The Press-Dispatch HISTORY Submit history photos: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: or bring in a hard copy: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg 1971 Winslow Varsity Cross Country The 1971 Winslow Varsity Cross County team is pictured, from left: David Morton, Wesley Risley, John Quick, Tom Deen, Larry Barr, Joe Julian, Mike Jar- vis, Alan Drew and Coach Hilbert Tooley, Jr. SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Friday and Tuesday, Nov. 17 and Nov. 21, 1944 Gordon Willis, of Peters- burg, has been reported as wounded in the sinking of the American ship Hoel last week in the engagement which cost the Japanese the greater part of their fleet. Gordon was wound- ed in the hand, burned on the left arm and wrist with shrapnel wounds in the right hip, left hip and left leg. His wife, Thelma Wil- lis, took over the gasoline station operation on Pike Avenue when Gordon went to the Navy. They have one small child. An emergency request has been received by the local Red Cross Chapter from the Navy Department urging them to pack 30 box- es for boys who will be on the "high seas" at Christ- mas time. The local chap- ter have been promised con- tents for the boxes, but now the problem is boxes to pack and mail them in. If anyone has any overseas boxes that they are not using, will you please contact Mrs. Eugene Vance immediately. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were starring in "The Big House," which was playing at The Lincoln Theater. At Kroger, peanut butter was selling for $ .04 for a 2 lb. jar, navy beans were $ .46 for 5 lbs. and chuck roast was $ .27 per lb. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Elzer Purl, of Winslow, a daughter, Edra Lynn, born Nov. 11; To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Garst, of Winslow, a girl, Saturday, Nov. 11; To Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blake, a girl, Marilou, born Thursday, Nov. 9; To Lt. and Mrs. Walter P. Anthony, Jr., a son, born Monday in the Welborn Baptist Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kin- caid, of Petersburg, a boy, Russell Eugene, born Fri- day. Deaths: Luther White- house, 61, of Pike County, died last Thursday after- noon in the Daviess County Hospital; Dora Brewer Har- rington, 76, of Oakland City, died at her home in Oak- land City Saturday evening at 7 o'clock; Rachel E. Tray- lor, 82, of Petersburg, died at the home of her son Fri- day morning; Joe H. Quig- gins, 40, of Petersburg, died at the Daviess County Hos- pital Monday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock; James Mur- ry, 76, of Petersburg, died at his home Wednesday eve- ning. SIXTY YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Thursday, Feb. 18, 1960 Two young men drove up to the gas pumps at Shrode's General Store at Arthur Tuesday morn- ing at 7 :30 and told Mr. Shrode to fill 'er up. Before Mr. Shrode could hang the hose back on the gas pump after filling their tank, the young men took off in such a hurry, the wheels of the car spun, throwing chat all over him. He immediate- ly called the police at Oak- land City and Winslow and described the car, license and young men. By the time State Trooper Paul Ox- endine got to Oakland City, State Trooper Bob Hensley had already caught them on South Jackson Street in Oakland City. They were taken to the Pike County Jail where they were kept in custody until the Sher- iff of Lake County Came for them. The young men, 15 years old and 17 years old, were from Hammond. They had stolen the grey 1956 Ford in Gary and had pulled the gasoline trick at Vincennes and Kentland. A home owned by Gil- lespie Willis on North Fourth St. in Petersburg was badly damaged by fire at about 8 a.m. Tuesday. It was estimated by firemen that 75 percent of the inte- rior of the house was dam- aged by fire, water or heavy smoke. The fire was discov- ered by Mrs. Willis shortly before 8 a.m. When firemen arrived, they found very heavy smoke pouring from the basement as well as the upstairs. It is thought that the fire started from the fur- nace, which Mrs. Willis has fired a short time before the fire was noticed. The smoke was so heavy that firemen could not enter the base- ment to fight the blaze. One firemen was about over- come from the smoke and became very sick. Peters- burg firemen fought the fire for more than an hour. Al- though the shingled outside of the house and roof were not badly damaged, most of the house will have to be re- built on the inside. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. James Aldridge, of Oak- land City, a daughter, born Friday, February 5 in the Stork Hospital in Hunting- burg; To Mr. and Mrs. Her- schell Sharp, a daughter, born Saturday, February 13 in the Stork Hospital in Huntingburg. Deaths: H. Walter Brew- ster, 77, of Winslow, died at 2:45 Thursday afternoon at his home; Ottis E. Mill- er, 77, of Oakland City, died Wednesday evening, Feb. 10 at his home; Violet, Postel- waite, 75, of Otwell, died Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 at her home; Alonzo Rum- ble, 81, of Rumbletown, died Feb. 13 in the State Hospital in Evansville; Emma Whit- man, 85, of Muren, died Wednesday, Feb. 10 in the Morton Nursing Home in Oakland City; William F. Martin, 87, of Stendal, died at 11:40 Wednesday, Feb. 10 at Stork Memorial Hospital. FIFTY YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, March 5, 1970 Two local men, Kenneth Robling and Donald Ro- bling, were apprehended Tuesday morning around 2 a.m. by city policemen and charged with malicious trespass and public intox- ication. They were arrest- ed shortly after someone threw a brick through the window at Ernie's Pack- age Liquor Store on South Fifth St. in Petersburg. Someone called police af- ter hearing glass breaking. Police arrived at the scene before anything was taken