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October 10, 2018

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C-12 Opinion Wednesday, October 10, 2018 The Press-Dispatch Court Report CRIMINAL Pike Circuit Court Dennis Michael Diroff II charged with count I possession of metham- phetamine, a level 6 felony, count II possession of marijuana and count III possession of paraphernalia. Charles M. Stafford charged with count I strangulation, a level 6 felony, count II domestic battery and count III interference with the reporting of a crime. Clayton Ryan Coleman charged with count I possession of metham- phetamine, a level 6 felony, count II maintaining a common nuisance - con- trolled substances and count III pos- session of marijuana. In re: Tara Fullington petitions for intrastate probation transfer. TRAFFIC AND MISDEMEANOR Pike Circuit Court Ashley Nicole Churchill charged with count I possession of marijuana and count II possession of parapher- nalia. William L. Flemming charged with count I possession of a controlled sub- stance, count II false informing, count II possession of marijuana and count IV possession of paraphernalia. Darrick T. Curry charged with count I operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more and count II oper- ating a vehicle while intoxicated. Jayden E. Renteria charged with op- erating a vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substance or its metabo- lite in the body. Jeremy W. McCandless charged with theft. Leslie L. Nealis charged with count I possession of marijuana and count II possession of paraphernalia. James A. Roy III charged with count I possession of marijuana and count II possession of paraphernalia. Taylor D. McCandless charged with possession of marijuana. CIVIL Pike Circuit Court Discover Bank sues Bryan E. Grubb on complaint. Tina M. Dove and Joseph Dove sues United Farm Family Mutual In- surance, c/o Kristen Keltner, and Jar- ed Wellmeyer on complaint. Chicago Title Insurance Compa- ny sues John B. Melhiser, Teresa A. Melhiser and Cedarwood Develop- ment, Inc., c/o Andrew R. Duff ,on complaint. Discover Bank sues Peggy J. New- ton on complaint. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC sues Julia Bateman on complaint. Cavalry SPV I, LLC sues Somer Wallace on complaint. Kayla Nicole Schloemer petitions for a name change. Justin R. Crow sues Ashley N. Crow for dissolution of marriage. Crystal D. Tredway sues John C. Tredway for dissolution of marriage. SMALL CLAIMS Pike Circuit Court Patoka Valley Apartments sues Jeff Clark on complaint. INFRACTIONS Pike Circuit Court Bailey Corn charged with child re- straint system violation. Jason Fields charged with seatbelt violation. Damon Hayes charged with driving while suspended. Valerie Jones charged with seatbelt violation. Jeffrey Lemasters charged with seatbelt violation. Jerome Mehringer charged with speeding, 39 mph in a 25 zone. Misty Merter charged with speed- ing, 69 mph in a 55 zone. William Montgomery charged with speeding, 67 mph in a 55 zone. Todd Newberg charged with seat- belt violation. Douglas Polley charged with seat- belt violation. Jessica Riggs charged with speed- ing, 69 mph in a 55 zone. Starlin Sims charged with speed- ing, 39 mph in a 25 zone. Alyssa Wagler charged with speed- ing, 49 mph in a 35 zone. Michael Ashby charged with speed- ing, 89 mph in a 70 zone. Kenneth Beckman charged with speeding, 68 mph in a 35 zone. Alexander Burnes charged with speeding, 88 mph in a 70 zone. China Durst charged with speed- ing, 62 mph in a 40 zone. Ross Kirk charged with driving while suspended. Seth Ladley charged with speeding, 84 mph in a 70 zone. Amber Mattingly charged with dis- regarding stop sign. Wayne Patmore charged with speeding, 65 mph in a 55 zone. Joshalin Russell charged with speeding, 45 mph in a 30 zone. Aaron Smith charged with speed- ing, 89 mph in a 70 zone. Abner Suriano Abrego charged with speeding, 64 mph in a 55 zone. Hannah Taylor charged with speed- ing, 65 mph in a 55 zone. Continued from page 11 DEATH Continued from page 11 NO RELIEF that 1.5 percent provides two-thirds of all family busi- ness jobs. In short, it's not just the super-rich who pay. One way or another, we all do. This isn't right — or nec- essary. It's time to take up the slogan coined by Dick Patten, president of the American Business Defense Council: "No taxation with- out respiration." Ed Feulner, founder of The Heritage Foundation (heri-, is chairman of the American Business Defense Council's advisory board. see it essential to move for- ward with Kavanaugh's con- firmation "don't care about women." No matter how many women step forward to at- test to Kavanaugh's decen- cy, liberals are convinced that he doesn't care about women. For them, anyone not supporting legal abor- tion on demand doesn't care about women. Converse- ly, for them, "caring" about women means unrestricted legal abortion. