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January 11, 2019

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January 12 - 18, 2019 10 KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES NEWS Did having more time to work on Season 2 of "The Orville" before it premiered help? The effects work, the time for the composers to write the score for the orchestra, all of the time to put together the action sequences and the special-effects sequences ... it's about twice the work that you do on a normal hour-long show about lawyers or cops. There are things you learn every season about how to make your job easier. We learned a lot doing Season 1, and we learned even more doing Season 2. If there is a Season 3, that will be an opportunity to really streamline our process, but there are certain things where you're just bound by the reality of time and the physical laws of the universe. It takes the time that it takes. What did you think about the audience's reaction to "The Orville's" first season? It was really exciting to see such a positive response from the viewers, and I think what they were reacting to was the same thing I was setting out to accomplish. There are a lot of great streaming shows, but I feel like almost every hour-long show on television – except for the procedurals – is serialized. It's a soap opera, and the art of episodic storytelling is kind of gone in that format. It used to be that the story dictated the tone, and I missed that. "Star Trek" had episodes that were very cerebral and dark, then it had other episodes that were flat-out comedies. There's not one consistent tone in real life. You have a great day, then maybe you have a day when someone passes away and you feel completely different. That's how life works, and there's no reason that episodic storytelling shouldn't work the same way. Seth MacFarlane OF 'THE ORVILLE' ON FOX BY JAY BOBBIN BY JAY BOBBIN Does the fifth and final season of "You're the Worst" feel like a natural continuation of what the show already has established for Jimmy and Gretchen's relationship? It seems like an amalgamation of everything they've learned over the four seasons before. I think this has been the most exciting one for me because it answers an awful lot of questions. Plus, you see their personal development – or lack thereof – all the time. It's been a very wistful season, really, because we had our idea of how we wanted it to end and I think the fans did as well. And now that we know, let me just say we all cried when we found out. In general terms, are you satisfied with how the show leaves Jimmy? I always open the script and go, "Come on, this is it. This is the time when he finally realizes he's got to grow up in order to progress." Every single time, even when we're doing the big rehearsal we do before we actually shoot, I'm just going in my head, "How can he muck up again?" But that's who he is. He has made adjustments, and I enjoy playing those adjustments. He's very different. We've done a scene where we mirror a scene from the pilot. He's really grown ... not as much as you'd want him to, but he really has, and those slight nuances have been really interesting to play. How tough is it to say goodbye to your "You're the Worst" co-stars? This season has been fun. There's been a lot of the four of us together again, and that original dynamic – which I think people latched on to at the beginning – is seen again in this season. But I'm going to miss them all terribly. OF 'YOU'RE THE WORST' ON FXX Chris Geere 2v x 5" ad rogersville Home Center web links Jenna Coleman ("Doctor Who") returns to play the powerful teen- age queen as the third season of "Victoria" opens Sunday on PBS (check local listings). Catch a preview by visiting https:// ria/ The six-part limited series "Valley of the Boom," premiering Sunday on National Geographic, pulls the covers off the real-life stories of some of the biggest names from the Silicon Valley tech boom in the 1990s. Watch the trailer at https://www.nationalgeo- the-boom Four dating couples at a critical make-it-or-break-it stage of their relationships are sent off to a trop- ical setting with 24 other eligible men and women to decide if what they had was worth keeping in a reboot of "Temptation Island," premiering Tuesday on USA Net- work. Meet the cast at https:// temptationisland/cast Based on a book by the same name, Syfy's "Deadly Class," drop- ping Wednesday, follows a home- less teen who finds purpose with a group of outlaw, rule-breaking misfits. Videos and trailers are aplenty at https://www.syfy. com/deadlyclass Want to be the talk of your neighborhood? Tune in to Bravo's Thursday premiere of "Backyard Envy" and see how one call to the Manscapers landscaping firm can help you reimagine your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordi- nary. Get your first look by going to backyard-envy Paramount Network gets its vocal cords warmed up as Sea- son 5 of the hit series "Lip Sync Battle" returns Thursday. Learn more about host LL Cool J and commentator Chrissy Teigen at https://www.paramount- sync-battle Thank you for Voting us Best Furniture Store in Hawkins County! ROGERSVILLE HOME CENTER Decorate your home with beautiful furniture featuring yle, comfort and quality. 315 Armstrong Road • Rogersville, TN 423-500-1025 Hours: Mon-Fri 10 to 5 Sat 10 to 3 • Sunday Closed

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