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November 02, 2018

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November 3 - 9, 2018 10 KINGSPORT (TN) TIMES NEWS Before signing up to star in "FBI," did you have an interest in the Federal Bureau of Investigation? I didn't grow up hearing about the FBI. It was never a thing where I was like, "You know what I'm going to do when I grow up?" ... mostly because I just wanted to be an Olympian. I was wondering myself, even, why I was so interested in taking this after I read the script. And the reason is that I really, really, really have a passion for justice. And I really love to believe that people want to do the right thing. I'm fascinated with human beings and behavior and why we choose to do the things that we do. People who decide to do things that are wrong or bad come from somewhere where, if you can get to that place of who they are or what's happened to them in their circumstances, it makes it very fascinating to me. What do you think the answer to that is, if there is one? I think that we all really want the same things. We want to feel safe. We want hope. We want to believe that there's a purpose in our life. And people make different decisions based on where they've come from and what they're doing, so in that regard, I'm really excited to be a part of this show. How have you found relocating to New York to make "FBI"? The city doesn't sleep. They're throwing crap out at 3 in the morning by the hotel. I'm like, "Go to bed. I need to go to bed. I don't understand this place." But what I do love about New York City is the people. I actually find them very fascinating. You can look at anybody and have no idea what they do. It's very interesting to me. Missy Peregrym OF 'FBI' ON CBS BY JAY BOBBIN BY GEORGE DICKIE How was it saying goodbye to Doug Stamper after six seasons? There were so many different things. It was heartbreaking. It was hard and a lot of it I think had to do with the family that we created, the crew, everybody. We became really close over six years and to just say goodbye is not an easy thing (laughs). You get so close on a film set. And since a lot of your scenes were with Kevin Spacey, that had to be a drastic change as well. Sure. That as well as ending it overall, both of those things. I mean, the main person, other than Rachel Brosnahan, I had everything with him for five years, and for it to just go away in the way in which it went away so quickly, so unexpectedly – we knew this would be the last season anyway – but what I didn't know is that it would go the way it went. But it's almost like death. You go through those stages of grief (laughs), sort of. I mean, I'm not comparing it to death. I'm just saying you go through all those stages the same way. Do you approach things differently when you have a known endpoint? No. I've always tried to approach this show, this character ... one script at a time from the very beginning. So for me, I just stuck to my game plan basically (laughs). I went with what I knew. And it helped me get through it, but what I couldn't prepare myself for was to constantly be expecting that loss. Like you know it's coming, and to not get beyond thinking about that. It was very hard for me to let that go. OF 'HOUSE OF CARDS' ON NETFLIX Michael Kelly 2v x 5" ad rogersville Home Center web links Kristen Bell, Josh Groban, Josh Gad, Meghan Trainor and others perform in tribute to Walt Disney's signature creation in "Mickey's 90th Spectacular" Sunday on ABC. Learn more at ohmy.disney. com/news/2018/09/28/ mickeys-90th-spectacu- lar-abc-2/ Claire and Jamie (Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan) find themselves having to ally them- selves with the British knowing the American Revolution isn't far off as Season 4 of "Out- lander" commences Sunday on Starz. Go to www.starz. com/series/outlander/ episodes The expedition to find the remains of three airmen lost in the crash of a U.S. bomber over 1944 Europe is the subject of the "NOVA" documentary "Last B-24," airing Wednesday on PBS (check local listings). Find out more at www.pbs. org/wgbh/nova/space/ last-B-24.html Bakers Brenda Nibley and Ali- sha Nuttall create the wildest edible masterpieces for the holidays on "Holiday Cookie Builds," premiering Friday on Cooking Channel. For more information, click on www. shows/holiday-cook- ie-builds It's down to the final three rac- es in NASCAR's Monster Energy Cup series, which continues its playoffs with the AAA Texas 500 Sunday on NBC Sports Net- work. Find out where your fa- vorite driver stands at www. ings/monster-energy-na- scar-cup-series/ Military veterans come together to combat their traumas via the written word in "We Are Not Done Yet," airing Thursday on HBO. Find out more at gifilm- we-are-not-done-yet/ Thank you for Voting us Best Furniture Store in Hawkins County! ROGERSVILLE HOME CENTER Decorate your home with beautiful furniture featuring yle, comfort and quality. 315 Armstrong Road • Rogersville, TN 423-500-1025 Hours: Mon-Fri 10 to 5 Sat 10 to 3 • Sunday Closed

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