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr wrote in his famous "Letter from a Birmingham Jail": "A just law is a man-made code that squares with the mor- al law, or the law of God. An unjust law is a law that is out of harmony with the moral law." King, in this letter, justi- fied civil disobedience and breaking laws that are un- just. Those disrupting the pro- cess to confirm Kavanaugh, by any means possible, are similarly motivated. But the key and massive difference is that the law they see as un- just, one which would pro- tect life in the womb, is ex- actly what King defined as a just law — "one that squares with the moral law, or the law of God." So any sense of morali- ty in law, or the procedures to carry out the law, has no meaning for those driven by keeping abortion legal. For them, the law is not rooted in moral traditions. Rather, it's what they make up for their own convenience. It's why the war against Judge Kavanaugh, his fam- ily and all those that sup- port him, is so unprincipled and vicious. Those who feel they don't need any higher authority for truth, that they can make it all up based on personal predilections, have no moral code limiting what they'll do. They are capable of anything, which is what we are witnessing now. If there is a vital takeaway from the horror we have wit- nessed in this confirmation process, it is to appreciate the depth of the culture war in which our nation finds it- self. There is no easy way out. We are going to have to de- cide who we are as Ameri- cans, what values define us, and what code characterizes the law under which we live. Will it be the moral code of a nation under God or the synthetic, arbitrary stan- dards of a nation of secular humanism? Star Parker is an author and president of CURE, Cen- ter for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at Continued from page 11 PRO-ABORTION LEFT Continued from page 11 DICTIONARY of personal destruction: "adultery, fornication, un- cleanness, lewdness, idol- atry, sorcery, hatred, con- tentions, and jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, her- esies, envy, murders, drunk- enness, and revelries." How many of these "sins" have we witnessed taking cap- tive some of our elected of- ficials? We as the citizens of this nation must demand our elected leaders embrace a higher standard of conduct and rapport. It is the lead- ership that sets the climate for the nation, and right now, the future looks bleak. Think about it and pray for our nation. Country. That our Good Lord will guide our leaders and the entire nation to the right paths. Another thing, I frequent- ly listen to the news from the various media sourc- es so I get a balance of all the opinions thrown out in- to the airwaves and news- papers. Believe me it can be gut wrenching to listen and sort out what is accurate, correct, useful and helpful. When watching T V, and I try real hard to listen to three or four people all talking at the same time trying to out- do each other, trying to talk over and talk down each oth- er, it really gets upsetting and annoying. I'm sure other countries watching our democracy at work shake their heads in bewilderment, amazement and embarrassment. In this age of global information, there is practically nothing to hide. One thing I am be- ginning to fear is the emer- gence of extreme anger, yes, violence and personal attacks on our leaders. Like for instance when extrem- ists shout at our politicians when they are about to have a dinner in a restaurant, or when they are trying to en- joy some time with their family and they get intrud- ed, or when they spend time to play sports with friends or colleagues and they get shot at. What has become of us Lord? As one senator has said, if this is the course of history we are traveling, God help us. • • • So in my simple way of thinking, how do we all come together and heal the divide in our nation? Say,follow the Golden Rule, be kind and re- spectful of one another, fol- low the command to love one another, speak in truth, in case of disagreements, nev- er use extremes of behavior nor violence. A fter all when we do the opposite, every- body, I mean everybody gets hurt and suffers. • • • On the lighter side of life, the humor of the week. Two Jewish tourists from the Holy Land were in a Mexican restaurant. One of them got curious and asked the waiter if there are any Mexican Jews in the coun- try. The waiter thought for a while and said, "Senor, I re- ally don't know the answer. Let me ask my co-workers." So after making the rounds asking everyone who worked in the restaurant, he came back and said," Seno- res, I asked around and no- body knew what a Mexican jew is. What we have are guava juice, tomato juice, grape juice, orange juice but no Mexican juice. "Hasta la vista and have a great week! That was one of your best decisions. This is too. When you took hold of that wheel, you unleashed a world of possibilities. Keep on exploring them. Give us a call today. A S S I S T E D L I V I N G | S K I L L E D N U R S I N G R E H A B I L I T A T I O N | L O N G T E R M C A R E | A N D M O R E 8 1 2 3 5 4 3 0 0 1 | A M B E R M A N O R H C . C O M | Pregnant... or think you are? Call:1-877-257-1084 or Locally Call: 1-812-354-2814 • Free pregnancy testing • Free counseling and info. on pregnancy options. • Confi dential counseling for women & men who are suff ering from post-abortion syndrome. • Residential Care • Health and assistance referrals. • Training and education. • Assistance in getting baby and maternity clothes Want to share your news with others? The Press- Dispatch can help deliver it to Pike and the surrounding counties. NEWS! 812-354-8500

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