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May 10, 2019

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Here comes the last "Big Bang." A ratings powerhouse for most of its 12 seasons, and now the longest-running multi-camera comedy in television history, CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" concludes with a one-hour series finale Thursday, May 16. Created by executive producers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, the saga of lovably geeky geniuses Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj (played by Johnny Galecki, multiple Emmy winner Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar) and their neighbor-and-later-more Penny (Kaley Cuoco) will live on in syndicated repeats. Before the finale was filmed, Nayyar talked about his "Big Bang Theory" experience. Q: How have the final weeks on the set been? A: There's been a real lightness. We've sort of climbed over the mountaintop and are just chilling. The pressure is off; for the finale, that's probably more on the writers than on the actors. We understand how grateful we are for this, and we want to enjoy every moment together. Q: What do you remember about your audition for the show? A: Originally, the character's name was Dave. I auditioned with many other different ethnicities – Korean, Japanese, Arabic – so there was a real sense that they wanted this diversity. There was a cadence in the language that felt very natural to me, and that's why I brought more of myself to the character. Q: When did you first feel "The Big Bang Theory" would stay around for a while? A: When the show went into syndication, I remember Chuck Lorre saying to me, "Your life is going to change forever." And I was like, "It already has." But what he meant was that with it being on different platforms, and people who had only heard of the sho w starting to binge-watch it, that was when my being recognized everywhere changed almost overnight. I realized this show had really touched people and could be at the level of "Friends" or something. Q: Are you satisfied with the arc of Raj? A: It's been really nice to play this character who has evolved, and that's a real testament to the writers. I'm going to miss Raj, and in the finale, I hope that he finds himself. I think that would be a really lovely moment for him. Going out with, yes, a bang: 'The Big Bang Theory' ends its CBS run BY JAY BOBBIN Kunal Nayyar is among the stars in the series finale of "The Big Bang Theory" Thursday on CBS. May 11 - 17, 2019 2 KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES NEWS cover story this week "The Peacemaker" (1997) One of Clooney's earliest big-screen showcases was this involving thriller, about a military man's pursuit of terrorists, directed by Mimi Leder (whom Clooney had worked with often on television's "ER"). "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" (2000) In the hands of the writing-directing Coen brothers, Clooney leaves his sophistication behind to play a Depression-era convict on the run with a couple of cronies. "The Perfect Storm" (2000) A rugged Clooney is thoroughly believable as the captain of the fishing boat Andrea Gail, which ran into rough waters quite literally in trying to get an especially good haul back to shore. "Ocean's Eleven" (2001) It took someone with Frank Sinatra's brand of cool to spearhead a remake of the "Rat Pack" caper comedy, and Clooney proved he had that to spare as casino robbery mastermind Danny Ocean. A particularly easy repartee with co- star Brad Pitt helped greatly, to the extent that the update launched a franchise. "The Descendants" (2011) Doing Oscar- nominated work, Clooney is excellent as a husband and father with a comatose, unfaithful wife and family-owned land he has to decide what to do about. "Gravity" (2013) Clooney and Sandra Bullock make a compelling duo as astronauts stranded in space when debris wrecks their shuttle. "Money Monster" (2016) Directed by Jodie Foster, this intense, underrated drama reteams Clooney with Julia Roberts – his "wife" in the "Ocean's" movies – as he plays a showy TV financial expert held captive by a studio intruder (Jack O'Connell) with big reason to regret having taken his advice. "The Peacemaker" "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" BEST GEORGE CLOONEY MOVIES BY JAY BOBBIN Cable Conversion Guide Charter Dish Network Direct TV WETP PBS 2 WCYB NBC 5 5 5 WATE ABC WBIR NBC WJHL CBS 11 11 11 WKPT MNT 6 20 19 WAPK MNT 182 36 36 WEMT FOX 10 39 39 WSBN PBS WLFG IND 8 68 68 AMC Am. Movie Classics 58 131 254 A&E Arts & Entertainment 46 118 265 BET Black Entertainment 60 124 329 BRAVO BRAVO 62 129 237 CMTV Country Music TV 68 166 327 CNBC CNBC 39 208 355 COM Comedy Central 65 107 249 CYB-CW WCYB-DT2 CW 4 28 6 DISC Discovery Channel 47 182 278 E! E! Entertainment TV 23 114 236 ESPN ESPN 31 140 206 ESPN2 ESPN2 32 143 209 FOOD Food Network 50 110 231 FOXFX FX 30 136 248 FOXSS FOX Sports South 37 420 646 FREE FreeForm 53 180 311 H&G Home & Garden 51 112 229 HIST History 44 120 269 ION ION Satellite 16 250 305 LIFE Lifetime 25 108 252 NICK Nickelodeon 55 170 299 PARMT Paramount Net. 64 241 241 SYFY SYFY 63 122 244 TBN Trinity Broadcast Net. 21 260 372 TBS WTBS 27 139 247 TLC The Learning Chan. 26 183 280 TOON Cartoon Network 56 176 296 TNT Turner Network TV 28 138 245 USA USA Network 29 105 242 WGN-A WGN America 18 239 307 DISN Disney Channel 54 172 290 HBO Home Box Office 518 300 501 HBO2 Home Box Office 2 520 301 502 MAX Cinemax 549 310 515 MAX2 More Max 551 312 517 SHOW Showtime 578 318 545 TMC The Movie Channel 598 327 553

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