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A-2 Front Wednesday, April 10, 2019 The Press-Dispatch WRIGHT Continued from page 1 WATER Continued from page 1 DON'T MISS OUT! SIGN-UP NOW! '19 P ageants 2019 PIKE COUNTY 4-H FAIR DATES: JULY 21 – JULY 27, 2019 To download entry form, go to: For more information, call 812-354-6838 2019 MISS PIKE COUNTY AGES 18-21 Applicants must be 18 years old by January 1, 2020 and may not reach their 22nd birthday by June 1, 2020, and be a current resident of Pike County. Emily Brasher 2018 Miss Pike County PIKE COUNTY All pageants are at Pike Central High School Auditorium 18 USC 707 18 USC 707 Kiersten Wood 2018 Little Miss Drayvin Nossett 2018 Little Mister Wren Kabrick 2018 Junior Miss Carlie Halbrader 2018 Teen Miss Application deadline for all pageants is April 26 at 4 p.m. PAGEANT SIGN-UP MEETING Saturday, April 13 • 9 a.m. - Noon at Cakes and Coffee Café on Main Street, Petersburg TEEN MISS PIKE CO. AGES 13-17 Applicants must be 13 on or before July 1 and no older than 17 on July 1, and be a current resident of Pike County. Entry fee: $40 LITTLE MISTER PIKE CO. AGES 5-8 Applicants must be 5 on or before July 1, and no older than 8 on July 1, and be a current resident of Pike County. Entry fee: $40 JUNIOR MISS PIKE CO. AGES 9-12 Applicants must be 9 on or before July 1, and no older than 12 on July 1, and be a current resident of Pike County. Entry fee: $40 LITTLE MISS PIKE CO. AGES 5-8 Applicants must be 5 on or before July 1, and no older than 8 on July 1, and be a current resident of Pike County. Entry fee: $40 LOTS OF FUN! FREE ICE CREAM is proud to host • Free Ice Cream • Lots of Vendors • Food Trucks • Love Rock Hunt • Classic Cars • Picnic-Style Games • Live Music • Sidewalk Sales • An Appearance by Mickey and Minnie Mouse Food trucks include: • Food Shack • Thai • Quesadilla/Pretzel • Horton Fish VENDORS OPEN AT 9 A.M. For more information, call 812-582-4766 or stop by our store at 109 S. 6th St., Petersburg been seized during arrests. However, he said much of it is in sealed bags and he was not able to open any of the sealed items. Baumgart explained be- cause Wright was the evi- dence clerk, officers would bring evidence from cases they worked, such as seized drugs, paraphernalia, mon- ey, stolen items, whatev- er that particular case in- volved. They would go through their evidence pro- cedures and protocol. Baumgart said the inves- tigating officer would take whatever evidence they have and seal it into a bag, which that officer would initial and date. He then would give that to the evidence clerk, who was Wright. Wright would place it into the evi - dence cage without unseal- ing it. If it needed to go to the State Police Lab to be an- alyzed, the officer would re- quested it from Wright, who would then give the sealed bag to the officer. That offi- cer would then transport it to the State Police Lab. Baumgart said if the ev- idence bag was not sealed, the State Police would not analyze it. McDonald said it appears there are only three cas- es that have been affected. However, he said they have had to notify attorneys in 20 cases about the potential problems. He said the Indiana State Police will be going through the evidence room and do- ing case by case basis inves- tigation of all evidence held there. The three cases officials know have been affected are against: Brandon Soll- man, Greg Fowler and Da- vid V. Vickers. All three of the cases were a type of deal- ing case where money was seized. McDonald said, "If for any reason we find out there is more, we are obligated ethi- cally to put them (attorneys in those cases) on notice." The following letter has been sent out to 20 differ- ent defendants and other at- torneys. "On April 1, 2019, I learned that Petersburg Po- lice Officer Scott Wright has admitted to removing mon- ey from evidence seized in the three Petersburg Police Department cases: State v. Brandon Sollman, State v. Greg Fowler, and State v. David V. Vickers. At this time, all other monies and evidence appear to be ac - counted for; however, a full and more detailed audit of evidence seized by, and in custody of the Petersburg Police Department, is forth- coming. Officer Wright has served as primary evidence clerk for the Petersburg Po- lice Department for the ap- proximate last four years." "Mr. Wright has resigned and paid back monies taken in these three cases. An in- vestigation with the Indiana State Police is pending." "The Indiana Prosecuting Attorney's Council has ad- vised me that my approach to possibility of infirmity of chain of custody must vary depending upon the nature and facts of each affected case. If you believe that you