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Why I love Corning Essay Contest Winners First place It Takes A Village What shapes the person that we become and the accomplishments we fulfill in our lives? Is it a respectable couple's child rearing techniques, the experiences we share with friends, or the circumstances and standards presented within the community in which we live? I believe in the age old saying, "it takes a village to raise a child." This close knit neighborhood surrounds us day in and day out and ultimately determines our social, career, and academic lifestyle. I was raised in the small town of Corning and was privileged enough to experience what most city dwellers never do, that is, the generosity and genuine kindness of friends and strangers within an olive city. When I entered Corning High School I had no idea what kind of impact my friends, teachers, staff, and the community would have on me. I fell in love with writing and learning by the enthusiasm of my teachers and mentors. My society fostered my passion by providing me with writing experience while also sustaining me with income and a history lesson at The Olive Pit. Huge hearted neighbors supported my goals by donating cans that I could recycle to save up enough money to visit colleges. As senior year came to a close I had accomplished all I had set out for and was blessed to receive financial and social support from a populace of heroes and friends. My name is Jennifer Crane; I live in Los Angeles, I am a UCLA Bruin and a journalist for The Daily Bruin. Why do I love Corning? It's a place where olives are part of a regular diet, a place where passions are kindled, and a place where kindness flourishes amongst residents. Most importantly, it's a community that never strays too far and always lives within my heart. Jennifer Crane, Los Angeles Second place Love Affair with Corning My love affair with Corning began four years ago when we retired and moved from Northern Minnesota to California to live closer to our children and grandchildren. We arrived in Corning to find a mild winter climate, a beautiful view of the mountains and warm friendly people. While we looked for property, we parked our travel trailer in between an olive and walnut grove that was a haven for a myriad of song birds. Nearby were two orange trees heavy with sweet, juicy fruit that supplied us with fresh juice 24 Corning 2013 every day. It was an amazing haven for two Minnesotans coming out of a deep freeze in January! Being a small town girl, what I love about Corning is that in five minutes we can be out of town and among the olive, peach and almond groves. From the property we bought, we can see beautiful Mount Lassen with more snow covered mountains rising on three sides. Corning's wonderful winter climate even allows me to do a little gardening in January. My passion for fruit trees is satisfied each spring when we add to our small orchard of apples, peaches, cherries, prunes and oranges. However, the best part about Corning is the wonderful people who have made us feel so welcome. The first week we were in Corning, so many people smiled and greeted me that I felt right at home! I was used to "Minnesota nice" but Corning has matched that smile for smile. Each year we enjoy Corning's community activities such as the Olive Festival and the Home Town Christmas. When we moved to California, I was looking for a small town country atmosphere and I found it in Corning. It came with an impressive view, a moderate climate and a friendly atmosphere....and that's why I love Corning! Yvonne Myhre, Corning Third place One of a Kind Small Town Corning is a one of a kind small town. I have traveled all across California and I have yet to find a town that is like Corning. Unlike most small towns, it is very diverse. As you walk around Corning, you can find people who are as country as it comes and people who look like they came straight from the big city (however, there is not too many of them). When you first drive into Corning, it appears as the cover image for small towns with mom and pop restaurants and one main street. It is so quaint that you can't help but fall in love! Corning is also full of friendly and welcoming people. As you drive down the street, everyone smiles. There's not too many towns left in America where you can drive any where in town and feel safe and welcomed. Corning is like a big family. Our high school's theme is "union" and it is apparent through out town. Whenever there is a home football or basketball game, the whole town comes out to watch! We even cheer on our boys at every game no matter how far away. Another thing our school focuses on is pride. Everyone in Corning is very prideful in the way they present themselves and their town. Every day after lunch, the physical education classes at Corning High School clean up trash in our quad area. We care deeply about our community and town. Anyone that prefers a quiet, safe town over the hustle and bustle of a big city will immediately fall for this small town! Corning is the kind of town where a family can settle down and stay for generations. Corning has nothing to not love, which is why most families have lived here for many generations! Savannah Miller, Corning

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