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October 9, 2019

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C-12 Wednesday, October 9, 2019 The Press-Dispatch HISTORY Submit history photos: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: or bring in a hard copy: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Friday and Tuesday, June 2 and June 6, 1944 Ora Casey, a railroad sec- tion hand, who resided in or near Winslow, was gravely injured in an accident, which occurred about two miles west of Winslow, on the Southern Railway, when an engine and caboose collided with a motor car and trailer on which the maintenance crew were riding Wednes- day afternoon shortly after three o'clock on their return to Winslow after their day's work was completed. Fifteen men were riding on the mo- tor car and trailer, and all of them jumped to safety with the exception of Casey and Everett Uppencamp. Casey received a broken right leg and internal injuries, of which he died about the time he arrived at the hospi- tal at Princeton, where both men were rushed after the accident. Uppencamp suf- fered a twisted knee and it is thought that he will recov- er with no serious results. Oscar Stinson, of Alford, is suffering from injuries and the loss of blood sus- tained last Friday afternoon during a windstorm, when he was struck in the face and on the head by glass blown from a storm door. Mr. and Mrs. Stinson were on the front porch when the storm came up. Mrs. Stinson went into the kitchen and Mr. Stinson stepped inside the house and was looking out the storm door, when the panel containing the glass was blown into his face and a table and chairs were blown across the house. Births: To Corporal and Mrs. Virgil Ohmberger, a baby boy, Sunday evening at Good Samaritan Hospital; To Pfc. and Mrs. Wm. D. Work- man, Saturday at 1:30 a.m., a son, David Allen. Marriages: Imogene Fick- lin and Ira Willis were mar- ried at 8:50 p.m. Friday eve- ning by Rev. Grover Krieg. Deaths: Alta Stephens Hollon, 50, of Winslow, died at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville Tuesday morning; Charles Jefferson Arnold, 71, of Dutchtown, passed away Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the Daviess Coun- ty Hospital. SIXTY YEARS AGO The Petersburg Press Thursday, September 3, 1959 Patrons of the Winslow and Otwell Post Offices are reminded that postal posi- tions are now open in both of these offices. An examination for substitute clerk-carrier in each of the two offices will be given. To apply for the job, a person must live within the ar- ea of the Winslow Post Office. Starting pay is $2 per hour. To apply for the Otwell job, a per- son must live within the de- livery area of the Otwell Post Office. Starting pay is $1.69 per hour. Margaret Ann Land, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ar- thur J. Glader, south of Win- slow, has recently been com- missioned a First Lieutenant in the Army Nurse Corps. Lt. Land is to report to Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam, Houston, Texas, for her nine weeks basic orientation course and then will be as- signed to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, for her initial tour of duty. Lt. Land is a graduate of Winslow High School and St. Mary's School of Nursing, Evansville. Births: To Rev. and Mrs. Herschel Sullivan, of Velpen, a son, born at the Daviess County Hospital Saturday, August 29; To Mrs. Marlene Richardson, of Winslow, a daughter, Marsha Jayne, Sun- day in Oakland City Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Cul- bertson, of Glezen, a son, Ran- dy Joe, Tuesday, August 18 in the Oakland City Hospital; To Mr. and Mrs. Louis Edward Pancake, of Velpen, a daugh- ter, Lisa Rene, born Monday, August 24, at the Oakland City Hospital. Marriages: Marilyn Bea- dles and Basil Eugene Hardin were married Saturday eve- ning at 8 o'clock; Mary June Parks and Gary H. Thompson were united in marriage Sun- day afternoon, August 30 ; Ni- na Irene Nelson and Thomas Berry Whitehead were mar- ried Wednesday, August 5 at the home of Rev. Homer Leighty. FIFTY YEARS AGO The Press-Dispatch Thursday, September 18, 1969 A man trying to extort $1500 from the Spurgeon bank eluded state police troopers and detectives and FBI agents Tuesday in broad daylight near Glezen. Last Thursday, a woman called the First National Bank of Spur- geon and talked to the cashier Ike Elliott, explaining that for $1500 she could furnish infor- mation which would lead to the recovery of the money re- cently stolen form that bank. Elliott immediately notified authorities who advised him that this was extortion and advised him how to handle the caller. During the Thurs- day call, the woman stated she or her accomplice would call back on Friday. Howev- er, when Friday came they failed to call and authorities thought it was over. Monday night around 10 :30, Elliott received the second call. He was at home and the caller stated he would call back in about an hour, giving Elliott time to think about whether to pay for the information or not. He called back at 11:30 p.m. and set up the exchange, the money for the information, for the next day which was Tues- day. On Tuesday both state police and FBI agents were available throughout the day waiting for the suspect to call. Around noon, he called at the bank and told Elliott to meet him at the bridge on the Sug- ar Ridge Road where it inter- sects with the Line Road. He told Elliott to be there at 2 p.m. and bring the $1500. Two FBI agents were in the car with