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February 12, 2020

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While all the talk- ing heads in national media keep telling us of division in the coun- try, Pike County's election 2020 is on its way to being the least active in modern history. The deadline for candidates to file for office was noon last Friday. As it stands now, there are no local races in the pri- mary and only two opposed races in the general election. Democrat Jody Hoover, who is currently on the Petersburg City Council, has filed for Treasur- er. She will face Republican can- didate Susan Wheeler Brittain. The two are vying for the posi- tion being left open due to cur- rent Treasurer Marta Query be- ing at the end of her second term. By state statute, a Treasurer is on- ly allowed to serve two consecu- tive terms. The other opposed race is for County Coroner. The two candi- dates are Republican Ray Brooks and Democrat Nick Henson. They are competing for the position currently held by Gretchen Har- ris. Harris, as well, is at the end of her term limit. Incumbents have refiled for all the other positions on the bal- lot and have no opponents. All three county council at-large in- cumbents have filed for re-elec- tion. They are: Democrat G. Todd Meadors, and Republicans Dennis Bishop and Greg Willis. Both Republican commission- ers, Ryan Coleman in District 3 and Jeff Nelson in District 1, have filed. Surveyor Richard Williams (R) has filed for re-election, as has County Clerk Lana Griffith (R). Both parties have candidates for delegate to the state conven- tion. Each party gets five dele- gates in Pike County. The Dem- ocrats are: Anisia Burkhart, Christopher Burkhart, Twy- la Flint, Cynthia Ridao and Earl Townsend. Republican candidates No opposed races in the May primary as filing closes Wiscaver indicted in connection to Grim Reapers By Andy Heuring A Winslow man was one of 15 people arrested on federal drug charges related to the Grim Reap- ers in Evansville. Daniel Wiscaver, 61, of 7449 E. SR 56, Winslow, was arrested on a federal warrant last week. Ac- cording to a federal indictment, Wiscaver was a mid-level dis- tributor of methamphetamine. It stated Central Holman IV was the source of the methamphetamine supply. Gary Wayne Forston and Jason Kyle Wilson were "leaders and supervisors" of the group that distributed and possessed meth- amphetamine throughout south- ern Indiana. Federal prosecutors claim Forston and Wilson would ob- tain large quantities of meth from Holman and then distrib- ute it throughout their mid-level dealers, which included Wiscav- er. Others arrested in the same roundup were Adam Lafferty, Shane Lewis, James Benton, Bri- an Eden, Paul Overby, Kimberly Wilson, Jesse Wilson, Matthew Meredith, Clarence Grubbs and April Martin. "Mid-level distributors would then distribute the meth to low- level distributors or users," said the indictment. It claims the different dealers would "front" the meth. Explain- ing they would provide quantities of meth on consignment to other meth dealers, then would get paid for it after those dealers sold the meth. The indictment says the dealers used cellphones, Facebook and other social media to communi- cate with each oth- er, often in code lan- guage. "Mem- bers of the conspiracy maintained sizable amounts of cash to ob- tain quanti- ties of meth- amphetamine or to pay for meth- amphetamine previously provid- ed on consignment. It stated "various" residences and properties were used by the defendants to store meth, fire- arms and money generated from Winslow man arrested on federal drug charges Daniel Wiscaver By Andy Heuring Pike County Commissioners passed a resolution in support of gun owners' rights and applied for a Community Crossroads paving grant. About 40 people attended the commissioners' meeting on Fri- day morning in support of the Sec- ond Amendment Advocacy group. "People in the county strongly be- lieve due to the bills being intro- duced, we want to have this ordi- nance passed to send a message to state legislature, and to protect us and our rights," said Andrew Porter, who spoke for the group. They had previously request- ed the commissioners pass an or- dinance declaring Pike County a sanctuary county. The local group is part of a state and national group that is advocat- ing local officials pass sanctuary ordinances to protect gun own- ers' rights. Commissioner president Mark Flint thanked the group for at- tending the meeting. "There are no bills going to be passed this year," said Flint. He said the ones the group were worried about had died in committee already. "We aren't going to pass an or- dinance, but we will pass a reso- Commissioners pass gun rights resolution By Andy Heuring Winslow accepted a used fire truck from the community of Pilot, but they didn't get a new fire chief. Both were discussed dur- ing the Winslow Town Council meeting on Monday night. The fire department recently nominat- ed and voted to name Rick Mathias as fire chief. He would replace Jason Bottoms, who resigned prior to the January meeting. Each of the three town council members had different reasons for not voting to ac- cept Mathias' election as fire chief. "I don't want to throw cold water on the election, but I have a question. We were supposed to be getting financial reports from them each month. We didn't get one in 2019 and we haven't gotten one for sev- eral years. I'm not happy about that," said Councilman Dick Brewster. He also asked, "Do we have a letter of res- ignation from Jason (Bottoms)? " "Where does it say we are required to have one? To be honest I don't see the point of it," said Council president Josh Popp. He added, "They have nominated and elected a chief." That is right, but the council appoints the chief," said Brewster. "I think we need to sit down and go over the bylaws and they have a responsibility for their donations and fundraisers to be fi- nancially accountable," said Brewster. Popp said he thought the best way to Fire truck gifted to Winslow; no fire chief named Larry Smith and Rick Mathias of the Winslow Fire Department stand in front of a pumper truck that was recently donated to the Winslow. The truck is an early 1980s truck given to them by the community of Pilot in Posey County.

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