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May 10, 2019

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May 11 - 17, 2019 18 KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES NEWS THURSDAY Prime Time May 16, 2019 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 BROADCAST CHANNELS WETP TN Learn: Mathline Nightly Business Report (N) PBS NewsHour (N) Dr. Bob Show A Chef's Life Doc Martin "Sons and Lovers" Louisa considers a career change. D-Day at Pointe-du-Hoc The U.S. Army's 2nd Ranger Battalion. Amanpour and Company (N) WCYB News 5 (N) NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Wheel of Fortune (N) Jeopardy! "Teachers Tournament" Superstore "San- dra's Fight" (N) Superstore (N) (DVS) Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Sicko" (N) Brooklyn Nine- Nine (N) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit A girl dies; Benson suspects Rob Miller. News 5 Tonight (N) Tonight Show-J. Fallon WATE WATE 6 News at 6 (N) ABC World News Tonight-David Muir Judge Judy Family Feud (N) Grey's Anatomy "Jump Into the Fog" Meredith and Alex attempt to save Gus. Station 19 "Into the Wildfire" The team battles a wildfire in L.A. (N) For the People (Season Finale) Sandra questions Jill's judgment. (N) WATE 6 News at 11 (N) Jimmy Kimmel Live WBIR 10 News (N) NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Wheel of Fortune (N) Jeopardy! "Teachers Tournament" Superstore "San- dra's Fight" (N) Superstore (N) (DVS) Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Sicko" (N) Brooklyn Nine- Nine (N) Law & Order: Special Victims Unit A girl dies; Benson suspects Rob Miller. 10 News Nightbeat (N) Tonight Show-J. Fallon WJHL WJHL 6p News (N) CBS Evening News WJHL 7p News (N) Family Feud (N) The Big Bang Theory (Series Finale) (N) (DVS) Young Sheldon (Season Finale) (N) Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell S.W.A.T. "Kangaroo" The Emancipators hold a kangaroo court. (N) WJHL 11p News (N) Late Show-Colbert WKPT Little House on the Prairie A black boy offers to be a slave. Little House on the Prairie "The Music Box" Laura suffers guilt after stealing. Frasier Daphne's family arrives. Frasier Frasier Donny and Mel seek revenge. Frasier "The Bad Son" The Office "The Job, Part 1" The Office "The Job, Part 2" The Office "Fun Run" The Office "Fun Run" WAPK Mama's Family "Fran's Dress" The Jeffersons "George's Legacy" M*A*S*H "Good- bye Radar" M*A*S*H "Good- bye Radar" The Andy Griffith Show The Andy Griffith Show Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. WKRP in Cincinnati Hogan's Heroes "The Hostage" Hogan's Heroes The Carol Burnett Show Perry Mason WEMT Mike & Molly "Sex and Death" Mike & Molly The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Paradise Hotel "Episode 104" Roommates get to know each other. (N) (Live) News 5 on Fox (N) Dateline WSBN Beyond Your Backyard Nightly Business Report (N) PBS NewsHour (N) The This Old House Hour Glass and windows; radiant heat. (N) Woodsongs Americana quintet The Mammals. Antiques Roadshow A 1966 MGM Grinch figure. The This Old House Hour Glass and windows; radiant heat. (N) WLFG To Be Announced One on One Winning Life Living Faith Now Walking in the Kingdom This Is the Day Bridging the Gap Time of Grace Everyday Manna The Gaithers CABLE CHANNELS AMC ›› The Sandlot (1993, Children's) Thomas Guiry, Mike Vitar, Patrick Renna. The new boy in town falls in with neighborhood ballplayers. ›› Caddyshack (1980, Comedy) Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray. A vulgar newcomer clashes with the country club set. ›› The Great Outdoors (1988, Comedy) Dan Aykroyd, John Candy. Man and family camp with obnoxious brother-in-law and family. A&E The First 48 "Bad Medicine" Gruesome murder in New Orleans. The First 48 "Runner Runner" Quick-mon- ey scam leads to double murder. The First 48 "Crossroads" An Oklahoma cyclist is gunned down. (N) Vanished in Paradise: The Untold Story (N) The First 48 A stranger guns down a new father. The First 48 A man is killed in front of his fiancée. BET ››› Baby Boy (2001, Drama) Tyrese Gibson, Omar Gooding, A.J. Johnson. A man juggles womanizing with fighting his mother's boyfriend. ›› Poetic Justice (1993, Romance-Comedy) Janet Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Regina King. A postal worker tries to win a reticent poet's affections. BRAVO Million Dollar Listing New York Southern Charm "RSVPeeved" Charleston reels over Thomas' arrest. Project Runway "The Stitch Is Back" Designers create over-the- top looks. Project Runway "What Do You Care About?" The designers champion a social cause. (N) Vanderpump Rules Watch What Hap- pens Live Project Runway CMTV Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing ››› Pure Country (1992) George Strait, Lesley Ann Warren. A country singer struggles with the burden of stardom. ›› Footloose (1984) Kevin Bacon. CNBC Mad Money (N) Shark Tank Shark Tank Shark Tank Dual-use breath freshener. Shark Tank Shark Tank A high-tech shoe insole. COM Parks and Recre- ation The Office The Office "Mi- chael's Birthday" The Office "Drug Testing" The Office "Conflict Resolution" The Office "Casino Night" The Office "Gay Witch Hunt" The Office "The Convention" The Office "The Coup" Klepper "Battle in the Bayou" (N) The Daily Show With Trevor Noah Klepper "Battle in the Bayou" CYB-CW Jerry Springer "Girls Wig Out" Kim wants Tae to leave his girlfriend. Maury Koda tries to avoid taking a DNA test. iZombie "Five, Six, Seven, Ate!" Investigat- ing the deaths of a dance duo. (N) In the Dark Murphy hears a familiar voice screaming. (N) Cops Extremely drunken driver. Cops DUI suspect; drug bust; fistfight. Live PD: Police Patrol Live PD: Police Patrol DISC Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Naked and Afraid Pop-Up Edition (N) Naked and Afraid Pop-Up Edition (N) Naked and Afraid E! ›› Sex and the City (2008) E! News (N) Botched › Something Borrowed (2011, Romance-Comedy) Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson. Busy Tonight (N) Something Bo ESPN SportsCenter (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) (Live) NBA Countdown (N) (Live) d NBA Basketball Western Conference Final, Game 2: Teams TBA. Western Conference Final, Game 2. SportsCenter ESPN2 NBA Draft Combine 2019 (N) (Live) The '99ers: Reunited (N) f Women's Soccer United States vs New Zealand. (N) (Live) f MLS Soccer FC Dallas at Los Angeles FC. (N) (Live) FOOD Beat Bobby Flay "Cracking a Win" Beat Bobby Flay "Hit Him Again" Chopped "Chopped, Again!" Four losing chefs seeking redemption. Chopped "Belly of the Beast" Chefs use tuna belly in appetizer round. Chopped "Brunch Brilliance" Chefs face brunch items in each basket. Beat Bobby Flay "Grapes of Wrath" Beat Bobby Flay "Greeking Out" Beat Bobby Flay Beat Bobby Flay FOXFX ›› The Equalizer (2014, Action) Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz. A former commando champions the helpless. › Grown Ups 2 (2013, Comedy) Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock. Lenny Feder and his family relocate back to his hometown. Better Things (Season Finale) (N) Better Things "Get Lit" Better Things › Grown Ups 2 (2013) FOXSS Reds Live Pregame (N) (Live) a MLB Baseball Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds. From Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. (N) (Live) Reds Live Post- game (N) (Live) College Baseball Destination Polaris Red Bull Crashed Ice From Edmonton. FREE › This Means War (2012, Action) Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy. Two CIA agents battle over the same woman. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger "Two Player" Tyrone is put in a dangerous situation. ›› Miss Congeniality (2000, Comedy) Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Benjamin Bratt. A clumsy FBI agent goes under cover at a beauty pageant. The 700 Club H&G Flip or Flop Vegas Flip or Flop Vegas Flip or Flop Vegas Flip or Flop Vegas Beach Bargain Beach Bargain Flip or Flop Vegas Flip or Flop Vegas House Hunters (N) Hunters Int'l House Hunters House Hunters HIST Swamp People (DVS) Swamp People (DVS) Swamp People (DVS) Swamp People "Voodoo Python" (N) The American Farm "Make or Break" Swamp People (DVS) ION Chicago P.D. "Profiles" (DVS) Chicago P.D. An alderman is killed. Chicago P.D. "Ghosts" (DVS) Chicago P.D. "Payback" (DVS) Chicago P.D. "Saved" (DVS) Chicago P.D. "Allegiance" LIFE Celebrity Wife Swap Little Women: Atlanta Little Women: Atlanta (N) Little Women: Atlanta (N) Little Women: LA "Chili Dog Dreams" Little Women Little Women: LA NICK The Loud House The Loud House The Loud House Henry Danger "Grand Theft Otto" ›› Spy Kids 3: Game Over (2003, Children's) Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega. A boy enters a virtual-reality game to save his sister. Friends "The One After "I Do"" Friends Friends Friends PARMT Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Wife Swap A germaphobe mom swaps with a messy mom. (N) ›› Step Brothers (2008, Comedy) Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Richard Jenkins. Two spoiled men become rivals when their parents marry. SYFY ››› Skyfall (2012, Action) Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem. James Bond must track down and destroy a threat to MI6. (DVS) ›› 47 Ronin (2013, Adventure) Keanu Reeves, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tadanobu Asano. Outcast samurai seek revenge on a treacherous overlord. (DVS) Happy! "A Friend of Death" Sax hits rock bottom. TBN John Gray World Wonderful You Drive Thru History The Potter's Touch Praise Joseph Prince Life Uninvited Joel Osteen Christine Caine Praise TBS The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Seinfeld "The Andrea Doria" Seinfeld "The Little Jerry" The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory The Big Bang Theory Conan (N) Seinfeld "The Van Buren Boys" TLC Say Yes to the Dress "Sexy Sells" Say Yes to the Dress Say Yes to the Dress Courtney wants to look at every dress. My 600-Lb. Life "Supersized: Angela J's Story" (N) Untold Stories of the E.R. "Drama Mama" A teenager's bulging tummy. Untold Stories of the E.R. A patient forgets the past 20 years. TOON Teen Titans Go! Teen Titans Go! World of Gumball We Bare Bears Samurai Jack American Dad American Dad Bob's Burgers Bob's Burgers Family Guy Family Guy Rick and Morty TNT g 2019 PGA Championship First Round. (N) (Live) Bones "The Secret in the Soil" A farmer is suspected of murder. ›› Get Hard (2015, Comedy) Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Craig T. Nelson. A prison-bound millionaire asks a black man for advice. (DVS) ›› Old School (2003, Comedy) Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn. Three men relive their wild past by starting a fraternity. (DVS) USA NCIS "Death From Above" NCIS "The Numerical Limit" NCIS "Sight Unseen" (DVS) NCIS Sara Carter asks Gibbs for help. NCIS "Two Steps Back" (DVS) Modern Family Modern Family WGN-A Blue Bloods (DVS) Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing Last Man Standing PREMIUM CHANNELS DISN Jessie Coop & Cami Ask the World Jessie "The Fear in Our Stars" Jessie Sydney to the Max Sydney to the Max "The Lyin' King" Jessie "Teacher's Pest" Jessie "To Be Me or Not to Be Me" Sydney to the Max Coop & Cami Ask the World Andi Mack "I Got Your Number" Raven's Home HBO ›› The Nun (2018) Demián Bichir, Taissa Farmiga. A priest and a novitiate encounter a demonic nun in Romania. VICE News Tonight (N) ››› Crazy Rich Asians (2018, Romance-Comedy) Constance Wu, Henry Golding. A woman learns more about her boyfriend and his rich family. My Dad Wrote a Porno From the Round- house in London. Game of Thrones HBO2 Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas Game of Thrones Noble families in the seven kingdoms of Westeros vie for control of the Iron Throne. Veep "Veep" Gentleman Jack Lister's rivalry with Rawson heats up. Barry "The Audition" On Tour With As- perger's Are Us On Tour With As- perger's Are Us ›› Tanner Hall (2009, Drama) Rooney Mara, Georgia King. Premiere. MAX ›› The Warrior's Way (2010, Action) Jang Dong Gun, Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth. An Asian