Elliott and state police blocked exit from all roads leaving from this point along with other FBI agents. At ex- actly 2 p.m., Elliott pulled up at the bridge but no one was there and he noticed a note weighted down with a rock. The note instructed him to leave the package of money and return in five minutes for the information. They left the money, which amounted to $10 and a package of blank paper, drove a short way down the road and returned imme- diately. The package of money was gone and so was the sus- pect. All roads were sealed off and no vehicles were allowed to pass without being inspect- ed. The manhunt was under- way and lasted until about 9 p.m. but to no avail. Police state from all indication he was on foot and footprints in the area indicated he had tak- en off in a northerly direction. Police state the investigation is still underway. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fowler, of Spurgeon, a daughter, Donna Sue, Satur- day, September 13, in Wel- born Baptist Hospital in Evansville; To Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Sturgeon, of Peters- burg, in Daviess County Hos- pital, Saturday, September 6, a son, Matthew Dean. Deaths: Marvin Fritz, 41, of Stendal, died at 7 p.m. Sat- urday at St. Joseph Hospital in Huntingburg; Anna Brit- tain, 93, of Otwell, died at 6:21 p.m. Wednesday, September 10 at Moores Nursing Home in Bicknell; Mrs. Detsyle Bruce, 67, of Oakland City, died in her sleep Saturday at 6 a.m. at her home; Fannie B. Williams, 80, of Oakland City, died at the home of a neighbor Thursday afternoon. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS The Press-Dispatch Thursday, September 1, 1994 Two expensive unrelated fires struck the Bowman area on Saturday and Monday as a barn with more than $100,000 of equipment was destroyed by fire and a fuel truck at So- lar Sources Bowman mine went up in flames. A barn at the residence of Mary Fowl- er erupted in flames Saturday around noon. Along with hay stored in the barn was a semi- tractor trailer, a farm tractor and a hay bailer. Jerry Flow- er, who is Mary's son, farms the ground. An estimate of damage was easily $100,000. Firemen were unable to de- termine the cause of the fire, but a truck had been parked in the barn an hour before the fire. It is thought the fire had something to do with the warm truck. A second hot and expensive fire broke out Mon- day at about 4:30 p.m. when a 1,000 gallon fuel truck caught fire. The truck was used to fu- el large equipment at the So- lar Sources Bowman mine. It had just been filled with die- sel fuel and only one piece of equipment had been fu- eled before it caught fire. Be- cause of the extensive dam- age, a cause could not be de- termined, but the pump mo- tor had been left on and they think it might have overheat- ed and caused the fire. No one was injured in the fire but it was a spectacular fire that could easily be seen from Half-Mile Hill as the nearly 1,000 gallons of fuel burned. Petersburg and Washington Township Fire Departments were assisted by Union and Jefferson Township, who hauled water to the scene. Births: To Mr. and Mrs. Shane Raley, of Petersburg, at St. Mary's Medical Cen- ter Evansville, Wednesday, August 24, a daughter, Chey- enne Breilynne; To Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lee Harris, of Oakland City, at Welborn Baptist Hospital, Evansville, August 23, a daughter, Mi- chaela Jean; To Mr. and Mrs. James Clark, of Stendal, Au- gust 12, a daughter, Ashtan Danielle, at Memorial Hos- pital; To Mr. and Mrs. John Morton, of Winslow, at Me- morial Hospital in Jasper, Saturday, August 27, a son, Jacob Tyler. Marriages: Taffy Hale and Brad Rhodes were united in marriage Tuesday, August 16, at 7 at the House of Prayer, Princeton, with Rev. Alfred Banister officiating. Deaths: Chris J. Braun, 89, of Otwell, died at 1:50 p.m. Friday, August 26 at North- wood Good Samaritan Nurs- ing Center in Jasper; Doreen B. Pitchers, 70, of Velpen, died at noon Wednesday, Au- gust 24, at Memorial Hos- pital in Jasper; Howard C. Trusty, 83, of Oakland City, died Monday, August 29 at 2:05 p.m. at Good Samaritan Nursing Home. 1986 Pike Central Argus Staff Pictured are Pike Central 1986 Members of the Argus staff, front row (l to r): Greg Carlisle. Row two: Dave Pipes, Suzy Corn, Matt Sturgeon and Tony Dillon. Back row: Ms. Alice Sims, Tim Carlisle, Chad Lemond, Amy Barnett and corresponding reporter for the first grading period Tiffeny Church. Missing are Hope Ballard, Mark Hicks, Joe Esarey and Tony Zazzetti. Photo from archive. Wednesday, Oct. 9 • Belgrade falls to Austria- Hungary (1915) • Hoover Dam begins transmitting electricity to Los Angeles (1936) Thursday, Oct. 10 • Birth of the U.S. Naval Academy (1845) • Custer's funeral is held at West Point (1877) Friday, Oct. 11 • Apollo 7 launched (1968) • Yellow fever breaks out in Philadelphia (1793) Saturday, Oct. 12 • Columbus reaches the New World (1492) • John Denver dies in an aircraft accident (1997) Sunday, Oct. 13 • Texans ratify a state constitution and approve annexation (1845) • Continental Navy established (1775) Monday, Oct. 14 • Yeager breaks sound barrier (1947) • Trial begins in Amityville murders (1975) Tuesday, Oct. 15 • Mata Hari executed (1917) • First draft card burned (1965) Source: CREATIVITY. OUR SPECIALTY. The Press Dispatch PIKE COUNTY'S NEWS NETWORK Design by two of Indiana's top designers is included with every ad purchase. Call today! 812-354-8500 OR ADS@PRESSDISPATCH.NET

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