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December 5, 2018

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The Press-Dispatch Wednesday, December 5, 2018 C-11 EAST GIBSON NEWS Submit school news: Email: egnews@ Deadline: Noon on Friday Berkleigh Collins and Ayva Powers practice their basketball skills in Mr. Oxley's gym class. Kenzie Ru- dolph photo Edward Maikranz plays bas- ketball in 4th grade P.E. class at Oakland City Elementary. Kenzie Rudolph photo Wyatt Helsley prepares to shoot a basketball in 4th grade P.E. class at OCE. Kenzie Ru- dolph photo Grace Jones laughs at a class- mate in P.E. class at OCE last Friday morning. Kenzie Rudolph photo Above: Jaxon Basham (Geography Bee Run- ner-up) and Geography Bee winner Josiah Mem- mer at Oakland City Elementary last Friday morn- ing. Kenzie Rudolph photo Left: 4th-6th grade Geography Bee contestants from Oakland City Elementary, front row (l to r): Jaxon Basham, Jessye Hill, Landon Crooks; back row: Emersen Wilkerson, Chuck Malcom, Houston Schoonover, Josiah Memmer and Grace Shoultz. Kenzie Rudolph photo Left: Emersen Wilker- son, Grace Shoultz and Houston Schoonover anxiously wait for the OCE Geography Bee to start. Kenzie Rudolph photo Right: Geography Bee MC Johnnie Bartley reads questions to the 4th-6th grade contes- tants at Oakland City El- ementary. Kenzie Rudolph photo Jessye Hill answers a question at the OCE Ge- ography Bee. Kenzie Rudolph photo Geography Bee contestant Landon Crooks writes down an answer during the competition. Kenzie Rudolph photo Cassie Scraper Kenzie Rudolph photo Goals have been met for Cassie Scraper at Wood Memorial By Kenzie Rudolph Cassie Scraper, who teaches 7th grade Geog- raphy, high school Geog- raphy and History of the World, and high school World History at Wood Memorial, graduated from Pike Central High School and went on to get a Bach- elor of Arts degree from Oakland City University, and also degrees in Ele- mentary Education and Secondary Education. Later on, Scraper went back to college to get a Masters in Business Ad- ministration. She started out teach- ing kindergarten and then worked at OCU before moving to Ivy Tech to be a college and career coun- selor. When this teach- ing position opened up at Wood Memorial, she was very excited to teach at the school where her kids go to school. In her classes, Scraper loves to make learning in- teractive. She added, "For Geog- raphy and History of the World, seventh grade Ge- ography, we love to use things like Google Earth, things to make what we are learning about real to the kids. You know, that they can apply to what's going on today versus hundreds of years ago. As long as you can make it real and mean- ingful, and apply it to their life now, they tend to pick up on things a little bit bet- ter." Scraper also said that she likes to incorporate technology. They do a lot of current events, and she al- so likes to allow the kids to teach each other through projects. "Sometimes they can pick up on things the way that their peers say them more so than the way I can explain them," said Scrap- er. In her classroom, she likes to keep things infor- mal so that her students can jump in and give their own thoughts. When it comes to the his- tory classes, Scraper wants her students to understand that what they are learning is more than just dates on a timeline. "I try to make it very real and very personal, so I tell a lot of stories..I want them to know that these are real people who lived real lives and have an amazing sto- ry to tell." Along with the classes Scraper teaches, she also helps with the junior high Spirit Club and is the se- nior class sponsor. The Spirit Club works to bright- en up the hallway and plans spirit days. Scraper is enjoying her second year at Wood Me- morial, and she always knew that she wanted to be a teacher. She said that she used to play school at home growing up. She add- ed that she had great his- tory teachers throughout her education who influ- enced her and made her the teacher that she is to- day. "This has been a goal of mine for a long time, to be here, so I can see myself here for a very long time, and I'm excited about the people that we have in place this year, to really start changing the atmo- sphere of the school," add- ed Scraper. FOURTH GRADE P.E. AT OCE OCE FOURTH THROUGH SIXTH GRADE GEOGRAPHY BEE GOT SCHOOL NEWS? Email:

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