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June 07, 2019

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June 8 - 14, 2019 10 KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES NEWS Did you have any say in the kind of men that you were dating on "Kate Plus Date" or did you just kind of trust what the matchmakers were going to do for fun reactions? I'll be honest, I was out of the dating loop for, well since before I was married, like maybe 20 years ago. So everything was different and the question that seems easy was very hard for me from a matchmaker in terms of "What are you looking for?" I knew what I wasn't looking for, but I could not easily articulate what I was looking for. So their job was difficult. I had a say in terms of qualities and all of those things. It was difficult for me to articulate ... . So when it came down to who they matched me with going on whatever I was able to tell them, I didn't know even really their name until, you know, minutes before. And a lot of it, because I couldn't articulate ... the awkwardness, uncomfortable, terrified reactions came from the fact that, you know, they were kind of hit or miss ... . Did you make any arrangements with TLC about the stuff that just cannot be on camera? It was important for me first and foremost that my kids would be able to watch the show and not feel cringey and uncomfortable as well as other families because of, you know, our long history, viewers would essentially cross over. ... And I feel like I have five daughters and three sons and they need to be able to watch a respectful ... G-rated, essentially, show. And it's because it's important for me to be ... an example to my kids. Kate Gosselin OF 'KATE PLUS DATE' ON TLC BY GEORGE DICKIE BY GEORGE DICKIE What interested you in doing a reboot of "Ripley's"? It's Ripley's. It hasn't been around in a while and yet it seems like it's always there, so this will be the third incarnation of the show, I think. It was Jack Palance, Dean Cain, so I'm following in their hefty footsteps. Here's the deal: The world is not getting any more amazing or extraordinary ... so it's time to bring it up to speed. And we're really just getting current to everything that has happened that's been ridiculous. There's a lot of ridiculous people out there and we're documenting every single one. The internet and YouTube no doubt makes finding these people easier, no? It's a little easier, yeah, because you can go to people who already have some form of internet infrastructure already set up. They have cameras, they have drones, they have internet followers so it's a very logical step to say, "Hey, we're Ripley, we'd love to show your stuff." And in some cases, we're using people who have either YouTube followers or Instagram, who have several million followers. So in some cases, we're highlighting people who are already popular. But in some cases, we will actually do a great service to people who are either looking for it or might benefit from it. So in one way, this is a series that was begging to be remade just because there's so much out there? The amount of stories, yeah, just because of that. It's kind of a perfect TV show because there is a bottomless supply of people who do kind of over-the-top stuff. They are our writers. They write the stories for us. We just document it. ... We're not capturing freaks. We're celebrating triumphs, really, over adversity. Either self-imposed adversity or overcoming natural adversity. OF 'RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT' ON TRAVEL CHANNEL Bruce Campbell 2v x 5" ad rogersville Home Center web links Teams battle it out to guess the the top answers on the board based on a survey and win big money as Steve Harvey returns to host Season 5 of "Celebrity Family Feud" Sunday on ABC. See how some of your favorite stars performed previously on the show by visiting celebrity-family-feud Manis, pedis and a whole lot of drama are on display as the Niecy Nash-starring "Claws" returns for a third season Sunday on TNT. Read the latest newsletter, sign up for show updates and learn all the ways you can watch the series by going to www.tntdrama. com/shows/claws Bruce Campbell hosts as the odd, unusual, extraordinary and death defying are all on display as the iconic series, "Ripley's Believe It or Not," gets a reboot, premiering Sunday on Travel Channel. Learn more by going to believe-it-or-not Contestants hope luck is on their side as they tempt fate and the Banker when host Howie Mandel returns for another round of "Deal or No Deal" Wednesday on CNBC. Find out more about the 26 beau- tiful faces who hold the cases by clicking over to dealornodeal. After landing her dream job, Liza (Sutton Foster) realizes that her secret may be damaging to some of her closest relationships as "Younger" returns for its sixth sea- son Wednesday on TV Land. Get a closer look at what's to come and catch up on previous seasons at younger Chip (Zach Galifianakis) is find- ing it hard to leave the nest and Christine (Louie Anderson) and Ken (Alex Morris) struggle with a recent move as Season 4 of "Bas- kets" opens Thursday on FX. Keep up with the latest news and watch all the extras at www.fxnet- Thank you for Voting us Best Furniture Store in Hawkins County! ROGERSVILLE HOME CENTER Decorate your home with beautiful furniture featuring yle, comfort and quality. 315 Armstrong Road • Rogersville, TN 423-500-1025 Hours: Mon-Fri 10 to 5 Sat 10 to 3 • Sunday Closed

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