represent a client for which this issue unfairly affects or affected the outcome of your case, please contact me. We will consider requests on a case by case basis, depend- ing on facts and circum- stances. In all events, you have the right to file for any relief that you deem appro- priate with the Pike Circuit Court." "Obviously, if I learn of any other cases in which ev- idence was tampered with, I will let those individual de- fendants/counsels know." McDonald said this should not affect any cas- es that have already been tried; however, people have a right to file a motion on it and for his office to re-liti- gate whether or not it had an effect on a particular case. "It has been a long week," said McDonald. By Andy Heuring A fire at the ONEOK's Midwestern Gas Transmis- sion Pipeline compressor station erupted Monday af- ternoon. A fire unit at the sta- tion was dispatched at about 1:30 p.m. ONEOK spokesman Brad Borro said it was a small fire that was extinguished by ONEOK's employees. "I don't know the cause," said Borro. ONEOK requested the In- diana State Fire Marshal's office to investigate the cause of the fire. Petersburg, Jefferson Township, Patoka and Ire- land were called to the fire. However they were asked to stage on Highway 56 at the Winslow-Cato Road. The compressor station is locat- ed on CR550E, which is the route to the Old Ben Scout Reservation. Jefferson Township blocked traffic on Highway 56 east of CR550E and Pe- tersburg blocked traffic at the Winslow-Cato Road. One residence located on CR550E was evacuated brief- ly. A fter a few minutes of staging on Highway 56, Pe- tersburg, Patoka and Jef- ferson Township were noti- fied that ONEOK employees had gotten the gas fire out. The departments were then called in to assist extinguish- ing the burning building. "They assisted with dous- ing the building with water. We are thankful for their quick response and assis- tance," said Borro. Jefferson Fire Chief Chris Young said they were on the scene until about 4:30 p.m. and it caused considerable damage to the building. Borro said no one was in- jured and the fire damage did not affect their opera- tion. "This is a good example of how all along our operat- ing system, we work with lo- cal responders. We have reg- ular meetings with all areas where we operate." Fire erupts at Midwestern Gas Transmission on Monday McCandless thanked sev- eral Petersburg City em- ployees who came over and helped them fix the line. "The boys I used to work with at Petersburg came over and helped us. That re- ally touched me," said Mc- Candless. He said Daren Cook, Bob Burke and Jay Raney spent most of the day there helping them with the line break. The line repair was fixed at about midnight Saturday. McCandless said he was ex- tra careful turning the wa- ter back on, because he was worried about another wa- ter line break. They had fire hydrants open through- out town while turning the system back on to get the air out of the system. "If everything goes well, we will be able to lift the boil order on Friday," said Mc- Candless. He explained he had to take two water sam- ples after the break was fixed, 24 hours apart. He took those to Jasper to be tested. McCandless said it takes 48 hours to get the re- sults back. So if the first two samples come back clean, they can lift the boil order on Friday. Much of Winslow's Town Council meeting dealt with council members thanking large groups of people for helping out. Patoka Fire Department helped block traffic on Main St. Winslow's Fire Depart- ment delivered about 130 containers of potable wa- ter to various households. "They took care of the hu- man aspect of it while we dealt with fixing the water- line," said Councilman Deb- ra Lamb. Pike County Emergency Management Director Ry- an Benner said the health department provided more than 100 sterile contain- ers. He said he took them to the Patoka's Station 31, located at Highway 61 and Sugar Ridge Road. They filled the containers there and then took about 30 to the elementary school and others downtown. Winslow Fire Chief Jason Bottoms said the fire department de- livered 117 of the contain- ers to various households in town. "They did all the work. I just brought the containers over and we put them on my trailer," said Benner of the Winslow and Patoka Fire Departments. Smoke rises from ONEOK's compressor station building near Cato on Monday. A gas fire erupted in one of their units Monday afternoon. This hole in a water main in Winslow caused the whole town to be without water from about 10 a.m. to midnight on Saturday. A boil order is in ef- fect until at least Friday.

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