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December 5, 2018

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C-4 Wednesday, December 5, 2018 The Press-Dispatch HOME LIFE TO ADVERTISE: Call: 812-354-8500 Email: Visit: 820 E. Poplar Street, Petersburg Deadline: 5 p.m. on Monday Youth First Today by Ellen Dippel, Youth First, Inc. Encouraging creativity Katiedid vs... by Katiedid Langrock Goodbye, pregnancy jeans 21st OFFERS FINANCING FOR: HOME ONLY LAND HOME LAND IN LIEU BUY-FOR USED HOME FINANCING SECONDARY HOUSING VISIT: FAX: 1.877.312.2100 *Certain loan conditions must be met. NO APPLICATION FEES OR OTHER OBLIGATIONS TO APPLY. WE FINANCE CREDIT SCORES ALL * 814 Niblack Blvd., Vincennes • 1-800-743-7004 Hurry! is home must go soon! BAIRD HAS A ONE-OF-A-KIND HOME AVAILABLE NOW!! SAVE $8,000! HOMES 3BR/2BA, kitchen with an overabundance of cabinets and storage space, big dining room/living room and much, much more! Rudolph the Red Knows Homes, Dear! PIKE COUNTY Live the Dream Call: 812-789-9510 Text: 812-766-0690 Email: Marte' Nelson-Daves Principal Broker/Owner See our listings on Facebook: "American Dream Pike County" CR 225 E, Winslow (Off Ayrshire Road) – $50,000 • 4.895 Acres • Water and Electric • Good land in pretty location 668 W CR 125 S, Petersburg – $25,000 (Sugar Ridge Road) • 2.43 Acres • Water and Electric This was my first Thanksgiving in six years without pregnancy pants. I've never actually been pregnant on Thanksgiving, but surely that's beside the point. Pregnancy pants, as I've noted many times before, are God's gift to wom- en, avid buffet-goers, shoplifters and Thanksgiving diners everywhere. The expandable pouch and elastic waist- band could easily make any human a suitable stand-in mother for a baby kangaroo, were there ever a need — or simply a desire, because really, who hasn't had that fantasy? Pregnancy jeans have been my bedside companion for many a moon, ready to slip on and take on the day, ko- ala-style. But this year, my Thanksgiv- ing lacked the pouch. The rest of my holiday attire was still intact. The morning Macy's Thanks- giving Day Parade was watched with footie pajamas that had a fold-down butt flap. The nicest of the winter coats was pulled from the closet. Sneakers were replaced with sleek boots, both stylish and snow-proof. Only the jeans were new, because my beloved preg- nancy jeans no longer fit. I had made a promise to myself that I would lose my pregnancy weight by my daughter's third birthday. I didn't make the cut, but I'm getting there. Turns out that the daily midnight na- chos weren't doing me any favors — despite being delightfully delicious. And after years of stop-and-go di- et fads and workout routines, I final- ly decided to buckle down and sim- ply, though painfully, watch what I eat — diet for real, versus my typical diet of half-day-when-I-feel-like-it-then-na- chos. It's been working. But it has left me in a new place clothing-wise. What does one wear when losing weight? The preg- nancy jeans — which stretched through my 65 -pound weight gain, twice, were falling off. It broke my heart to give them all away, so like a true hoarder, I've kept the pair with ripped knees and vowed to make use of them the next time I paint the house or make a scarecrow or make a weird boyfriend pillow or want to wear a mommy kangaroo cos- tume. (C'mon, I can't be the only one who thinks that sounds fun!) Of necessity, new jeans were pur- chased. Ones that button and zipper and everything! However, jeans aren't the only clothing item that begs to be replaced. All my favorite shirts have ruching on the side for the ever-ex- panding belly. I've been pregnant on- ly twice. How did all of my clothing be- come for the infinitely pregnant? Look- ing at my wardrobe, you'd think I'm a Duggar. And much like the case with the nachos I didn't realize I was mak- ing for myself nightly, I have no idea when I got rid of all my normal clothes and replaced them exclusively with maternity wear. Perhaps this was the natural pro- gression for the daughter of a buffet elitist. My dad refuses to eat at any restaurant where only a single plate of food is provided. Maternity clothes not only were practical for a growing fetus but simply adhered to the stand- ards of my upbringing. Exercise came in the form of getting up and walking down the buffet line. Belts come with multiple holes for a reason. No one is expect- ed to live his or her whole life in the same notch. This weight loss has me fluc- tuate daily on what I want to wear and who I want to be. What is my style in a post-post- partum body? Do I still like baggy and flowy, or is it time for a rad- ical perm and a sleek black unitard ala what Sandy wore in the final scenes of "Grease"? Though, undoubtedly, Oliv- ia Newton-John's version of being sewn into that outfit and my version would be shockingly different. I find myself looking at pictures of celebrities on the red carpet and fantasizing about myself in the same outfit. Ooh, Emily Blunt in a gold sequin midriff shirt and skirt! Gold is totally my color! But then I remember that I am far from having a flat stomach, that I actually hate the color gold and, most importantly, that it's cold outside. Dressing a body in transition seems challenging, especially around the hol- idays, when more festive fare is expect- ed. But really, aren't we always bodies