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June 12, 2019

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Local ...........A1-8 Sports .........B1-3 Classifi eds ..B4-5 E. Gibson ........ B6 People ............ B7 Church ........C1-9 Home Life....C4-6 Obituaries....... C7 History ......... C10 WHAT'S INSIDE: CONNECT WITH US: NetEdition E-Mail Phone:.................. 812-354-8500 Fax: ...................... 812-354-2014 E-Mail . NEWS TIPS: PIKE PUBLISHING Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Volume 149 Number 25 Phone 812-354-8500 Petersburg, IN 47567-0068 (USPS 604-34012) $ 1 Three sections 26 pages Five inserts See WINSLOW on page 3 See HUNT on page 2 By Andy Heuring A Pike County native was killed in a single vehicle accident Tues- day night in Martin County. Dalton Sutt, 28, of Carlisle, was killed when the semi-truck filled with grain crashed on Win- dom Road near Simmons Creek Road in Martin County. He was driving down a 12 percent grade with a sharp curve. Sutt was eject- ed from the truck and the truck crashed into a wooded area at 8:18 p.m. Sutt was transported to the Memorial Hospital in Jasper, where he was later pronounced dead by Dubois County Coroner Tony Matthews. Martin Coun- ty Deputy Sher- iff Andrea Bar- nett investigat- ed the accident and is being as- sisted by an In- diana State Po- lice Recon- structionist. The accident was located south of Shoals. See obituary on page C-7. Dalton Sutt Sutt killed in truck accident Hunt sentenced 2½ years for killing ex-girlfriend's dogs See UPDATES on page 2 By Andy Heuring County councilmen were updat- ed on the courthouse technology upgrades. "Everything has been pur- chased that we are aware of need- ing," said County Auditor Judy Gumbel. "They are in the process of putting in the server. There is a possible snag with the tempera- ture of the room." A new server that will connect all of the courthouse is being in- stalled. Previously, the court- house was on multiple servers. Commissioner Assistant Kristi Dischinger said the room where it is being installed typically runs warm and has no windows. She said it is feared with the larger server putting off heat, the room will get hotter than the server's recommended limits. She said it was recommend- ed they cool the room. Disch- inger said they have one quote for $4,475 to cool the room, but plan to get more quotes. "I suggest you get another quote. That sounds high for a 10 - by-10 room," said Councilman Max Elliott. Dischinger said another fear is the plumbing that goes through the room. "There is some pret- ty heavy duty piping that goes through that room. It scares me we might have a leak. "We have a $50,000 -plus serv- er sitting in there. It is something to think about," said Dischinger. Sheriff Kent Johnson said Eck- Mundy, which handled the server installation at the courthouse re- cently, reviewed the Sheriff's De- partment and Jail computers. "Out of 12 computers, they said three can be upgraded and nine need to be replaced." He said he did not have quotes yet, but would be getting quotes soon. In other Sheriff's Department business, Johnson warned he was going to be asking for money to replace three pumps in the base- ment of the jail. He said recently three of the four pumps failed, al- lowing about three inches of water into the basement. "We are cur- rently operating with the sump pump from my basement," said Johnson. Council president Greg Wil- County council updated on courthouse computer system upgrades By Andy Heuring A rural Hazleton man was given the maximum sentence, two and a half years, Monday in Pike Cir- cuit Court. Jordan M. Hunt, 28, of 3928 E. State Rd 56, Hazleton, was sen- tenced by Pike County Circuit Court Judge Jeff Biesterveld on a charge of domestic violence ani- mal cruelty. Hunt was convicted of shooting and then setting his ex-girlfriend's dogs on fire. He was arrested in September 2018 and has been in the Pike Coun- ty Jail since. Hunt was originally charged with intimidation, a level 5 felony, and killing a domestic animal, a level 6 felony. However, during his trial that ended on May 9, he was found not guilty of the intimida- tion charge and guilty of domestic violence animal cruelty and kill- ing a domestic animal charges. However, during the sentencing hearing, Hunt's attorney Daway- na Taylor argued he should only be sentenced on one of the two charges. She claimed it was dou- ble jeopardy for him to be sen- tenced on both counts that were the same incident. Judge Biesterveld vacated count