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June 2019

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Mailed from Sterling, Ill. JUNE 2019 Vol. 34, No. 6 INL ANDER T H E Stay engaged. Find solutions. Move forward. iPADS FOR EVERYONE Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's digital leap PAGE 12 WORKING RAPIDLY TOWARDS OUR MERGER WITH SNPA I want to begin this month's column with an update on discussions with the Southern News- paper Publishers Associ- ation about a potential merger of our two associa- tions. Teams from Inland and SNPA have been meeting regularly over the past months, working of the various issues surrounding this possibility. Work has progressed rapidly and there is signif- icant consensus on the logic of a merger and the path to accomplish one. There is agreement of several key matters, including the basic governance, such as composition and size of a new board, as well as the officers. The group has also built a business plan for the new orga- nization, including membership programs and services, member dues, staffing and organi- zation, and an operating budget. We expect to hold board votes on the merger plan in early June. Before any votes would be taken, we will complete exhaustive legal and financial due diligence. If approved by the two boards of directors, we would then schedule votes of the membership of Inland and SNPA. Those votes would take place later in June. We believe this combination of our two proud associations would be in the best interest of our respective memberships. Of course, if you have any questions about any of this, please contact me (dougphares@ or any member of the executive committee. Even as our boards work towards the merger, staff and leaders of Inland and SNPA have been creating the program for what promises to be an outstanding, fun and informative Joint Annual Meeting in Chicago October 6 to 8. You can read more about the presenters already committed to the meeting—and their important topics—in this edition of The Inlander on this page. Between now and then, Inland and SNPA continue their collaboration, along with The Blinder Group and the Texas Press Association, with Mission One: Revenue. This conference—a must-attend for all of us charged with gener- PHARES, CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 REPORT FROM THE PRESIDENT DOUG PHARES MISSION ONE: REVENUE IN HUB FOR STARTUPS, THIS CONFERENCE AIMS TO SUPER- CHARGE REVENUE GENERATION O n c e i d e n t i f i e d w i t h t h e s l a c k e r s portrayed in Richard Linklater movies like "Dazed and Confused," Austin, Texas, these days is better known for the high-tech startups, incubators and venture capital investors that give it the nickname Silicon Hills. And legacy media is looking to Austin as well: When GateHouse Media was looking to establish its Center for News & Design to provide editing and design services for its 156 dailies and hundreds of community publications, it chose the Texas capital city that's adopted the motto "Keep Austin Weird." The city's energy is a perfect environment for a conference that announces its goal of revving up newspaper top lines in its very title, Mission One: Revenue. This year's Mission One: Revenue will fire up its program laser-focused on generating new revenue from every opportunity—in ways new and unique, and also tried and true—available to newspapers at the offices of GateHouse Media's Austin Ameri- can-Statesman for two and a half days between August 15 and 17. "This is the only conference totally devoted to maximizing newspaper revenue. We're presenting real-world case studies with actionable ideas that you can take-to-market immediately," said Mike Blinder, whose The Blinder Group is sponsoring Mission One: Revenue along with Inland, the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and the Texas Press Association. REVENUE, CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 BOLD NEW BUSINESS MODELS TO BE FEATURED AT INLAND, SNPA JOINT ANNUAL MEETING Last month, Walter E. Hussman Jr. wrote an extraordinary letter to subscribers of his WEHCO Media flagship Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. After decades as a reliable profit-maker, the paper was losing money, he said—and the solution was for subscribers to convert from the print newspaper to digital delivery on an iPad. "Although newspapers will never be as profitable as they once were, we believe we have found a way to return the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette to profit- ability and provide a better and more robust reading experience for our subscribers," Hussman JOINT, CONTINUED ON PAGE 11 Inland's Family Owners and Next Generation Leadership Conference also meets in Chicago just before the Joint Annual Meeting with a welcoming dinner Friday, October 4 and program Saturday, October 5.

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