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February 12, 2020

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A-4 Local Wednesday, Februar y 12, 2020 The Press-Dispatch Continued from page 2 GUN RIGHTS LOUIE CAMPBELL, SALES PROFESSIONAL CALL OR TEXT 812-899-6267 SOCAL: @LouieYourCarGuy | WEB: | EMAIL: HWY. 64 W., PRINCETON (ACROSS FROM WALMART) • WWW.PATRIOTONLINE.COM "Just a Smidgen Up the Road From a Better Experience!" Regardless of Your Credit Situation, Louie Is Here To Help! ❏ Most Recent Paystub ❏ Proof of Residence ❏ Valid Driver's License or State ID ❏ Title to Any Trade-In ❏ Present This Ad at Time of Purchase For Immediate Delivery, Bring in: ❏ Bankruptcy Chapter 7 & 13 ❏ Medical Collections ❏ Divorce ❏ Past Repossessions ❏ Charge Offs In 2020, we can help you get a Fresh Start It's Tax Time! 100% 100% YOURTAX PREP FEES ARE ON US! WITH VEHICLE PURCHASE See Dealer for Details 'Aloha' from Main Street The snowman polls have closed. Discover Downtown Petersburg received 1,178 votes for the snowman contest. The results are: third place, Pride's Creek Polar Plunge; second place, Mabel's Prayer Bears; and the first place winner, Carly Tegmeyer "Aloha". Congratulations! Huntingburg Music Hall HOME OF DAVID WAYNE'S OPRY Grammy Nominated SATURDAY, FEB 22 Jim & Lynna Woolsey Bluegrass 312 N. MAIN ST., HUNTINGBURG Call 812-893-1570 to reserve your tickets today! ADVANCE TICKETS: $20 (EACH SHOW) Doors open at 6:15 p.m. • Show Starts at 7p.m. Coming March 28: Elvis & Buddy Holly Show Tretter named to UA Dean's List Brittany Tretter, of Huntingburg, was named to The University of Ala- bama Dean's List for Fall 2019. To receive this honor, a student must have a 3.5 GPA or above. lution," said Flint. "A lot of people in Virgina said they were misled and told the bills would not be passed, but then it did get passed," said Porter. "What about next year? " asked fellow or- ganizer Jacob Russell. The commissioners voted 3-0 to pass the following resolution: WHEREAS, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed;" and WHEREAS, Article 1, Section 32 of the Indiana Constitution provides that: "The people shall have the right to bear arms, for the defense of themselves and the State," and that "The military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil pow- er;" and WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of the United States of America in District of Co- lumbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008) held that the Second Amendment protected an individual's right to bear arms, and that said Amendment was not limited to the es- tablishment and arming of a militia; and WHEREAS, any unconstitutional at- tempts to infringe upon said rights are anathema to the establishment of our coun- try as a constitutional republic and a gov- ernment of laws rather than of men; NOW THEREFORE, the Board of Com- missioners of Pike County, Indiana here- by resolve: 1. That at no time shall it adopt any rule or ordinance that violates or infringes up- on the right of its citizens to bear arms in violation of the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Indiana. 2. That at all times it will defend the peo- ple's right to bear arms as established by the United States Supreme Court, and that at all times it will adhere to the limitations of I.C. 35 -47-11.1-2. Adopted this 7th day of February, 2020. "Awesome," said Porter of the commis- sioners' action. The commissioners moved their meet- ing, which is normally on Monday morn- ings, to Friday morning so they could meet the Community Crossroads paving grant application deadline on Friday. They had to turn in approved bids for the list of roads for which they are apply- ing for help to pave. The projects being bid are: • CR 375 E., from SR 356 to CR 475 N., in Wash. Twp. • CR 900 E., from SR 56 to CR 200 N., Jeff. Twp. • Meridian, from Division to CR 150 S., in Patoka Twp. • CR 775 S., from SR 61 to the Haul Road, in Monroe Twp. • CR 75 E., from CR 150 S. for 4,062 feet, in Patoka Twp. • CR 500 W., from SR 56 to CR 500 N., in Madison Twp. • CR 550 N., from 550 W. to SR 56, in Madison Twp. • Division, from CR 725 E. to CR 800 E., in Marion Twp. • CR 1100 S., from 425 E. to CR 550 E., in Lockhart Twp. • CR 250 N., from CR 325 W. to CR 275 W., in Madison Twp. • CR 900 E., from SR 356 to CR 200 N., in Jefferson Twp. The commissioners received bids from Cave Quarries and Asphalt Materials. "I guess we don't have time to take them under advisement and review them," said Commissioner Flint. County Attorney Val Fleig suggested just accepting both sets of bids. The commissioners voted 3-0 to ac- cept both bids. The commissioners also voted 3-0 to ap- prove a new Family Leave Act policy for county employees. At the previous meet- ing, they voted to approve their contract with the Teamsters, which represent the County Highway Department. That contract changed the policy to al- low workers to file for short-term disabili- ty after using only 50 percent of their sick days. The previous policy required they use all their sick days and all of their vaca- tion time. The contract only affected union workers. The commissioners voted 3-0 to make that change for all county employees. The commissioners also requested an additional appropriation of $43,631.72 to replace old 911 dispatch control panels. E911 Director David Capehart said the cur- rent panels can no longer be repositioned at different heights. "I have employees who range from six feet tall to 5'2"." It was approved by a 3-0 vote.

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