in some sort of transition? For now, I will rely on leggings, a few new sweat- ers and only the occasional snack of midnight nachos while snuggling my boyfriend pillow made with my stuffed pregnancy jeans. Like Katiedid Langrock on Facebook, at humor. Technology gives us access to infor- mation at the speed of light and com- munication with others in an instant. People can order their groceries, do all of their banking, and even take a col- lege-level class — all with just a smart phone. There is an application for virtually anything and everything on a smart phone. These applications can help in- crease productivity and efficiency for both parents and students, give access to games for children, and serve as a tool to share ideas across the world. Technology has helped the world greatly advance, but are these tech- nological advancements also hinder- ing creativity and imagination? Technology such as television, tab- lets, and video games are becoming more and more popular for young chil- dren and teens. Screen time includes time spent on phones, televisions, tab- lets, and other electronic devices. Children and adults alike can waste hours scrolling through phones and playing games without even realiz- ing it. Unfortunately, spending time in front of a screen is becoming a go- to activity. It is suggested that children young- er than 18 months have no screen time, and no child should have more than two hours of screen time per day. Screen time is replacing the devel- opment of creativity and imagination in children and adolescents. Much of a child's imagination and creativity is expressed through play, which develops problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Children are able to come up with alternative ways of doing things when they explore the world through play-time activities. There are many activities that par- ents can encourage to help promote creative and imaginative play, includ- ing the following: • Spending time outdoors offers children the opportunity to discov- er and explore the world around them. Nature supplies many natural toys, tools, and canvases such as rocks, sticks, mud, and sand. Children can al- so participate in sports activities as a healthy alternative to screen time. • Art activities encourage chil- dren to express themselves through a variety of media. Clay, paint, and other artistic media require concentra- tion to develop. Creating a work of art gives the child a sense of accomplish- ment after making a unique creation. • Role play different situations with your child. Encourage your child to play house, teacher, doctor, store, etc. Role play can help your child learn and develop verbal and so- cial skills. • Limit screen time for your child. Screen time does not require any real physical or mental strength. Limiting screen time encourages chil- dren to participate in creative or imag- inative play activity that stretches their mind and body. Encourage your child to devel- op their imagination and creativity through play. Monitor their screen time and set a good example by lim- iting your own screen time. Play with them and have conversations with them. Children and adults alike can benefit from enjoying other activities that engage the mind and body. This column is written by Ellen Dip- pel, MSW, school social worker for Youth First, Inc., a local nonprofit dedicated to strengthening youth and families. Youth First provides 54 Master's level social workers to 75 schools in 10 Indiana counties. Over 38,000 youth and fami- lies per year have access to Youth First's school social work and after-school pro- grams that prevent substance abuse, pro- mote healthy behaviors, and maximize student success. PEPPERMINT COATED PRETZELS MEALS IN Monica's MINUTES Share your favorite recipe! Monica's Meals in Minutes PO Box 68, Petersburg, IN 47567 FACEBOOK MAIL EMAIL By Monica Sinclair The countdown to Christ- mas has officially started and it's time to start thinking about baking. Some of you may just be taking a treat to a Christ- mas party, while others might be planning to hand out treats as gifts to friends, neighbors or coworkers. Whatever the case, I thought I would help you out and give you some ideas over the next couple of weeks. You might even be able to "sweet" talk the kids in- to helping and creating some Christmas memories. Enjoy! INGREDIENTS • 1 (16 -ounce) package pretzel nuggets • 2 (16 -ounce) packages vanilla bark coating squares, coarsely chopped • 2 cups (12-ounce package) white chocolate mor- sels • 1 (4-ounce) package white chocolate baking bars, broken into pieces • 1 (16 -ounce) package hard peppermint candies, finely crushed and divided (about 2 cups)* • 1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract DIRECTIONS 1. Combine first 4 ingredients in a 4-quart slow cook- er. 2. Cover and cook on low for 2 hours. Stir chocolate mixture; add 1 1/4 cups crushed peppermint can- dies and peppermint extract, stirring well to coat. 3. Drop pretzel mixture by heaping tablespoons on- to wax paper. Sprinkle remaining 3/4 cup crushed peppermint candies evenly on pieces before they set. Let stand until firm. *Place the peppermints in a zip-top freezer bag, and crush with a rolling pin. Take your time when crushing the peppermints (you don't want large pieces or fine crumbs). Source:

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