II, killing a domestic ani- mal charge. Hunt is accused of stealing the dogs from the apartment of his ex- girlfriend back in September. He was convicted in Pike County of shooting the dogs a day later and then setting them on fire near the Pike-Gibson county line. Hunt still faces charges in Van- derburgh County, where he was charged with burglary of a resi- dence, a level 4 felony, and theft with a prior conviction of theft, a level 6 felony. During Monday's hearing, San- dra Ziebold, CEO of the Beacon of Hope Crisis Center, where she has worked with assaulted women for 13 years, testified that numer- ous studies have shown people A parade to welcome River Harbin home from the hospital is scheduled for 6 p.m. Friday, June 14 in Otwell. It will start at the el- ementary school and proceed past Circle A. River, 4, has been in Riley Children's Hospital in Indianap- olis since December 2. During that time, he underwent numer- ous surgeries, including a heart transplant on May 29. Parade in Otwell for River Harbin Special day of fun Austin Payne tosses a tennis ball with Pike County Chief Deputy Dallas Killian trying to get the ball into a bucket. It was one of many games set up for kids with special needs on Satur- day, June 1. The Patoka Township Fire Department, Pike County Sheriff's Department, Pike County EMS and Apostolic Tabernacle put together the day for kids with special needs. Car- rie Shelton, with the Patoka Township Fire Department, said they just wanted these kids to have a special fun day. See additional photos on page A-4. Damaged gas line repaired A crew trenching along Highway 57, about a mile south of Petersburg, hit a natural gas ser- vice line to a residence. It happened at about noon on Friday. The Petersburg Fire Depart- ment responded to the call. Fire Chief Ross Elmore said they were able to pinch the line off and stop most of the leak until Vectren crews arrived and repaired it without incident. Traffic was stopped for about 20 minutes on Highway 57. By Andy Heuring Winslow Town Councilmen vot- ed to open an investigation into the financial records of the Win- slow Fire Department. The vote came after more than two hours of a contentious back and forth be- tween councilmen and acting Fire Chief Rick Mathias. Councilmen Josh Popp and Debra Lamb sent a letter to the fire department requesting bank statements and financial records for the last five years. Popp said it started when he was working to help the fire department get grants for equipment, including a new fire truck. He said part of what he learned about the grant process is they have to form a not- for-profit 501c3 corporation. One requirement of that, according to Popp, is they have to provide fi- nancial records for the last five years. Popp and Lamb both say they are also required by the State Board of Accounts to have those financial records for "internal con- trols." Mathias, who became acting chief after Jason Bottoms stepped down, accused Popp and Lamb of harassment. "My heart is in this town. You have harassed me to no end," said Mathias. "Why didn't Dick know about this? Why am I getting a letter threatening me? I will take this to our attorney," said Mathias about the letter he received. He added, "You tell me the rea- son you want them, I will get them for you tomorrow." Both Lamb and Popp said the town is required to have those re- cords. Lamb said the previous town council had requested the same records and were told they would not be provided. "I don't understand why you guys want to accuse someone of stuff? " said Mathias. "No one is accusing anyone," said Lamb. "Why don't you guys want to come out and say why you want them (records). Then I'm going to slap slander suits on there," said Mathias. "People of Winslow have the right to know where their money is going," said Popp. "All you do is say we don't do good," said Mathias. "When was that ever said? " asked Popp. Mathias then asked councilmen about the water tower and why he wasn't notified when the water lev- el dropped. "We dropped the ball on that," said Lamb and Brewster. As the discussion continued, Lamb said she didn't know if it was true or not, but she had heard the fire department had used money from fundraisers to go camping. "You are about ready to get what is coming to you," said Mathias. Popp asked if the justification for the camping trip is recruit- ment and retention of members? "What is wrong with that? " Winslow to investigate Fire Dept. finances

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