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November 27, 2019

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, November 27, 2019 B-5 HISTORY Submit history photos: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: or bring in a hard copy: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Friday and Tuesday, July 21 and July 25, 1944 Mr. and Mrs. G.G. Mill- er received word Friday from their son, Lou Kern, that he was in a hospital in New Guinea suffering from a flesh wound received in action. Mr. and Mrs. Miller received the letter Friday form their son and in the letter, he told them his inju- ries were not serious and he would be back in active ser- vice in a bout 30 days. Lou Kern Miller is in the U.S. Army mechanized infantry. He is married and his wife lives in Indianapolis. Before being sent to New Guinea, he was stations in Hawaii for six months. He received his training the states at Camp Wolters, Texas and San Lu- is Obispo, Calif. The Mercury car of Mrs. Hollon that was stolen Sat- urday noon was found Tues- day afternoon. Emil Jerrrell, a sailor who confessed to taking the car and who, it is said, could not show fur- lough papers is in jail wait- ing order from the Naval of- ficials. Jerrell, accompanied by his nephew, Billy Hurt, were driving the car in Win- slow and passed the Hollon home and were seen by Mrs. Hollon, who notified neigh- bors and policemen. Soon, a large group of citizens gave chase and Frank Heuring caught up with them when a tire on the Mercury blew out, on the hill by the Gener- al Baptist Church. The boys were turned over to the po- lice. They were taken before Judge Wood Tuesday, where Jerrell pleaded guilty. The Hurt boy was released on Jerrell's statement that he had nothing to do with the robbery. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cummins, a boy, Rob- ert Woodrow, on July 15; To Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Teague, of Velpen, a boy, James Burley, born Sunday morning; To Mr. and Mrs. Ben L. Williams, a boy, Orvil Ray, born Saturday night in Miller Hospital. Marriages: Doris Severn and Lloyd Houchins were married in a single ring cere- mony Saturday at the home of Rev. Frank McLaughlin; Ma- rie Elizabeth Newsum and Ar- thur Brokov were married Sat- urday at 10 a.m. at the home of Rev. Frank McLaughen. Deaths: John Wyatt, 65, of Glezen, died at the home of his daughter on Sunday af- ternoon; Naomi J. Schultz, 1, of Petersburg, died Sunday night; Clida Ellen Gipson, 63, of Campbelltown, died Sun- day morning at 3:40 o'clock at Welborn Baptist Hospi- tal in Evansville; Mollie Mi- ley, 68, of Pike County, died at 4:30 o'clock Wednesday at the home of her daughter; Lottie Ann Hill, 78, of Union, died shortly after noon at the home of her daughter. SIXTY YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Thursday, October 22, 1959 A Petersburg Air Force lieutenant was one of eight men killed at about 6:50 p.m. Thursday night when a B-52 Stratfortress, armed with a nuclear weapon, and a KC- 135 refueling plane appar- ently collided in mid-air near Hardinsburg, Ky. The body of Lt. John W. Mosby, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orvill Mosby, was returned to the O.D. Harris and Sons Funeral Home in Pe- tersburg Monday afternoon. The planes, part of the Stra- tegic Air Command, which is on around-the-clock duty to protect our country from en- emy attack, collided during a practice refueling. They both burst into flames. The flash was seen by people over most of Kentucky, Southern Indi- ana and Southwestern Ohio. Many people in Pike Coun- ty saw the flash from the ex- ploding planes. One of the huge planes crashed about 20 miles south of Hardins- burg. Wreckage of the other was found about four miles southwest of the first. Lt. Mos- by was a navigator on the B- 52. His plane was assigned to the SAC base at Columbus, Miss. Since the B-52 carried a nuclear weapon, people liv- ing in the area of the crash were much concerned about evacuating the area. Howev- er, disaster teams from Barks- dale Air Force Base, La. and the Strategic Air Command at Omaha, Neb., as well as res- cue teams from Fort Knox, Ky. were sent to the scene and the people were assured that evacuating the area was not necessary. The nuclear weap- on was found in the wreckage of the B-52. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Miller, a son, Daniel Keith; To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weathers, a son, Ralph Kent, Friday, October 16 at Memo- rial Hospital in Jasper; To Mr. and Mrs. Ermil Robling, of Loveless, a daughter, born Monday, October 19 in the Oakland City Hospital. Deaths: Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ruff, of Petersburg, born just be- fore 6 o'clock Tuesday eve- ning, lived until about 5 a.m. Wednesday morning; Ernest Schmaltz, 61, of Winslow, died in his sleep Tuesday af- ternoon at 4:30 at his home; Minnie Edith Orchard, 62, of Pike County, died at the da- viess County hospital at 9 a.m. Tuesday. FIFTY YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, November 6, 1969 Two men, a woman and two underage girls were arrested in connection with the de- struction at the Pike County State Forest fire tower. Arrest- ed were Steve C. Veeck and Bryan Johnston, who gave their addresses as Gary. They were charged with malicious trespass. Martha Dearing and two girls were charged with accessory after the fact. The three adults were fined $25 and costs, a total of $45. An- other $250 must be paid by each of the men into a trust fund to repair the damage to the fire tower. The girls were turned over to juvenile author- ities. Charges were filed in Justice of Peace court by State Trooper Steve Richardson. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Elwood Griffith, of Winslow, a daughter, Stacy Suzette, Thursday, October 30 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Huntingburg; To Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lee Whitehead, Monday, October 27, in the Good Samaritan Hospital, twin sons, Ryan Lee and roger Lee; To Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Giddens, of Peters- burg, Saturday, October 25 in Good Samaritan Hospital, a son, Robert Owen; To Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ricketts, of Oakland City, a daugh- ter, Kelly Rochelle, Friday, October 24 in Wirth Osteo- pathic Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Chambers, Jr., of Monroe City, a son, Er- ik Dean, born October 22 at Good Samaritan Hospital. Marriages: Suzanne Car- ol Cutshall and John Richard Risley were united in mar- riage October 11 in the Arc- ola Methodist Church. Deaths: Estella Hurt, 81, of Winslow, died at the Holi- day Home at 9 p.m. Monday, November 3; Velma Padgett Garland, 78, died at 1:50 a.m. Tuesday, November 4 in the Daviess County Hospital; Ronald Joe Robling II, pre- mature infant son of Ron- ald Joe Robling and Bever- ly Elaine Robling, of Peters- burg, died at 3:30 p.m. Sun- day at the Daviess County Hospital, one day after birth; Grace Baughn, 76, of Oakland City, died Wednesday, Octo- ber 29 in St. Joseph's Hospi- tal at Huntingburg. TWENTY- FIVE YEARS The Press-Dispatch Thursday, October 20, 1994 An Oakland City teen was arrested last week after he tried to pawn three guns that matched the serial num- bers of guns stolen from a ru- ral Oakland City residence. Chris Boultinghouse, 19, was charged with three counts of possession of stolen property, all class D felonies; resisting arrest, a class A misdemean- or and possession of a hand- gun without a permit, also a call A misdemeanor. Accord- ing to police, Boultinghouse took three guns to the K&L Lock and Pawn Shop in Pe- tersburg on Friday, Octo- ber 7. When K&L called po- lice for a routine check on the guns, they were told the guns didn't show up as stolen. But a few minutes later, they found out the guns matched the de- scription and serial numbers of those taken in a burglary two days earlier from a resi- dence near the Patoka Grove Church. State Trooper Frank Coleman requested police lo- cate and hold Boultinghouse, who had already left K&L's. Petersburg officer Russell Green found a car matching Boultinghouse's description at a laundromat on Highway 61. Boultinghouse fled on foot and Green chased him and eventually apprehend- ed him and an altercation oc- curred, according to Trooper Coleman. Boultinghouse was taken to the Pike County jail. Coleman said when police in - ventoried Boultinghouse's car, several items were found in the car that were taken from two Oakland City area residences earlier that day. Marriage: Jamie Brook Onyett and James Robert Williams were united in mar- riage Sept. 17 at 1:30 p.m. in the Free Methodist Church in Petersburg; Twyla Dawn Weisman and Robert Dale Burke were married Satur - day, Sept. 24 at 2 p.m. at the First Christian Church in Pe- tersburg. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bugher, of Hazleton, a son, Michael Garry, on Oc- tober 4 at St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville; To Mr. and Mrs. Phil Claridge, of Pe- tersburg, at St. Mary's Medi- cal Center in Evansville, Fri- day, October 7, a son, Trev- or Douglas; To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waggoner, Jr., of Win- slow, at Welborn Baptist Hos- pital in Evansville, Friday, Oc- tober 14, a son, Matthew Rob- ert. Deaths: Kenneth Wilson, 57, of Petersburg, died Tues- day, October 11 at 6:30 p.m. at his residence; Amel E. Hel- derman, 86, of Wheatland, died Sunday, October 16 at 2 a.m. at Petersburg Healthcare Center; Mabel Tooley, 101, of Oakland City, died Wednes- day, October 13 at 12:15 p.m. at Eastgate Manor in Wash- ington; Floral Grubb, 84, of Oakland City, died Wednes- day, October 12 at 11:40 p.m. at Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Oakland City. 1989 Pike Central Middle School football team Pictured above are the members of the 1989 Pike Central seventh grade football team, front row (l to r): Chris Sisk, Chad Whitehead, Eric Beard and Bill Powell; middle row: Brian Weathers, Cody Shoultz, Jeremy Gryder, Shane Reller and B.J. Sorgius; back row: Josh Scott, Steve Beard, Wade Colglazier and Matt Ross. Photo from archive. Wednesday, Nov. 27 • Pope Urban II orders first Crusade (1095) • Custer massacres Cheyenne on Washita River (1868) Thursday, Nov. 28 • Magellan reaches the Pacific (1520) • The Grand Ole Opry begins broadcasting (1925) Friday, Nov. 29 • LBJ forms commission to investigate Kennedy assassination (1963) • Coffee rationing begins (1942) Saturday, Nov. 30 • Brady Bill signed into law (1993) • USSR attacks Finland (1939) Sunday, December 1 • Lincoln gives State of the Union address (1862) • Ford's assembly line starts rolling (1913) Monday, December 2 • Enron files for bankruptcy (2001) • Napoleon crowned emporer (1804) Tuesday, December 3 • "A Streetcar Named Desire" opens on Broadway (1947) • Washington arrives at the banks of the Delaware (1776) Source: Flooding in 1961 Winslow resident and hardware store owner Lyn- don Sims stands along Highway 61 and points to the flooding in the Winslow Riverside Park. Wa- ter rose to nearly the side of the elevated highway and covered the bottom of the Welcome to Winslow sign. Photo submitted by Alice Sims.

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