swordsman seeks sanctuary in America's Badlands. › My Soul to Take (2010, Horror) Max Thieriot, John Magaro, Denzel Whitaker. A serial killer stalks seven children who were born on the same day. ›› The Little Stranger (2018, Horror) Domhnall Gleeson. A doctor learns that something ominous haunts a family. Warrior MAX2 › Deep Rising (1998, Horror) Treat Williams, Famke Janssen. ››› Being John Malkovich (1999, Comedy) John Cusack, Cameron Diaz. A man discovers a tunnel that allows people to become the actor. › Father Figures (2017, Comedy) Ed Helms, Owen Wilson, Glenn Close. Two brothers hit the road to find their long-lost father. ››› The Blind Side (2009, Drama) Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw. SHOW Billions "American Champion" Chuck makes a dramatic move. ››› Into the Wild (2007, Biography) Emile Hirsch, Marcia Gay Harden, William Hurt. Christopher McCand- less makes an ill-fated trek to Alaska. ››› Adrift (2018) Shailene Woodley, Sam Claflin. A couple fight for survival after sailing into a hurricane. Desus & Mero (N) The Chi "A Leg Up" TMC ›› Youth in Revolt (2009) ››› Friends With Money (2006) Jennifer Aniston. Four best friends, all married but one, lead very diverse lives. ›› How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) Kate Hudson, Matthew McConaughey. A writer bets she can seduce a man and then drive him away. ››› Weird Science (1985) Kelly LeBrock. Premiere. Two high- school nerds conjure up the woman of their dreams. Diary of a Mad Black Woman tonight's picks Ellen Pompeo 8 p.m. on WATE Grey's Anatomy While a blanket of thick fog creeps its way across Seattle, the Grey Sloan med- ical staff tries to navigate through a pea soup of personal problems in "Jump Into the Fog," the Season 15 finale. Meredith and Alex (Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers) team up to try to save young Gus (guest star Christian Ganiere), while elsewhere, Levi (Jake Borelli) tries to get the strug - gling Nico (Alex Landi) to calm down and see things more sensibly. 8 p.m. on FREE Marvel's Cloak & Dagger When Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) is thrust into a severely dangerous situation, Tandy and Evita (Olivia Holt, Noelle Renee Ber- cy) are forced to go to extreme lengths to ensure his safety in a new episode called "Two Player." Meanwhile, Adina (Gloria Reuben) turns for help to a completely surprising individual. 9 p.m. on WJHL Young Sheldon Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is a lad of decid- edly specialized interests, so he doesn't understand all the raised eyebrows that greet him as he invites his entire school to a party to await the Nobel Prize an- nouncements in the Season 2 finale, "A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast." Elsewhere, Georgie (Montana Jordan) has a stand-off with his dad (Lance Barber) over the former's fervent wish to have cable TV, and Meemaw (An - nie Potts) learns more about Dr. Sturgis' (Wallace Shawn) past. 9:01 p.m. on WATE Station 19 The firehouse team members pack their gear for Los Angeles, where they will join other firefighters battling a deadly blaze burning totally out of control in the Season 2 finale, "Into the Wildfire." While they're evacuating residents, Ben (Jason George) meets a guy named Terry (guest star Patrick Duffy), who moves Ben to make a totally spontaneous decision that changes both their lives. . 10 p.m. on WCYB WBIR Law & Order: Special Victims Unit The Season 20 finale of this venerable police procedural, "End Game," opens with a teenager whose corpse is found in the Hudson River. A frustrated Lt. Benson (Mariska Hargitay) trusts her strong intu - ition that NYPD Attorney Rob Miller (re- curring guest star Titus Welliver) is behind this unexplained death, but she has no way of proving that. Although the case hinges only on circumstantial evidence, however, Assistant District Attorney Stone (Philip Winchester) decides to take the case to court before Miller ruins even more lives. MOVIES

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