from the liquor store. The pair plead guilty in Wash- ington Township justice of Peace Court to public intox- ication but entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of malicious trespass. Sometime between 11 p.m. Saturday night and Sunday morning, $ 60 from a billfold and a wrist watch were taken from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Mc- Clellan, 301 S. 7th St. in Pe- tersburg. The billfold and watch were on a kitchen cabinet. Nothing else was taken from the billfold. A purse belonging to Mrs. McClellan on a table near- by had been ransacked and an addressed envelope in the purse had been opened. Mrs. McClellan had emp- tied the purse's contents and put them into another purse to take to the tour- nament in Washington. En- trance to their home was made through the back door. When Mr. and Mrs. McClellan got up Sunday morning, the door was part- ly open. They didn't know whether they failed to lock the door Saturday night or if the intruder knew where they kept a key outside for their daughter and her fam- ily. The watch was one the Alford Methodist Church had given Mr. McClellan when he retired after be- ing Sunday school superin- tendent for 20 years. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Davis, of Francisco, a son, Gregory Dean, Fri- day, Feb. 20 at Wirth Hos- pital; To Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cummings, of Petersburg, Wednesday, Fe. 25, in Da- viess County Hospital, a daughter, Josie Lane; To Rev. and Mrs. Dennis Ran- dall, of Petersburg, in Good Samaritan hospital, Satur- day, Feb. 28, a son, Chad Windle; To Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyer, of Arthur, in Gibson General Hospi- tal, Thursday, Feb. 26, a son, Erich Joseph; To Mr. and Mrs. Tom Lee, of Au- gusta, in Welborn Hospital, Sunday, March 1, a son; To Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wood, of Winslow, a son, Antonio Carlton, Feb. 27 at Daviess County Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neal, of Winslow, Saturday, Feb. 28 in Daviess County Hospital, a son, Jason Bruce; To Mr. and Mrs. Silas Ashley, of Pe- tersburg, in Good Samari- tan Hospital Thursday, Feb. 19, twins, Denise Lynn and Mark Clinton. Deaths: Muril S. Ellis, 74, of Hazleton, died at 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in his home; Joseph Henson, 68, of Pe- tersburg, died at 9:30 p.m. in an ambulance enroute to an Evansville Hospital. TWENTY- FIVE YEARS The Press-Dispatch Thursday, Feb. 16, 1995 Pike County residents could be dialing 911 for emergencies by July if all goes as planned, according to E-911 coordinator Ernie Hume. Several hurdles, in- cluding some contractual hang-ups with GTE, still have to be cleared before the system can become op- erational, but most are well under way to being complet- ed. Hume said it is possible they will have all of the com- puter hardware and soft- ware in the system opera- tional by the first of June. He said he hoped it would be ready to go then so they can use it for about a month to work out any bugs in the system, before using it in emergencies. Readdress- ing of the county has been completed. Hume said the database of addresses from all of the county except Pe- tersburg has already been entered in the computer. County residents will prob- ably get their new address- es shortly before the sys- tem becomes active in July. Most residents outside the city limits of Petersburg will receive a new address that will be the equivalent of a street address, except it will be a county road ad- dress. One of the tasks still being worked on is deter- mining which phone num- bers and addresses are within a particular fire de- partment and police agen- cy's jurisdiction. Hume said they have to include infor- mation with each phone number so the computer will automatically dispatch the correct fire department or police department to an emergency call. Marriages: Virginia Lee Thom and Phillip Kory Hin- dahl were united in mar- riage December 31 at 7 p.m. at the First United Method- ist Church in Petersburg; Jeanette Tubbs and Jeffery D. Selby exchanged wed- ding vows at 4:30 p.m. Oct. 15, 1994 at Ebenezer Gener- al Baptist Church. Deaths: Jack l. Houchins, 65, of petersburg, died at 3:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10 at Petersburg Healthcare Center; Dorothy Hale, 88, of Oatsville, died Friday, Feb. 10 at 7:25 p.m. at Jas- per Nursing Center; Gladys Jewell Fettic, 87, of Peters- burg, died Saturday, Feb. 11 at 3:45 a.m. at Good Sa- maritan Nursing Home in Oakland City; James A. Mounts, Jr., 48, of Hazle- ton, died Monday, Feb. 13 at 7:40 a.m. in Princeton; John Richard Wood, 60, of Petersburg, died Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 1:34 p.m. at the Vet- erans Hospital in Louisville, Ky.; Doris E. Gideon, 76, of Otwell, died Thursday, Feb. 9 at 10 :40 p.m. at Memorial Hospital in Jasper. Wednesday, March 25 • Parliament passes the Boston Port Act (1774) • "Wise Men" advise President Johnson to negotiate peace in Vietnam (1968) Thursday, March 26 • Salk announces polio vaccine (1953) • Heaven's Gate cult members found dead (1997) Friday, March 27 • March Madness' crowns its first men's NCA A Champion (1939) • Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of the Toyoita Motor Corporation, dies (1952) Saturday, March 28 • First American citizen killed during W WI (1915) • Baltimore Colts move to Indianapolis (1984) Sunday, March 29 • U.S. space probe, Mariner, visits Mercury (1974) • The "Mad Bomber" strikes in New York (1951) Monday, March 30 • Violence disrupts first Kansas election (1855) • 15th Amendemnt adopted (1870) Source: Karan Thacker, AFSP Owner E. Haub Street Haubstadt, IN 47639 THACKER TAX SERVICE 512 S. 8th Avenue Haubstadt, IN 47639 812-615-0071 (office) 812-789-3852 (cell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